The many lives (or deaths) of Harry Potter

Note: Don't get me wrong; I like Harry Potter as much as the next person, but you see so many stories where Harry wins, I just felt it would be interesting to write some of the ways Harry could die…

Special Thanks to: Pickle-Sidekick and Amber-is-a-little-bit-random for some of the ideas for these...

Harry and Voldemort stood face to face, miles of destruction around them. Suddenly Voldemort had an idea

"Accio Harry's Glasses"

Harry was suddenly blinded as everything went out of focus.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Several metres away, Ex-Harry's friends watched the now lifeless body fall,

"I told you we should have bought him contact lenses!" Hermione shouted at Ron

"I've got it!" shouted Harry

Hermione looked up at him, "Got what?"

Harry looked triumphant "The prophecy says: "…either must die at the hand of the other…" which could possibly mean that I can only die if Voldemort kills me!"

Hermione looked dubious

"I'll prove it! Just you wait!"

Two days later Harry got run over by a bus.

"My Lord, we have lost him"

Voldemort looked furious, "what do you mean, you have lost him? How hard is it to keep track of a 17 year old boy?" Voldemort was so pissed off at losing his chance to kill Harry again, he began to throw a tantrum, sending curses in every which direction.

Harry was sneaking up behind Voldemort under his invisibility cloak. He was concentrating so hard on not being heard that he didn't notice the killing curse until it was too late.

Voldemort heard a thump behind him and turned around,

"That was easier than expected…"

Harry was lonely. Hermione and Ron were off in a closet somewhere leaving Harry alone. Suddenly Harry had an idea, raising his wand he shouted "Expecto Patronum" and a giant silver stag appeared in the room. Harry took in the animal standing before him from antlers to hooves.

"Stupid looking animal really" he muttered

The teachers found Harry lying in a pool of his own blood, a very pissed off looking stag standing over him blood dripping from its antlers.

Harry had been paranoid since he had been told the prophecy, he jumped at small noises, leap six feet into the air when anyone approached him and when he did manage to sleep, slept with his wand held tightly in his hand. Now he was making his jittery way around the corridors of Hogwarts, checking for traps, after thinking he heard a noise behind him he leapt into an open classroom. Movement caught his eye and fear took over his brain, he spun and shouted "Avada Kedavra". The spell reflected off of the Mirror of Erised and hit Harry before he had a chance to register what was happening.

Dumbledore entered the classroom several minutes later and looked down at the body on the ground. Irritated he grumbled, "I come in here to admire myself with a new pair of socks and there's dead bodies lying around. Where's that damn caretaker when you need him?"

Sirius bounded up to Harry in his Animagus form, he had been away some time and was beginning to feel a bit off colour and kept drooling excessively, however the first thing he wanted to do was see his godson. Jumping up at the boy, he accidentally bit him.

Less than a day later, Harry died from a severe case of Rabies.

It was the Quiddich final, Gryffindor versus Slytherin. Harry and Malfoy were both frantically searching for the snitch. Harry, who was hovering partially above the stands, looked up suddenly and saw the snitch hovering just above his head. Unsteadily he stood onto his broom and grabbed the snitch out of the air. Excitement ran through him, they'd won the cup! Without thinking Harry gave a little jumped and punched the air.

They were still scraping him off the stands 3 hours later.

Harry snuck closer to the opening to Dumbledore's office, the gargoyle was still standing to the side after Snape and the stranger had gone up. Harry had wanted to find out who the stranger was. Luckily he had had his invisibility cloak in his bag, so he could follow them unnoticed. Standing next to the gargoyle he stopped to listen, checking to make sure there was nobody at the top of the stairs before he went up himself. Satisfied there was nobody there he made to go up the stairs.

However the gargoyle chose that time to jump back in front of the door's opening.

Harry Potter walked into the prefect's bathroom whistling, as Quidditch Captain he could now do that guilt-free. After filling up one of the large, pool-sized baths, he made to go and grab a towel. Unfortunately he did not see the soap someone had left on the floor and slipped up. Bashing his head on the size of the 'tub' he fell into the bath and drowned.

Several hours later Ron came in and found him. His eyes slid over to the soap on which Harry had slipped on, the initials RW were carved into it. "...Whoops"

Once more Harry was waiting alone in Dumbledore's office for some reason or another. Looking over at the sorting hat, he again questioned the hat's decision to put him in Gryffindor. Reaching up he grabbed the hat and put in onto his head. It was still too big for him and covered his head completely. He heard the hat sigh, "I still think you would have done well in Slytherin."

Stupid hat Harry thought furiously. Suddenly the hat tightened around his head, cutting off his breathing.

Dumbledore entered his office and found Harry with the sorting hat still on his head, lying on the ground. Carefully pulling the hat off the dead boy he placed it on, questioning what had happened. He took it off after a moment and looked down at Harry with remorse. Shaking his head, he muttered, "Smothered by a hat. What a way to go."

Note: I know it probably isn't possible for Harry to be killed by his own Patronus, but my thinking here is:A Patronus can touch Dementors and Dementors can touch people so... there must be a form of solidity to a patrunus, right?