Meso the Hanyu requested a story with Ling...a very long time ago.

Actually, it isn't until recently that I stopped being busy with schoolwork. Now that I have free time, I finally got around to writing one.

So, sorry for the very long delay, and here's another Shrimps & Kitties story! This is my first time writing anything with Ling or Ran Fan, so hope you like it!

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Ed and Al were returning to their military dorm room, exhausted after a mission.

"Well, that was the worst mission we've ever had." Ed said breathing a sigh of relief.

"Yeah...wait, how did you end up married to a cow again?" Al asked.

"I TOLD YOU TO NEVER SPEAK OF THAT AFTER WE LEFT THE TOWN." Ed glared at Al when they suddenly heard a sound coming from their room. "What was that?"

"Maybe it's the Colonel?"

"Really? Perfect timing. I need to talk to him about that mission." Ed smirked as he raised his fists ready to fight. Ed ran towards the door to open it.

"Brother! Wait!" Al ran towards him when he noticed Ed stop.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? I THOUGHT I KICKED YOU OUT!" Ed said pointing at someone in their room.

"Who are you talking to-" Al was about to ask when he heard a cheerful voice greet them.

"HI FRIEND!" Ling shouted and patted Ed on the back. "Welcome back!"


"The window!"


"The window!"


"It was open! You missed us, didn't you? You left it open for us." Ling smiled and pointed to the window which was obviously opened by force.

"LISTEN IF YOU DON'T LEAVE NOW I'LL-" Ed was about to finish his threat when a knife came flying past his face. He looked to the kitchen to see Ran Fan holding the other kitchen knives.

"Don't threaten the master." Ran Fan glared at Ed.

"Ran Fan! Don't be so mean to our guests!" Ling said as Ran Fan nodded and placed the knives down.

"You're in OUR room!" Ed yelled at Ling. "Ran Fan, WHY are you two here?"

"...the window was open." Ran Fan said quietly and calmly. Ed placed his hand over his face while Al tried to tell him to calm down.

"Other than that! Did something happen?" Ed looked at Ling seriously. Ling stopped smiling and suddenly began talking in a low voice.

"Actually...there is a reason." Ling said. He gestured towards Ed to lean in to hear.

"What is it?" Ed and Al leaned in to hear.

"I..." Ling whispered.

"You?" Ed and Al both said as they held their breath waiting to hear what he had to say.

"...wrote a song." Ling finished and began smiling again.

"WHAT." Ed and Al looked at him confused.

"Ran Fan!" Ling shouted to Ran Fan who quickly walked over to him and pulled out a harmonica.

"Ahem..." Ran Fan proceeded to play a note on the harmonica. Ling began to sing.

We are friends

Til the end!

You and me are best bud-dies!

I hope you don't get mad at what I have to say,

I ordered food so now you have to pay!

Ling finished his song and showed Ed a bill. Ed's hands trembled as he read through it.

"It says this is an order for 30 roasted chickens, 20 bowls of rice, 30 pieces of bread with dipping sauce, and 2 mints to be BILLED TO EDWARD ELRIC?" Edward yelled at Ling as he ripped up the paper. "GET OUT OF MY ROOM YOU THIEF!" Ed grabbed Ling and Ran and kicked them both out the window. He clapped his hands and fixed the window using alchemy, making sure it wouldn't open again.

"Are you sure that's really going to stop them from coming back?" Al told his brother Ed, who sat down exhausted on the couch.

"Don't worry it will...and if it doesn't...we have this." Ed held up one of the kitchen knives Ran threw at him.

"No! Don't kill them!"

"WELL I WON'T HAVE TO USE IT IF EVERYONE JUST LEAVES ME ALONE-" Just as Ed finished yelling, someone burst through the door with a guitar.

"HELLO FULLMETAL! Someone named Ling said they wanted me to come over and play a song just for you!" The Colonel shouted happily as he strummed his guitar.

"Hey look, Al! Just who I wanted to see!" Ed smiled while holding up the knife and began to run towards the Colonel.

"No brother! Stop! Run Colonel run!" Al held Ed back, while the Colonel ran out the door with his guitar.

Outside, Ling and Ran Fan stood staring into the dorm room.

"Wow, they sure have a lot of fun! Don't they, Ran Fan?"

"Yes, they do..."

"We should see them again soon!" Ling smiled at Ran Fan and walked away from the chaos.

How come no one likes Roy's guitar playing? Poor poor Roy.