The Enslaved Flower Binded to Love

Author's Note: Okay peeps, this story is going to help me enhance my lemon skills. This should help me with my story 'Two Please' So feel free to read it and review. This story will probably be about five chapters long. Hopefully this will be my one-week story. I'm going to start today as my count down till graduation.

Summary: Sasuke is a ruling lord. On his eighteenth birthday, he is sent a gift. Not just any gift, but a flower. Her own parents that she despised sold her off to some brothel. Then she ran away only to be caught by a slave merchant. So know she is sold off to Uchiha Sasuke as a gift. He wants to use her as a toy, but she disobeys orders. She was the one flower that would always be free in the wind.


Chapter One: The Flower in a Vase

"Let me go!" shouted a feisty woman with unruly pink hair. Her ragged dress made her fierce emerald eyes stand out. Dirt marked some places of her porcelain skin here and there. A man with silver hair tied in a ponytail with glasses had her arms pinned behind her back with a thick rope

"I'm sorry, it's not my job to free runaway slaves. My duty is to catch them. But since I quite believing in that junk, I think I'll just sell you off. You'll get me a good amount of money," he said greedily.

"You pig!" spat the teen as she struggled against his strong grip. Soon she felt the man's hand smack her across her face.

"I don't like you disobeying me," he smirked as he looked at the girl who fell onto the ground. "That shall teach you your place." He roughly picked her up and threw her in the cart with the rest of the women that were to be sold.

She felt her shoulder ram against the wooden surface while the pain surged through her body. All the other women gasped. Her eyes scanned her new surroundings with disgust. Were all these women being sold off, or did this man kidnap all of them? It didn't matter to her anymore, the only thing running through her mind was an escape plan.

For the next five days she was stuck in the locked wagon. The only time they were let out was to freshen up, eat, and cleanse their insides. They barely ate, he only provided food that would keep them alive. They were even lucky if he gave them water and rice with meat. Usually it was an apple and dirty water. When they did go on display, he had a women dress them up like geisha's.

Every time a man would look at her, she would spit or bite at them. If the merchant, Kabuto, wasn't near, she would growl at the customers. But soon that would all change. Her body became weak, she was the only girl that hasn't been sold yet.

On the seventh night she felt her body being dragged out of the wagon. She was too tired to care what was going on around her. Her mind was screaming for sleep. All she could hear was mumbling voices. Soon she passed out under the moonlight.


"Are you sure she will live any longer? She looks like an animal," said an elderly man.

"Of course she'll live! She's the freshest catch that I've had in years. She's just tired, that's all," lied Kabuto.

"Fine, I'll take her. Besides, you're the only one I can find that is selling slaves around this time. She should be worth it." The man had haggard features, his forehead was creased, his eyes where like sharks begging for flesh. He was clad in a blue yukata with a silver lining. His hakama was a matching dark gray.

Kabuto helped the man put the unconscious woman onto a dapple-gray horse. Soon the man was gone with the beastly woman, Kabuto walked towards his wagon with a grin on his face. He plopped his sack of money on his seat and rode off into the night.


The next morning she woke up to a horse sound. She found her body propped against the horse with her hands bounded in the front. "Where am I?" she asked with fatigue in her voice.

"You're with me. You can just call me Drey. I'll be talking you to your new home. And what shall I call you?" he asked with kindness.

"Sakura," she said suspiciously. For the next eight hours they rode through fields and rural roads. Time to time they would rest and eat. Sakura was glad that she filled up her stomach. In about an hour they would reach their destination. The final stopping area was at a beauticians. She was a little resistant at first, she never did like people touching her.

When they walked out, Sakura's name fulfilled its meaning. Her lips were painted a blood red, her eyes were adorned with black charcoal, a green and pink pin pinned up on side of her hair, and she was clad in a white silk kimono. It had pastel pink blossoms in the corner outlined in gold. Green leaves were sewed in a pattern making them look like they were falling. She was a flower picked right off of the tree.

Drey had a sad expression cross his face. He truly didn't want to know what was to become of this young woman. She reminded him of his daughter. Strong and a beauty. Now all that was left was the hour journey to the castle. Night was already approaching, stars began to shine and the moon was high above them.

Sakura could see the castle in the distance, what was she going to do in a castle? She was a runaway slave that was about to live in a castle. Fate can be a strange thing, especially to Sakura.

"Is this it? This is our destination?" she asked.

"Yes. This is the Uchiha's Castle," he said sadly. The duo was helped off of their horses by the servants when they arrived at the gates. In no time, they stood before the two great doors.

"So why am I staying at a palace? Am I supposed to be some kind of a last minute entertainer? Because if I am, I don't think anyone will buy it. I can't do one thing special," she said on the brink of laughter.

"I'm sorry. I bought you as a gift," he said in a hushed t tone.

No trace of laughter was evident on Sakura's feature. "No," she said in a dreaded voice. Her body was about to break into a sprint until she felt something firmly grasp her arms. When she looked back, she saw two palace guards holding her back. "Let go of me you bastards!" Yet again she broke out into a struggling fit.


Inside of his room he could hear shouts outside of his room. Couldn't he sleep at night anymore? He just hoped it wasn't one of those silly women who wanted his body or another bride with high hopes. It was too late for him. Uchiha Sasuke tried to block out the sounds by thinking of training and starting an army. He heard the screams grow louder, by the pitch he could tell it was defiantly a female.

He sat up and ran his hand through his midnight black hair. Tonight was going to be tiresome. He walked over to a chair at sat himself down awaiting for his guest. Five minutes later he heard his door creak open.

"…shut up you bastard!" he heard as the guards flung the woman into his room. He could see her body crumple onto the floor. Her kimono's sleeves covered her face. The moonlight that streamed though the window's made the clothing shimmer.

It was to quit for him. Was she still even awake? "What are you doing in my castle? I ordered the guards to throw out any brides," he said calmly. Then he heard her snicker.

"Then I guess you should order them to throw out gifts while they're at it." So she was his gift that Drey kept talking about. She slowly stood up with her head hanging down. At first he thought he was hallucinating, did he just see pink? It didn't matter anymore, it was gone hidden by the darkness. Her upper half was hidden by the area where the moon didn't illuminate it's light.

"Come here," he ordered. Slowly the woman came forward from the darkness. She was beautiful. The most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. It seemed like if he were to touch her, she'd vanish. Her hair was hanging loosely around her in a messy fashion, her eyes where full of hatred for him, and her skin was like ivory. Her eyes attracted him the most, hate was all he could see and he had a feeling it was all directed at him. But why?

"Yes your lordship," she said with disdain. Sasuke pushed himself off of his chair and walked over towards his 'gift.'

"So, you're me gift?" he asked playfully.

"That's what Drey said to me, so I guess I am." Her voice was so melodic to him. He traced the contours of her face with his index finger. She didn't budge but her breathing hitched. Sasuke smirked at her reaction. Usually by now they would be swooning for him and throwing themselves at his feet. But not this one. Sasuke thought her breathing hitched due to his contact, oh boy was he wrong.

"And does my gift have a name?" he whispered huskily into her ear.

"Sakura," she said flat out without budging from her spot.

"Perfect," he said above a whisper. He didn't know why, but she excited him. She was the first woman that has ever done that to him, she made him wild, making him want her. Sasuke needed her.


Sakura felt like she wanted to spit on him. They way his onyx eyes were full of lust, he's sculpted figure walking towards her. When he touched her face, she felt like she wanted to bite his finger off. But she had to have self control if she wanted to live. The guards threatened her with her life. She wanted to live as long as possible, even if it meant her being a 'gift.' She knew somehow that she'd find her way out of this predicament. And as soon as she was free, she'd wonder the country as a free human.

Suddenly she felt her body being pushed up against a wall. She felt her 'owner's' hands grasp the side of her body. His face was buried in her hair as he deeply inhaled. Great, now she was going to be used as some toy.


Standing in front of her drove him to the brink of insanity, he had to be in her. He found himself burying his head in her hair while he pinned her against the wall. He pressed one hand against the wall and the other bringing her leg against his waist.

But he felt two hands stopping him from his goal. He looked down to see 'his' flower stopping him. She somehow managed to push him off of her. "You pig." He heard her say as she ran out of his room. He smirked, boy was this going to be fun. No one disobeyed him, and that means no one.


Author's Note: I will still update 'Sharingan Puppy' and 'Two Please.' This is just an experiment. It'll only be seven chapters long. So yeah.