The Enslaved Flower Binded to Love

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Chapter Seven: An Uchiha Kingdom

The next morning, the two arrived at the castle. The gates were surrounded by the occupants of the palace. As soon as they reached the gates, they were met by little Akira with tears in his eyes. "You're home! I thought you were killed by the bad people!" He hugged them both by their legs as they smiled.

"I need everyone in the courtyard now!" exclaimed Sasuke with a smile plastered on his face.

Everyone filed into the courtyard with curious looks on their faces. A low murmur ran through the crowd. What the heck was going on? Sasuke stepped onto the wooden platform and cleared his throat. "I would like to announce that the Uchiha kingdom is now complete once again! I have found my bride!" Everyone was about to go into an uproar of glee, but they realized they didn't know who his bride was.

"Sasuke-sama, who's our new lady?" asked Aska with a crinkled voice.

"You've all met her already." Sasuke stepped down for a while to pull up little Akira. He whispered something into the kid's ear that made him gasp with happiness.

Sasuke placed Akira on his shoulder as the little boy cupped his hands around his mouth. With a big intake of air, he hollered, "WILL THE HOT SEXY MAMA STEP FORTH?" Soon the duo was joined by the kingdom's favorite flower. The soon to be Uchiha Sakura.

Everyone's face glowed with glee. They were all proud of Sasuke, he picked a good person. She was kind and pretty. Sure she was a wild beast at first, but then she bloomed into a soft blossom as she helped around the palace. Sasuke's free arm wrapped around his blushing flower as the crowd roared even louder.


Their wedding night was approaching fast. It's been about two weeks since the announcement. Sasuke and Sakura were forced to sleep in separate rooms ordered by the wedding planner. She was a masculine blond with a bluish marking in the center of her forehead.

At first Sasuke protested when he found out, Sakura just remained calm. She was sort of glad, it was tiring making love almost every night. It took about five long days for Sasuke to adjust to sleeping in his chambers by himself once again. From time to time he would try and sneak into Sakura's chambers to snuggle with her.

But every time he would be stopped by the wedding planner's body guards. One was a highly obnoxious blond who wouldn't shut up. The other was a lazy looking guy. He had his hair in a high ponytail, he usually leaned against the wall muttering, "what a drag," or, "how troublesome."

It annoyed him every time he went near his blossom's chambers. The blond would always scream his head off shouting, "TSUNADE-SAN! CHICKEN BOY IS TRYING TO SLEEP WITH THE FLOWER!" Sasuke wanted to punch him, but that would be a waste. He paid a lot of money just to hire Tsunade. She planned all the best weddings of all. But he didn't expect her to bring along two bodyguards and separate him from his woman.

"Naruto! I need you to bring me Sakura! Shikamaru! Bring me Uchiha-sama!" As Tsunade shouted orders, the palace occupants were bustling around. It was almost time for the wedding, the only things missing was the bride and the groom.


In the midst of one of the empty rooms lied two bodies. Both were bare as they held each other in their arms. One male and the other female. Their bodies molded together as they moaned out each other's names lovingly.

For Sasuke and Sakura, they were happy they could finally spend time with each other. The last time they actually stood in each other's presence for a long time was during dress rehearsal. After the rehearsal, they would be pushed and pulled at by Tsunade's crew.

Tonight they were able to escape with each other while Tsunade and them were busy setting up the wedding. Sakura was hesitant at first, but when he kissed her she went wild. Her legs instantly wrapped around Sasuke's waist as she pushed him into one of the empty rooms.

Quickly their robes were cast aside as they made sweet love to each other. And that's how that session came to be. Sakura never realized how long it's been since they both made love. It was like an addictive poison to her that she couldn't stop drinking. And it was labeled Uchiha Sasuke.

They both gasped as they climaxed at the same time. But at that moment, two people bursted through the doors. Busted. It was that obnoxious blond and the lazy bum. Both their mouths hit the ground at the sight of the soon to be married couple. The shocked duo was soon joined by the rest of Tsunade's team.

Sasuke gave them a deadly glare that told them not to disturb them. The people filed out of the room as fast as the appeared. A few minutes later Sasuke and Sakura walked out of the room with disheveled hair and their attire's wrinkled.

Right when they walked out, both were dragged in opposite directions. Sasuke was dragged off by the blond and the lazy bum, while Sakura was dragged off by blond female and a girl with moonlight eyes and midnight blue hair.


Sasuke was sitting in his chambers while an elderly woman was combing his hair. He was wearing a blue yukata with a silver tiger sewed into it, his lower half was clad in a bluish black hakama.

In the corner were Naruto and Shikamaru talking about stuff. Sasuke was bored without Sakura, he was getting impatient. Sure it was his wedding night, but everything went way to slow for his liking. He was wondering what his little flower was up to.


Sakura was propped against a wooden chair that made her look like a porcelain doll. The two women named Ino and Hinata were pulling at her hair with combs and pins. When they were finished, her hair was pulled back into a tight bun with a comb placed on the side of the bun. The comb was a pink blossom with green petals all outlined in gold.

Sakura's face was powdered, her jade orbs adorned with the burn black charcoal, and her lips painted a bright pink. She was clad in a pure white silk kimono with black butterflies outlined in gold silk. The butterflies had sparkles on it making look like stars.

When they were done with her, all the women squealed in delight. Her name made her what she was, a beautiful blossom.


It was time for the big moment. The courtyard was gorgeous. Tsunade truly let herself go with this wedding. The corridors were covered in flowers, the floor was scattered with petals, everyone had matching clothes, and mats were set out everywhere.

At the center of the courtyard were two special tatami mats. One was black and the other pink. The mats were more like cushions made out of imported velvet. The hem was sewn from gold and spotted with gems, they were surrounded by petals from lilies and lavenders from Tsunade's own garden.

Soon the band began as someone lit all of the candles. Bells, drums, flutes, and the shamisen accompanied the mood of the night. When the music died down, the people became silent. A soothing voice began to hum as a shamisen player plucked away.

Two people were soon seen walking down corridors opposite from each other. A man came from the left while the woman came from the right. The two met each other when they reached their silky mats. The woman's kimono trailed behind her, but was held up by her two bride's maid. The man was escorted by two less fancy looking men holding two silver chains.

As soon as they were all seated, the music stopped. Tsunade stepped forth in her dark red kimono with blue streaks across the bottom half. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail wrapped in braids. The woman began her sermon with a proud voice.

For the next half-hour Sasuke and Sakura paid no heed to her. They stole glances at each other when they got the chance. When their eyes accidentally connected, one would look away with a faint blush on their face.

When they heard Tsunade clear her throat, the two lovers looked into the crowd. Naruto passed one chain to the blond bride's maid while Shikamaru held onto his. "Now for the binding of two. Shikamaru and Ino if you please." Shikamaru and Ino both passed their chains to the woman as the bowed for their exit. "With this chain may you protect your lady and help her through birth and life." Tsunade slung the chain around the man's neck as he bowed his head.

The busty woman shuffled to Sakura with a smile on her face. "With this chain I bind this flower to her tree. May she help her husband when the time of war is in the air and may she give him lots of sons!" As soon as the chain was around Sakura's neck, the crowd went into a joyous mood.

People jumped up with rice and laughter. Sake was passed among the group as the couple silently slipped away. Sasuke pushed Sakura against the darkened corridor wall as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He swiftly pulled off her obi while she untied his hakama's belt. Sasuke pushed open the door leading into one of the maid's chamber, he softly lied his bride against the less soft futon he was used too.

Sakura wrapped her arms around her new husband's neck and pulled him down for a sweet passionate kiss. Sasuke's tongue forced itself into her mouth while he played with her pink locks. Sakura's hands ran through her man's black hair as her tongue fought for dominance.

Sakura's hand traveled down his body as she found his obi. Her hands worked furiously to untie it, when she did, she pulled of her husband's yukata. Sasuke's hand left his wife's hair and tugged at her kimono. He threw away the top two layers but left on the thinnest layer, which was pink silk.

Sasuke gazed at her with the moonlight batting against her soft flesh. Her lips slightly swollen from his hungry kisses, her thin layer of silk hugging every curve like a second skin. He let out a low growl before diving in to take in one of his wife's hardened peak into his mouth. A soft moan escaped the woman's mouth as Sasuke's free hand began to massage her other breast.

Her body arched into Sasuke's chest. Before she fell back into the bed, Sasuke wrapped an arm underneath her frame. He pulled his mouth away from her soft skin and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

She gasped into his mouth when she felt something hard against her thigh. Her eyes shot down and widened at the sight. Sasuke was huge!

He smirked against her lips when his woman's eyes widened at his erection. His lips left a hot trail off kisses all the way to her earlobe. He lightly nipped on Sakura's lobe, making Sakura moan a little louder. "Do you like what you see?" he whispered into her ear. Sakura just turned her head to the side with a blush on her face.

"Yes," she was able to say.

"Good," he said as he positioned himself at her entrance. Sakura spreaded her legs further apart, allowing Sasuke better leverage. He grinned at her action. Sasuke pushed himself all the way in making Sakura moan in pleasure.

She dug her nails into his back with a pleased expression. When Sasuke set the pace, Sakura began to rock her body against his. Her legs wrapped against Sasuke's moving hips. Every time he pushed back in, an explosion of pleasure erupted through her body.

"Ahhh…" the man grunted as his woman kept clenching around his member. He pounded into her core making his wife scream with pleasure and begging for more. Every time she moaned out his name, he'd push back in with more force than the last.

Sasuke and Sakura could feel each other rising to their peaks. With one final push Sakura screamed, "Sasuke! Ahh!" Before Sasuke's fatigued body could collapse on her's, Sakura kissed him and rolled on top of him. Both were sweating from their love making and panting heavily. Sasuke brushed away her hair and gazed into her eyes. Sakura smiled at him with a smile only he would see.

Sakura nestled against his chest as he wrapped his strong arms around her petite frame. "I love you," Sasuke whispered into his wife's ear. It was the first time he had ever said that to anybody that wasn't he mother or father.

Sakura was lost for words. She had never been loved by anyone, not even her own parents told her that. He was the only one that has ever told her that in her whole existence. The woman could feel eyes beginning to sting her eyes. "I don't know what to say," she said with a low saddened tone.

"Say you love me," he begged her with. His hold around her body tightened. He may not know what happened in her past life, but he would find out in time. Tonight was their wedding night, he wanted it to be wonderful.

"I love you too," she said while wiping away her tears. On the inside, Sakura felt great just speaking those four words. It felt nice the way it rolled from her very own tongue. If every was going to be filled with those words, she wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Sasuke was glad that she said it to him. He was also glad that he had found a life partner. If his dad were with him, he would be proud of him. Now it was Sasuke's duty to continue the Uchiha legacy with his blossom. In his mind, he vowed that he would protect her from anyone that tried to hurt her. He squeezed her one more time before a sneaky plan popped into his head.

Sasuke pushed into Sakura's body again waiting for her reaction. She just looked at him curiously. "Again?" she asked. Her only answer was Sasuke pumping into her continuously. Sakura soon joined in, but this time Sasuke let her take the top and set the pace. For the rest of the night, the 'loving' couple tried out different ways to please each other despite their tired bodies.

Every time a maid tried to get back to their quarters, they would hear a moan come from one of the rooms. They would just walk away with a grin on their face and bunk with another maid.


For days to come, Sasuke was running around frantically. Something was wrong with Sakura. The following day they just slept to rest their bodies. But then the next four days followed and she was still sleepy. Sasuke ordered his messenger to fetch the best doctor. When the doctor arrived, he was shocked. It was Tsunade.

She explained to him that she was also a doctor and a wedding planner on her free time. After the whole commotion of woman being not good enough to be a doctor and Sasuke ended up being pinned to the ground by a woman, they went to Sakura's and Sasuke's chamber.

Sakura was sleeping peacefully on the futon. Sasuke admired her the way her lips pouted in her sleep begging someone to kiss her. Sasuke restrained himself. He gently woke her from her slumber with a light kiss on the cheek. Bad idea.

Sakura's eyes immediately became small slits that glared at her husband. Her hair was all disheveled and her pouty lips were replaced with a crinkly frown. "What do you want?" she grunted. Sakura just looked haggard. What happened to his beautiful flower that was their only moments ago?

"Umm…A doctor is here to check up on you," he said shakily at his wife's appearance.

"Fine, but make it quick," she said with a grumpy tone. Sasuke was kicked out of the room so Tsunade could began her work. When she told Sakura she was done, the flower immediately fell asleep regaining her peaceful appearance.

Tsunade stepped outside the room to be greeted by an eager Sasuke. "What's wrong with her? Is she sick? Is she going to get better? Will she live?"

Before he could ask another question, the woman placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder and looked down. It was silent for a while. Tsunade snapped her head back up with a huge Cheshire cat grin. "Uchiha-sama! I feel honored for being to the one to tell you this. You're about to be a father! I call for a celebration!" Tsunade wandered off to find some people while she pulled out a bottle of sake from her robes.

Sasuke just stood their shocked. He was about to become a father. Would it be a boy or a girl? A smile crept onto his face, but then faltered when he realized he'd have to wait until after a the birth before he could touch his wife the way he used to. But then he jumped into the air with glee. He just hopped no one saw him do that.


After nine intense months, it was time. Tsunade was back with her lackeys too. From outside of a chamber, Sasuke paced back and forth impatiently. He could hear his wife howl with pain, if only they would let him in to comfort her.

About a few hours later, the screams quieted and Tsunade stepped out. "Uchiha-sama, it's a girl. You may go see your wife now if you like," she said with a small smile.

Sasuke was a little disappointed to hear it was a girl, but nonetheless he was proud to be a father. He walked into the room to be met by the most beautiful sight ever. Sakura was sitting on a chair with their child in her arms. The moon was cascading down on both of them. Their daughter had pink hair like her mother, but a few black streaks were visible. Her eyes were a black obsidian with tinges of green. She was an Uchiha alright.

Sakura smiled at her husband and passed him their child. Sasuke gazed at his sleeping daughter with a grin. "So our love did pay off, ne?" he asked with his sloppy grin. Sakura just blushed. "So what's her name?"

"Minazaki," she said looking at Sasuke awaiting for his approval.

"I like that name. Minazaki," he said. He passed Sakura back the child and hugged his wife. Sakura and Sasuke shared a passionate kiss when they reached their bed. Sakura was pressed against Sasuke, and Minazaki was pressed against her mommy.


And that was the beginning of the Uchiha Legacy

The End


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