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Title: Coincidences
Rating: PG
Genre: General, Crossover, slight AU (due to xover), some OOCness
Disclaimer: I don't own Ouran or any of its characters.
Summary: Ohtori Kyouya is more than what he appears to be.

Dedicated to Sciathan File and Krys Yuy

It really depended on the situation. Really. Because between everyday occurrences of improbable things happening and the chaotic mess known as Life, no one was really sure if the people around them were going crazy or whatnot.



By Hikagi

It was about time to go home.

Ohtori Kyouya gave a slight smirk of satisfaction as he finished jotting down the rest of the profit that had just come in. The Host Club was doing admirably, thanks to everyone's combined efforts and their newest member, one Fujioka Haruhi.

Behind him, Suoh Tamaki was seeing to the last of the customers as they made their way out of the room, faces red from blushing. The Hitachiin brothers had already dressed for their return home, as well as the rest of the members of the Host Club.

There was a bit of cleaning up to do (there was always some sort of sugary substance or tea spilt on the tables or floor tiles), but that could be left for the maids to handle.

He checked his watch and picked up his cell phone, speed dialing for one of his servants. The speaker rang a few times before it was picked up.

"How can I be of service to you, Master Kyouya?" the voice over the line said, in a sort of amused way.

"Ah, yes. Nakuru-chan, would you send over a limo please? I will be done here shortly, so expect me back at the mansion soon."

"Yes, boss!" Nakuru chirped, and he could almost see her giving him a mock salute. The line was cut right afterwards, and Kyouya tucked his cell back into a pocket.

One of the Hitachiin brothers (Hikaru? Kaoru?) had overheard their Vice-President speaking, and with a devilish smirk on his face, casually draped an arm over the second year's shoulder after having whispered in his brother's ear.

"What's this, Kyouya? Talking to a girl?"

The other twin (Kaoru ? Hikaru?) followed suit, mimicking his brother by also leaning on their fellow club member.

"You don't say! Is it his secret lover? Have you been hiding something from us, Kyouya?"

"Nakuru-chan," Hikaru called out, mimicking Kyouya's voice as he held his arms open.

"Yes, boss?" Kaoru mimed in a high-pitched falsetto as they acted out a scene from a romance novel.

They exchanged glances over Kyouya's back. Kyouya, however, didn't look a bit troubled at being targeted by the twins.

"You know," they spoke deliberately in unison after seeing that their black-haired friend didn't succumb to their antics as easily as 'their lord', "it wouldn't look good for your reputation if you were caught having an affair with one of your clients or something."

Kyouya turned around with a feral grin on his face as he snapped a folder file shut. "Not that you two would ever think about doing something like that, yes?"

They gulped and took an involuntary step backwards. Kyouya's predatory look was legendary, and perhaps the strain of a chaotic week had taken its toll on his sanity?

"Because if you two ever manage to spread rumors about me," his aura seemed to radiate a sense of maliciousness about him, "I will make sure that I haunt your family line well after I'm dead. I'll find a way so that my reincarnation will make them miserable for as long as they live…"

Haruhi had decided, after spending quite some time working as a host, that something was strange about her sempai.

Oh, she didn't specifically mean Tamaki-sempai – that was already a given. And, well… she supposed that all the members of the Host Club were weird and abnormal in their own little ways.

No, the person who was making her a bit – intrigued? Curious? Nervous? Apprehensive? – wary at the moment was someone other than the Host King. Still, she had come to know this particular person quite well (a little too well to her liking, perhaps), and noted that he had a depth or quality that she couldn't quite explain or put her finger on.

Maybe it was her curiosity (she couldn't really call it an attraction, because she really wasn't attracted to anyone in that sense) that drew her to him, slowly like a puzzle waiting to be solved. He was a mysterious being with many layers, and that confused her because it was so unlike any of the other individuals she had come across on campus.

Sometimes he was just another rich bastard attending Ouran High, caught in the world that these superficial people lived in. And yet at other times, he seemed so much older than the rest of them combined – 'Too old, perhaps,'she mused.

Which was why she found herself approaching him after he had somehow managed to scare the twins off, holding that clipboard of his ('Like a control-freak.') that he was never seen without.

He seemed to notice that she wanted to speak with him, even though he hadn't lifted his head to have seen her coming.

"Ah, Haruhi," he said, acknowledging her. "We're done for today. You can go home now." He paused and looked up when he realized that she was still standing there.

"Kyouya-sempai…" she began, not sure of how to say what was on her mind. The only times she had started a conversation with him was to find out just how much of the debt had been paid off. How do you ask how another person seemed to know everything that was going on? Haruhi blinked a few times, putting a hand under her chin. "Do you like eavesdropping on people?"

He laughed a little, seemingly amused, but he understood what she was getting at. "It is my job as the overseer of this club to make sure that all operations are running smoothly."

She shook her head. "No, it's not that." He waited for her to continue. "You seem to know a lot about other people, almost like a spy."

Kyouya smiled darkly and Haruhi found herself unintentionally shivering. "Maybe I have clairvoyant powers."

Ah yes, that look reminded her a little too much of Nekozawa and his penchant for dabbling (or attempts at doing so) into dark magic and the like. It was a grin that had sported his face when he was musing about how best to demolish all of the Host Club's enemies during their cultural festival.

But that didn't mean that she believed him.

"Was that a joke?"

And he didn't look too put off by her response. She was, after all, Fujioka Haruhi. Skeptical, bluntly honest to a fault, and unmoved by things she couldn't touch or see. Or well, just unmoved in general…

"Was that a rhetorical question?" he replied without missing a beat.

She didn't feel like giving up, however. Not when that meant that she had to endure Tamaki-sempai's (well-meaning, but annoying) antics of getting her to become "more in touch with your feminine side, my daughter! Your father, Suoh Tamaki, wants to see you blossom like a beautiful flower in the spring…"

"It's just that…" Haruhi paused to shake her head clear. "It's a little creepy. I mean, you don't seem like a normal person."

"That depends on your definition of the word 'normal'," he said smoothly, pushing his glasses further up his nose.

"Well, like everyone else."

"My dear, I don't think I've ever been like 'everyone else' ever before."

"But Sempai, do you have to be so…strangely detached? You push away a lot of people or use them like puppets in your plans."

He shrugged as he marked off an event that was scheduled in a few months and made a note to reschedule it in the near future. "Maybe I am just acting out what I was like in my past life."

Interesting. She wouldn't have thought that Kyouya-sempai would be into spirituality. People of 'sophistication' and 'higher learning' tended to put religion and such beneath them.

"Do you believe in that sort of stuff?" she pressed, hoping to find out more. "In reincarnation and karma?"

He gave a small laugh. "Why not? The rich have all the time in the world, so we're inclined to believe in what we choose."

"Sou ka…" she said, mulling it over in her head. "I suppose that the thought of reincarnation is comforting, though I seem to be suffering for past mistakes right now." She paused as an idea came to mind. "If you ever get reincarnated, I feel sorry for anyone who has the misfortune of meeting you."

With that, she gave him a farewell and left. Kyouya watched her walk out of the building through the Music Room windows, the sun making him squint in the late afternoon hour.

"As do I, Haruhi-kun," he whispered to no one in particular.

As do I.

"Where to?" the chauffer asked as Kyouya closed the limo door behind him.

"The mansion," he replied as he took off his glasses and wiped them with a small polishing cloth.

The driver coughed politely.

"Oh, the Ohtori mansion, of course."

"Right away, Master."

On a whim, he had decided to pick up the phone and give one of his old friends a call. He spun the old dial around once, twice, three times before he got the operator.

"Hello, Operator? Yes, this is Ohtori Kyouya speaking."

He paused here as the operator gave a start when she recognized his name. Sometimes, it felt good being well known. He had always loved that part of being famous even when he had been known for things other than wealth and prestige. Yuuko had told him once it was because he had a big ego…

"Yes, yes. Would you please patch me to…"

The operator quickly named off some of his favorite contacts, the ones he had kept in close touch with as the third son of the Ohtori family.

"No, I was hoping to get in contact with the owner of the Tsukimire Shrine." The operator named a city. "Yes, that one. Thank you."

He waited as the phone rang on the other end until a click told him that someone had picked up.

"This is the Tsukimire Shrine. How may I help you?"

Kyouya smiled at hearing a familiar voice. "Ah, Kaho. It's been a while. How have you been doing?"

Kaho's voice breezed through the receiver as if she were standing right next to him. "I'm doing just fine, Kyouya. I had a notion that you would contact us soon. I didn't know that you knew this number, however."

"And you knew it was me before you picked up?" he asked.

"Of course," she said wistfully. "But I didn't know your name until after you started talking. And certain friends of mine have been wondering what you were up to."

Kyouya recalled a few faces to mind. "Tell them that I have turned over a leaf and began a new life. The Mistress will know what I mean."

Kaho pried a little further. "And might I have the fortune to know what are you doing right now?" Kyouya chuckled, feeling the woman's amusement filter through.

"I am enjoying what it is like to be a normal human being," he replied.

"…Your definition of normal is not the most comforting thing in the world. Don't you think that this little…whim of yours is going too far?"

He laughed again. There was a knock on the door that interrupted whatever he was going to say, and Kyouya glanced at his watch. The phone buzzed in anticipation as Kyouya felt Kaho start speaking again.


"I'm sorry Kaho," he cut in, "but I need to be going. I shall give you a call later, yes? Goodbye."

He hung the phone back on its receiver.

"Master Kyouya?" a voice said timidly. The door creaked open an inch, and a faced peered inside.

"Come in," he replied, gesturing the maid. She entered, holding an envelope.

"Your father wished for me to give this to you."

"Thank you."

She bowed and left, closing the door behind her with a soft click. Kyouya opened the envelope and discarded it in the trashcan next to the fireplace.

The letter was a formal invitation to a party that his father was hosting at one of their country clubs. Kyouya was to be the overseer of the party, which would give him a chance to prove his worth over his older two brothers.

He smiled wickedly at the irony of the contents in the letter. The papers crumpled in his fists and disintegrated, sending dust particles into the air. He made his way to a big red chair in the middle of his private quarters as he pondered about the current happenings. A staff appeared in his hands as he sat down, and the formerly cold fireplace sprang to life at a flick of his wrist.

Kyouya stared into the painting of… well, himself on the wall and laughed in bitter amusement.

It was an amazing coincidence that he looked so much like the people he called his 'family.' But no, he did not believe in coincidence because there was no such thing – only fate. And it was fate that led him to take up the name of Ohtori Kyouya when he had already established a reputation as another, elsewhere.

Kyouya recalled the letter – one particular line – to mind.

"And now, my third son, make me proud as your father. I am sure that the Ohtori line will flourish under your care."

It had been a shame that the real third son of the Ohtori family had been a stillborn, because he could have – would have – grown up to be a fine young man. This, Kyouya knew for certain because his Sight had told him so, had the circumstances been different. It was a good thing that his magic was still powerful enough to convince the rest of his family that that particular tragedy had never happened.

Because this Ohtori Kyouya was more than what he seemed to be…

And Hiiragizawa Eriol was an expert at the art of deceit, magic or no.


Author's Notes:

Did anyone else think that Kyouya's personality and looks were a lot like Hiiragizawa Eriol? XDD And the Hitachiin brothers like the Weasley twins?

Oh god, and I just realized that Tamaki reminds me of Gai-sensei from Kishimoto's Naruto. (shudders) Waaaaaay too much enthusiasm for me to deal with, even in small doses. They do, however, make for a good laugh every once in a while.

I love crack crossovers, especially when they fit so well together. I have another idea for an Ouran/CCS crossover, but not in any way related to this. Oh, and this one also included a very slight cross with xxxHolic, but only in one or two sentences. You'll miss it if you don't squint.

Yatsuka Hikagi

June 15, 2006