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Title: Trick or… What on Earth?
Rating: PG/K
Genre: Humor
Disclaimer: You already know this by now.
Notes: Based off of Sciathan File's 'verse where Haruhi and Tamaki get together and have a kid named Himeko. Go read her stuff – it's definitely worth it.
Summary: Haruhi's relationship with Tamaki is tricky at times. Their daughter doesn't make things any easier either.

It really depended on the situation. Really. Because between everyday occurrences of improbable things happening and the chaotic mess known as Life, no one was really sure if the people around them were going crazy or whatnot.


"Trick or… What on Earth?"

By Hikagi

"Kaa-san, Kaa-san!"

Haruhi turned to face the direction of the voice and knelt when a small bundle of vibrant colors and frills and lace and glitter (and were those wings?) scurried into her arms.

"Himeko-chan," she acknowledged.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san wants to go for a walk!"

Haruhi looked at her daughter for a moment or two, contemplating exactly how to word her response, when her husband walked into the kitchen.

"Tamaki," she greeted, standing up. She looked down. "Uh, what...?"

"Isn't it splendid?" he asked, gesturing at their daughter with enthusiasm. "We couldn't decide on what she wanted to be, so we combined everything together!"

Haruhi eyed the fairy wings, the miniature ball gown, the red Wizard of Oz slippers, the seven thousand bracelets that seemed to hang off Himeko's arms, the superman cape (that partially hid the fairy wings, but only just), the vampire teeth, the Pippi Longstocking braids, the witch's hat, and what looked to be a Sailor Moon brooch.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that Tamaki was an extremely smart person (after all, hadn't he always maintained his position as second person in his class standings?) capable of great insight and forethought despite his childish exterior and over-exuberant personality.

Right now, that "somewhere" was no where to be found… As was her usual bank of sophisticated vocabulary that came from studying law and having to deal with people in the corporate world.

"I, uh... Is that a crown?" she asked intelligently.

"Three," Tamaki replied. "The other two are hidden underneath the hat. We didn't have enough room to fit the others, so we had to make do."

Haruhi blinked. Then she saw the multitude of pumpkin carvings, plastic baskets, and goodie bags shoved to the other side of the room and hastily (and poorly, she might add) covered by a bed sheet, as if to hide them from her eyes (as was probably Tamaki's intention). Knowing Tamaki, and judging from the enthusiasm he was currently exuding in waves, Himeko was probably not going to be the only child under their roof tonight.

She just blinked some more.


Author's Notes:

I'm sorry about not being able to post more often. But as it is with most things, Sci has a way of inspiring me even when I don't need any help. Maybe I could be convinced in the near future to get caught up with the manga…

Yatsuka Hikagi

September 06, 2008