Teach Me How To…

Summary: Tybalt wants to learn how to write, his parents didn't want to teach him and now his uncle doesn't have time for him. Maybe a cousin of the royal family can help? Tybalt/Mercutio

AN: The story doesn't make any sense, but just work with me dear reader, work with me! nn Oh well, I think this is one of the few T/M stories (or maybe the only one O.O) where Tybalt and Mercutio are both still alive. Creating a situation where they could be able to 'fall in love' is hard and the situation of the summary was the best I could think of (laugh). Oh well… I hope you like it anyway!


"How do you mean 'you do not have time to teach me'?"

Tybalt walked behind his uncle, his voice sounding loud and clear in the big hall of the Capulet's house. He had just asked him to teach him how to write. But his uncle's respond was negative.

"My dear cousin," his uncle answered not looking back at the person he was speaking to, "I have love enough to bring up my spirit to teach you, but not enough time. My daughter, Julia, is almost 14. We have to think about her marriage and find her a good husband, someone who deserves her."

"But that will cost weeks, or months! I do not want to wait that long!" Tybalt said louder and his uncle turned around.

"Why are you so eager to write and read? You never asked this before."

"Uncle I am 18! I am the only one here that does not know how to write or to read. Someone else always has to read my letters and write responses back! It is embarrassing! My parents never…" He cut off his sentence and his hands formed fists. Tybalt loathed, even hated, his parents. He had almost cheered when he heard his parents had died and he could live with his uncle in Verona.

His uncle's hand was placed on his shoulder as a sign of comfort. "Look Tybalt. I myself can not teach you, nor anyone else of this house. I will try to search a teacher for you as soon as possible."

"Thank you uncle."

Tybalt turned around and walked away from his uncle, his hands still forming fists.


After the conversation with his uncle, Tybalt had gone outside. He looked down at his feet preventing the sun to shine in his pale face and he kicked the sand away. His thoughts were somewhere else but he automatically found his way to Verona's square, placing himself on one of the little fountains. He still looked down, far away in his thoughts. There were only a few villagers on the square, silently passing.

But then he could hear laughter, first further away, but then closer and louder. Tybalt looked up quickly. Mercutio, Benvolio and Romeo entered Verona's square. Mercutio as always was making the most noise and made Benvolio and Romeo laugh. They came closer but hadn't noticed the lonely figure which was Tybalt yet. Tybalt again bowed his head and hoped he would stay unnoticed. Normally he would be eager to face the three friends, mock them and challenge them to a fight. But normally he wasn't alone. He was seldom seen without other Capulet member or friends.

And that's where he got noticed.

"Ahah!" Mercutio's loud voice filled the square.

Tybalt's hand slowly reached to his rapier, still not lifting his head. Not to strike but for defence. Just in case, for he disliked Mercutio, though he was almost sure that the young man would never attack someone who was alone.

Even if it was Tybalt.

He finally looked up. The group was standing ten passes away from him. Romeo's laugh had disappeared and Benvolio's face had become neutral making it hard to see what he was thinking.

"Mercutio, no…" Romeo began but was silenced by Mercutio who walked towards Tybalt with his usual grin pasted on his face.

"Seems like Verona's cat comes out to enjoy the sun." He said coming closer to the fountain.

Tybalt's grip on his rapier grew. "Seems like Verona's clown comes to enjoy the sun also."

Romeo looked around uncomfortably though Tybalt's comment didn't seem to bother Mercutio. "Not in your usual tribe of followers Tybalt?"

"As you can see Mercutio."

"I see but do not believe. Are you feeling well?"

"Well enough."

Mercutio stood still, only two passes between himself and the sitting Tybalt. Romeo took a step forward and then waited like he hesitated. "Mercutio, let us move on… please…"

A few silent seconds past, it even felled like the other villagers on Verona's square were looking at them.

"All right." Mercutio finally responded though he didn't let his eyes move away from Tybalt. He turned around and walked away from the square, followed by a relieved Romeo and a still neutral Benvolio.

When they were out of sight Tybalt let go off his rapier and stood up. He was slightly surprised that Mercutio would take the risk to turn his back at Tybalt without holding his own rapier by his side. The villagers moved on, continuing with what they were doing. Tybalt walked away roughly, sand dancing around his feet, as he went back to the Capulet's house.


A servant knocked on the door of Tybalt's room, three days after the encounter with Mercutio. The owner of the room opened the door rather surly and the servant started to speak.

"Sir Tybalt, your uncle wants to speak with you, he is waiting in the hall downstairs."

The surly look on Tybalt's face disappeared. "I will be right present."

The servant bowed and walked away. Tybalt closed the door behind him and went down the stairs. Had his uncle finally found him a teacher? Or would he have time for him after all? He entered the hall and approached his uncle who was holding a piece of paper in his hand.

"Good day uncle." Tybalt said making a slight bow.

"Good day dear cousin. I have good news for you. It was hard but I think I found a worthy teacher for you."

"That is great news uncle! Tell me about this teacher."

"I do not entirely know who he is. I was walking in the village yesterday when the prince of Verona crossed my path while he was riding his horse. He asked me what I was doing and I told that I was searching someone who could teach you how to write. The prince said I could stop my search and he would point out a teacher himself. Thus, this morning I received a letter from one of the prince's servants. You can go to your first lesson today if you wish to." He handed Tybalt the piece of paper which was the letter in question.

Tybalt nodded. "Then I will go right now." He bowed. "Thank you again for your efforts."

His uncle smiled and walked away.

Not yet ten minutes later Tybalt had arrived at the gate of the royal family's house. He looked around, wondering what he had to do when two guards approached him. "What are you doing here sir?"

"Sir, I am Tybalt of the Capulet's house and I was invited by the prince himself to take lessons." He handed the letter to the guard who looked at the seal at the bottom which was clearly the prince's.

He nodded and gave the letter back to Tybalt as the other guard began to speak. "I will escort you to the door."

Tybalt nodded and followed the guard when the gate opened. Tybalt had never been on royal ground before and he looked at the flowers which all seemed to have different colours and shapes. Trees were standing nicely in a row next to the path like silent guards that only moved when the wind blew. It didn't impress Tybalt and he looked at his feet again till they arrived at the door. The guard opened the door and bowed at Tybalt who walked inside and heard the door closing behind him. Immediately a servant walked towards him.

"Sir Tybalt of the Capulets?" He asked.

"Yes, that would be me."

"You are here for writing lessons?"


The old man smiled. "The prince already thought you would come right away. I…"

Slow footsteps sounded trough the hall and Tybalt raised his head to see Mercutio walking above at the stairs, holding a book in his hands which he was reading. Like he knew someone was watching him Mercutio looked up from the book and saw Tybalt standing downstairs. It was silent for a moment.


"Mercutio…" He hadn't thought about the possibility that he would stumble across Mercutio since he was the prince's cousin.

"What are you… doing here?" Mercutio asked closing the book.

"I believe that is none of your business." He looked at the servant again. "Continue good man."

The old servant was slightly confused by the sudden interruption but then nodded. "I… I was given order to take you to your teacher…"

"Teacher?" Mercutio asked still standing above the stairs.

"Be silent you fool!" Tybalt snapped at Mercutio. "Go on." His face was again turned to the servant.

The servant looked a bit shocked about how Tybalt was talking to Mercutio but tried to go on like Tybalt had asked. That if it wasn't for Mercutio who interrupted again.

"What do you wish to teach? Singing? Dancing perhaps? Or maybe walk on a rope? Horse ridding?..."

Tybalt tried to ignore Mercutio's ridiculous wave of possibilities and took a deep breath. "Continue?"

The servant had a bit more problems with Mercutio's rumbling so he didn't notice Tybalt had said something almost ten seconds after the actual question. "Uh… Oh! I-uh… I was also ordered to bring your teacher here when you arrived and introduce you to each other. But… it seems that those tasks are not necessary."

"What do you mean with that statement?" Tybalt asked loudly, trying to surpass Mercutio.

"…Making clothes? Or build houses? How to smile and laugh?..."

"That statement means that your teacher is already present and you both seem to uh… know each other."

Tybalt looked around the room, thinking that he had possibly hadn't seen another presence in the room except for himself, the servant and Mercutio who finally ended his list with things to learn.

"Shooting practice? Make furniture? How to cook? Being less cat-ish? If it is anything from what I said, Tybalt, say 'Ay!'"

"And who may that teacher be than?" Asked Tybalt harshly as he tried to fight the urge to kill Mercutio on the spot.

"Well uh… Sir Mercutio…"

The last two words of the old servant floated in the air for a moment till the two young men understood what they mend.


It was hard to tell who was more disgusted by the idea, Tybalt or Mercutio. The servant raised his hands to his chest as if he was afraid that either Tybalt or Mercutio would attack him. Mercutio walked of the stairs, looking from the servant to Tybalt, and back again. "…What?" He repeated with one eyebrow raised.

Tybalt looked at the servant, waiting for a response. But the only thing the servant did was staring at Mercutio who had become slightly paler. His hands were playing with the book he was still holding.

"I have to teach…" A little, nervous laugh escaped his throat as he pointed at Tybalt like Mercutio wanted to be sure they were talking about the same person. "…him?"

"…Uh… yes sir Mercutio…"

"What?" Mercutio bursted out again, making a roughly hand gesture and by that throwing the book he was holding trough the room.

"What for is all this commotion about?" The prince himself appeared above the stairs where Mercutio had stood only a few seconds ago.

"My lord!" Tybalt said before Mercutio had the chance. "I came here for lessons and this man claims that… he teaches me!" He pointed at Mercutio like Mercutio had pointed to him. They both had the same look of question, disbelief and anger on their face.

"What that man claims, I claim that it is true." The prince said calmly. "Mercutio is the only one available at this house with the ability to teach how to write."

"Write…?" Mercutio repeated. "I-I protest! I have the right to decide if I want to teach him! If I… writing!"

"Yes, writing Mercutio. And, no, you do not have that right. You only have the right to do what I say and I say that you will learn, yes, Tybalt of the house of Capulets the art of writing."

Mercutio opened his mouth again for other words of protest but closed it again for he realized it wouldn't matter what he said and he would never win this conversation.

"Now, give Tybalt his first lesson."


LoL, oh my… This was so weird nn I think I will rate it as comedy also, I mean… the situation is pretty funny not? I hope you liked the first chapter!

Now… how many lessons before they kill each other? XD