Anime: Inuyasha

Summary: Sequel To Mistress of Death Story

Kagome choose to die for her daughter, now that her daughter is older and ruler of the land of death she is determined to find her mother, Sesshomaru has 'fallen' in love with another woman thinking she was Kagome's reincarnation the others run from Sesshomaru's castle in hopes to find Kagome's sacred burial the prophecy has begun and they need Kagome to help defeat the new evil…


Sesshomaru and My Own Character (AT FIRST BUT IN THE END IT IS SESSY/KAG)

Sesshomaru and Kagome (IN THE END THEY ARE TOGETHER!)
Inuyasha and Kikyo

Miroku and Sango

Koga and Ayame

Kohaku and Rin (Ok I thought about this and I thought if Sango is Kagome's blood sister and Rin was Kagome's true daughter wouldn't that make Kohaku and Rin Cousins? then I thought no they aren't IT'S MY STORY DAMMIT SO I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!)

Shippo and Own Character

Mitsukia and Own Character

Kagura and Own Character

Appearances: READ!

All of them have the mark of death on their foreheads you know red crescent moon with black tear drop, except Sesshomaru he has his normal mark and his new mate she has his mark, All the females (Except Sessy's new mate) have two silver anklets on their left ankle with a metal coil that wound up their right upper arm, the boys each wore belts with the symbol sown into the material a large 5 pointed red star on their backs with a black tear drop in the middle, all of their blood and aura's had changed.

Mitsukia: Ankle Length black hair, ruby eyes, red crescent moon with black tear drop on forehead, a black stripe on left cheek red stripe on right cheek, red markings over eyes, 5'7 in height. (I'm not going into detail about their bodies)

Rin: Knee Length black hair with brown eyes, about 5'6

Kohaku: long black hair kept in ponytail; brown/ mahogany eyes 5'7.

Shippo: Shoulder Length red/brown hair kept in short ponytail, bright green eyes, 5'8.

Naomi (Shippo's Mate) Mid Back Blond hair, pink/gold eyes 5'6.

Kurei (Sesshomaru's new mate) Hip length black Hair, dark brown eyes, and 5'7.

Ritiki (Kagura's Mate) Short brown hair, orange eyes, 5'8

AND YOU ALL KNOW WHAT THE OTHERS LOOK LIKE! Just think of them with the marks I gave them……….

Ok I am going to make Sesshomaru kinda a bastard in this story until the end ok…AND EVERYBODY HATES HIM AT FIRST ALRIGHT DEAL WITH IT!

Ok this is like 3,000 years after Kagome died ok……………

Ok I know I was going to make it to where Sango/Miroku, Kikyo/Inuyasha, and Koga/Ayame all had kids but in my story they don't want to have kids until they have found Kagome OK DEAL WITH IT!

Ages: They are All Immortal so they stop growing at a certain age and that age is 20 ok so they all look like they are twenty and they will stay that way….

Ok and in my story they are 10,000 years into the past now ok by Kagome's wish it through off time making it slow until the actual future like Kagome's time.

3,000 Years Later


Ok everybody has gone with the Kurei being reincarnation until now, ok now they are just fed up with it ok…… after 3,000 years they are tired of all of it

A now older, colder Mitsukia dressed in a black fighting kimono walked through the halls of her castle "Mistress Mitsukia your father is coming today" said a young servant

"Is he bringing that bitch with him?" demanded Mitsukia her voice cold

"Yes also all the others are accompanying him," said the cowering girl

"Prepare their rooms," she commanded

"Yes Mistress" and the servant vanished.

Mitsukia centered herself in the dojo readying herself for the attack

"Come" she commanded as hundreds of warriors charged at her, she easily bested each and every one of them her unforgiving eyes scaring them more than her actual skill

"Mistress will you get ready before your family arrives?" asked Koriki her personal servant

"I shall" came her reply as she swiftly left to her chambers.

Mitsukia soaked in the hot steaming water of her own hot springs

"Why mother did you have to leave?" came her sad question her voice wavering a bit from it's frigidness, washing and dressing in a black kimono she put her hair in a twisted bun as she waited in front of her castle for her worthless 'father' to get here

"Mitsukia!" called a voice causing her to snap out of her thoughts to look at her sister

"Rin" she said coldly taking a step forward, Rin wore an elegant pale yellow kimono the others walking up behind her

"MITSUKIA!" yelled Rin hugging her sister causing Mitsukia's body to stiffen not liking the contact "Welcome" she called to everyone turning around and leading them into castle.

Shippo shook his head looking at the others

"I swear every time we visit her she has become colder," he stated,

"I agree" said Miroku, they all new what rooms were theirs already so they went to rest for the time being before meeting with Mitsukia in the library they all passed her saying their hellos.

Mitsukia sat on one of the many leather couches

"This threat can no longer be ignored" she stated them all looking down

"We have been fighting this evil for centuries that isn't very long for you but here it has been millenniums" she continued

"How can we fight this only she had knowledge of the great power?" asked Kohaku

"Kurei is in store for regaining her memories," said Sesshomaru convinced that Kurei truly was his beloved Kagome

"Feh" came Inuyasha's reply

"From what my sources have told me, my mother's grave is sacred her body is still encased in crystal concealing her aura and presence," said Mitsukia

"Kurei is Kagome's reincarnation so obviously you couldn't detect Mistress Kagome's former presence" said Myoga perching on Inuyasha's shoulder

"Get a clue Kagome can't have been reincarnated," commanded Koga

"What did you say wolf?" demanded Sesshomaru

"ENOUGH" yelled Kikyo standing

"There is a bigger threat out there," answered Sango.

The bickering went on and on and on at how Kurei was or wasn't Kagome's reincarnation until finally one of them had had enough

"SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!" yelled Rin effectively shutting everybody up so she continued

"Is this how she would have wanted us to go on, she said be happy we can't even keep that" then she turned accusingly to Sesshomaru and pointed

"AND YOU!" she screamed her icy voice scaring everybody except Kohaku and Mitsukia

"YOU DESTROYED HER THEN REPLACED HER I HATE YOU" came her yell as she stormed out of the room along with Kohaku who glared at the taiyoukai, everybody except Mitsukia stared in shock "Was that really Rin?" asked Ayame

"I believe so," said Miroku

"I would have to concur though," said Shippo standing with Naomi

"We trusted you to find a way to bring her back Sesshomaru and you run out and mate with the first woman that happens to look familiar to my mother" Shippo growled existing the room

"She may have some similarities to Kagome but she isn't her," said Naomi following Shippo

"Good Job brother" said Inuyasha

"We aren't saying to leave Kurei if you love her stay with her, but you didn't even try" said Miroku leaving swiftly his robe fluttering as he moved, Mitsukia stood up and glared at all of them "Sesshomaru take this to heart when I say that I would have rathered Naraku as a father than you" she said sharply before leaving.

Sesshomaru sat there with Kurei at his side he was hurting, his entire family had turned their backs on him ok not entirely but they said that he should've tried

"I did try," he whispered now that it was only him and Kurei

"I know dear I know" came Kurei's voice who hugged him.

Everybody had fanned out through the cold dark castle, Kagome had kept it dark, icy, with an evil aura but Mitsukia had it kept worse she made sure that nothing happy or cheerful even entered the grounds after Kagome had left she had become truly emotionless she had trained relentlessly from every powerful demon, human, miko, healer, sorcerer, anything to become powerful.

She had surpassed everyone in everything she could easily take on the world with her power but she was only worried about finding her mother she had given her life for eternal encasement for her.

She missed her mother as she hated her 'father' he had replaced her with a common village whore a lizard demon thinking that it was Kagome's reincarnation because Kurei had some similarities to her mother like her hair and former eye color, Kagome had fierce blue eyes while Kurei had plain dull brown eyes they had all accepted Kurei as being Sesshomaru's new mate however Kurei was not HER MOTHER'S REINCARNATION!

They all knew it she suspected that Sesshomaru knew it sometimes but chose to ignore it grasping onto the concept that Kagome was back, they knew Kurei was using Sesshomaru they believed she truly did love Sesshomaru and he loved her or so they supposed.

Mitsukia didn't care if Sesshomaru loved another woman but the fact that he had replaced her a mere month after she had gone angered her more than anything

'I will find my mother'.

Later at Dinner

They all sat in silence as they ate until Kurei stood up and looked at all of them

"Listen everyone, I don't know why you hate me so much I'm not trying to replace Kagome" she said "We understand that Kurei" said Miroku

"Why do you hate me?" asked Kurei

"I don't hate you," said Myoga

"Who here hates her?" asked Inuyasha raising his hand, everybody rose their hands causing Kurei to tear up

"Listen here Kurei and listen good, you can't replace my mother you aren't my mothers reincarnation we don't hate you but you both need to realize that you are not Kagome's reincarnation" said Mitsukia "So you don't hate me?" she asked clutching onto Sesshomaru's hand

"No we don't hate you, however you will never be thought of as my mother was," said Mitsukia.

Kurei accepted this and left to her room as Sesshomaru stood up and glared at them

"I demand respect towards my mate" he growled

"We have accepted her for 3,000 years we are now telling you that since this new threat has risen and Kurei hasn't gained her power as you claimed she would, we need the real Kagome back" said Inuyasha being slammed up against the wall a clawed hand holding him in the air

"Your insolence annoys me," he growled

"Sesshomaru" came the growl of Mitsukia as everybody turned to face the cold blooded Mistress of Death

"You will release Inuyasha at once" she commanded as his body was thrown across the room smashing into the stonewall effectively cracking it by the force.

Sesshomaru was stunned his 'daughter' had just bested him without lifting a finger,

"Violence towards my family is not acceptable," she told him

"But…" trailed Myoga

"This is a gathering of discussing things not family time" she commanded them left.

The month had flew by as silence once again spread through out the large dark luminous, they had discussed that they needed to deal with the threat while in secret they had decided that they were going to search for Kagome without Sesshomaru and Kurei.

Years passed as they all grew to hate Kurei and Sesshomaru more and more, he was still convinced that Kurei was Kagome's reincarnation as he became more vicious when the others called her something or said that she wasn't Kagome's reincarnation Kurei hadn't been much better she knew that she could get away with anything so when Sesshomaru wasn't around she was a nasty self centered slut but as soon as he came around she would cry and say that they had been harmful towards her.

Now they all stood in the courtyard getting ready

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Sesshomaru

"Kurei" stated Rin

"What about my mate?" he asked as Kurei latched herself onto his side

"Your mate is nothing but a dirty whore who is in fact using you," growled Naomi being held in the air by Sesshomaru

"Release her at once" commanded Mitsukia

"You are my daughter I do not need to listen to you" he answered tightening his grip, this angered Mitsukia greatly as she vanished then reappeared at Sesshomaru's side jumping in the air she box kicked him in the jaw sending him flying as he smashed through several hundred stone walls and trees he stood about two-thousand feet away his eyes blazing with anger

"We warned you," said Inuyasha as a barrier was placed around them

"I Mitsukia Mistress of These lands Am not and will never be YOUR daughter I banish you and your mate from these lands," said Mitsukia standing tall and proud

"You cannot banish me I am Ruler of these lands" he growled

"On the contrary when you chose to take in a whore as your mate the power was handed over to me, leave now I never wish to see you or her again should you try to come back you both will be tortured until death"

"You can't do this to us" cried Kurei

"Listen Bitch" said Mitsukia walking up to the woman

"You're nothing but a whiney self pitying whore, you disgust me in every way possible I swear if I even hear about you trying to come back I will give you more pain than you ever thought possible" snapped Mitsukia

"You little…" growled Kurei

"This is all I shall do for now" said Mitsukia as her hand plunged through Kurei's stomach causing a scream of pain to emit from her throat, Mitsukia pulled out her hand as she sensed Sesshomaru nearing

"You will not be able to bear an heir to Sesshomaru"

"WHAT?" yelled Kurei holding her stomach in pain as Sesshomaru reached her side

"LEAVE NOW AND WILL YOU FOREVER BE DAMNED," yelled Mitsukia as her dead warriors began to appear grabbing the two as they fought with everything they had

"You can never win," mocked a warrior.

The two were dragged to the portal then thrown through cursing at the 'betrayal'

"MOVE THE PORTAL" commanded Mitsukia as her sorcerers began to transfer the rip in the fabric of reality to a different location

"Let us begin our search," said Mitsukia letting the barrier drop from around her family

"That was cruel, but it was what they both deserved," said Rin

"No time chatting we need to find Kagome," said Inuyasha.

Well hope you all liked the first chapter to the sequal sorry about the Sessy thing though