They watched Kagome's eyes glow a swirly pink color then it slowly drained into a fiery color her body was engulfed in black flames as a pure white mass of energy slowly floated from her body.

Kagome's body changed to the normal her eyes changing to their original color along with her hair, wings, aura, and everything, and then she was set on the ground gently

"Kagome," said Sesshomaru rushing towards her

"Stop," commanded Mitsukia walking slowly towards her mother

"Mother," whispered Mitsukia her mother's eyes opened slowly

"Mitsukia?" asked Kagome her voice tired

"What happened?" asked Kagome standing with the help of her daughter

"You were given your soul back, Yoko took it out for you" explained Mitsukia

"My soul?" asked Kagome then reflected on her past emotions

"Who gave me back my soul?" she demanded

"We aren't sure," said Mitsukia glaring at the others to keep their mouths shut.

Kagome looked around and her eyes landed on the taiyoukai of the west

"Sesshomaru?" she asked confused

"He allowed us to give you your soul back," said Mitsukia

"Really?" asked Kagome walking towards him

"Yes he did mother," said Mitsukia watching them.

Kagome walked towards Sesshomaru not understanding why he would help her only the fact that he loved her

"Sesshomaru will take you back down to Earth mother" said Mitsukia

"Yes alright" said Kagome passing out.

Everyone just looked at Mitsukia with questioning eyes

"You can thank me later Sesshomaru," she said getting a nod from him he ran off

"Why?" asked Rin

"You all know as well as I do that they are perfect for each other, I want to see my mother happy and I know that Sesshomaru will make her happy," answered Mitsukia leaving.

Walking into the ritual chambers Mitsukia found an exhausted Yoko

"Did it work?" he asked hoarsely

"Yes it worked, thank you," said Mitsukia offering a hand to help him up

"No problem," said Yoko

"Like hell you saved my mother I am in your debt," said Mitsukia

"I'm not in your debt," said Yoko

"Yes you are and if you ever need or want anything you can ask me," said Mitsukia

"Well there is one thing," said Yoko

"And what would that be?" asked Mitsukia

"You could give me the pleasure of having dinner with me," said Yoko causing Mitsukia to suck in a short breath then she nodded

"Thank you," said Yoko hugging her.

Sesshomaru flew towards his castle at breakneck speed

'I owe Mitsukia big time' he thought inwardly laughing

'I think I got that from Kagome when she was a teen' he thought landing at his castle where he placed Kagome in her bed.

2 Hours Later

Kagome woke to look around her so she got up and walked into the halls

'Fuck I forgot my way around' her mind said then she just said fuck it

"SESSHOMARU!" she yelled as he appeared next to her

"Yes," he said looking at her

"I'm lost," she said huffing like a child

"Really, the great Kagome lost?" he mocked

"Shut up," she stormed turning her back to him

"You'll regret that," he said

"Really?" asked Kagome running

"HEY!" yelled Sesshomaru chasing her.

The two ran for hours playing cat and mouse until Sesshomaru finally tackled her throwing both of them down a large grass hill causing them to roll down laughing in true happiness.

Lying there Kagome opened her eyes

"Man I'm tired," she said trying to catch her breath

"Well you didn't have to run," said Sesshomaru

"Please and be defeated by you?" said Kagome

"You could have done that instead of me beating you now," said Sesshomaru smirking

"I HAVEN'T LOST," she yelled jumping up but fell back down as Sesshomaru pulled her down "Kagome these last few hours have been the happiest moments in my long life and even if you were to reject me right her and leave I would still have these perfect moments with you," said Sesshomaru causing her to look at him with a questioning look

"I love you Kagome and I always will," he whispered hugging her.

Kagome looked down at him before vanishing

'Kagome' thought Sesshomaru getting up and heading back to the castle, as he walked he began to ask himself questions then he decided on one thing

'If we are meant to be together we will be together but if we aren't together I will try to be there for her as a friend' then he arrived at the castle.

Later that Night

Sesshomaru was wide awake and walked to the balcony where he saw a figure jump from the castle and walk towards the large cliff that overlooked the entire Western lands

'Kagome' he thought also jumping down, he quickly followed the path of the silent black figure. Sesshomaru hid in the shadows and watched as Kagome stared up at the crescent moon before she let a howl rip from her throat

'Kagome?' he thought sadly before watching as a figure also cloaked in black floated up to stand next to Kagome.

Sesshomaru watched as the hood was pulled back to reveal…NARAKU!

Inwardly growling Sesshomaru was about to attack when Kagome hugged him

"It has been a while," said Naraku in the honey spun voice of his

"Yes too long if you ask me," said Kagome smiling

"So how have you been?" asked Naraku

"You know the same, getting back my soul then getting it taken out again," said Kagome

"That bad?" asked Naraku

"Yeah basically," said Kagome

"What about Sesshomaru?" asked Naraku

"He still loves me," said Kagome

"Do you love him?" asked Naraku

"You know I think I might," said Kagome

"How's Mitsukia?" he asked

"She is so beautiful," said Kagome taking out a 21st century picture of the grown woman when she was actually smiling

"You can keep this," said Kagome handing it to him

"My god she is beautiful," said Naraku

"She's got your eyes, and your arrogant attitude," laughed Kagome

"Hey only half of that arrogant attitude is mine the other half is from you," said Naraku

"Are you accusing me of something?" asked Kagome acting offended

"Yes you raised an arrogant daughter," said Naraku

"Well it wasn't MY fault," said Kagome arrogantly

"Really?" asked Naraku grabbing her.

The two stared at each other

"I'm sorry Kagome," said Naraku

"It's ok," whispered Kagome as the two kissed and broke apart

"If you love him then go tell him," said Naraku

"I will," said Kagome

"Good Bye Kagome," said Naraku touching her face

"Good Bye Naraku," said Kagome as he vanished.

Sesshomaru stood there in shock at watching the two then he walked out of the shadows

"Kagome?" he asked

"Sesshomaru there is something I need to tell you," said Kagome

"Oh really?" he asked arrogantly

"Yes," said Kagome as he walked up to her

"I…" said Kagome

"You what?" demanded Sesshomaru acting like he didn't know what she was talking about

"I love you Sesshomaru," said Kagome through genuine tears

"Kagome…" said Sesshomaru hugging her.

Lemon Warning

Sesshomaru ripped open Kagome's shirt then he took one of her taunt nipples into his skilled mouth "sesshomaru…." she moaned grabbing his head as to keep it to her body, Sesshomaru massaged her other breast while he teased the other then switched positions while giving feather like touches down her stomach noticing she had no hair around her center like normal females, her aroused scent was consuming him as he slipped one finger into her causing her to let out a small squeal. Kagome panted as he slipped another finger into her moving them around teasing her as he sucked on her chest, Sesshomaru began to move his fingers in and out of Kagome as her muscles contracted trying to pull them back

"faster…" came her raspy request

"With pleasure love" he said smiling as he began to pump his fingers in and out of her. Kagome finally hit her first orgasm as she created a barrier to block out her scream to the world as she watched Sesshomaru remove his fingers from her and lick them experimentally causing her arousal to spike again

"You taste delicious," he whispered kissing her hard letting Kagome taste herself, Kagome deciding it was his turn flipped him over with her on top

"Interesting" he stated as she moved her hand down to his throbbing erection grasping it she was delighted by his sharp intake of breath

"Do you like that my little puppy?" she asked him seductively getting a nod from him she slid down his body and fully put him in her mouth almost choking as his body jerked up wanting more, she wrapped her tongue skillfully around him making him groan and twist in pure pleasure 'Good puppy' she thought as he howled as he came bursting in her mouth she swallowed his wonderful juices she lapped all of it smiling as she looked up at him she crawled up to lick his ear

"God you taste wonderful," she whispered as he grabbed her waist. Once again they switched positions as his lust filled eyes asked her silently for permission getting a nod he slammed into her center filling her to the hilt, Kagome contracted her muscles around his member causing pleasure to climb through their veins

"Don't hold back" she whispered as his control flew out the window, he let his instincts take over as he slammed into her again and again even through their second orgasms then their third as she met him with each thrust slowly they dug a hole in the ground by the sheer power of his thrusts. Sesshomaru flipped Kagome on her hands and knees then slammed in her again making new pleasures come to life, over the night they tried several positions coming again and again finally their last orgasm they howled in ecstasy then bit into the others neck claiming each other as theirs after that they laid down for much needed rest.

Next Morning

Kagome stood on top of the hill wrapping herself in Sesshomaru's outer kimono she looked at the forests

"Awake love?" asked Sesshomaru standing behind her

"Yes I suppose," said Kagome

"Kagome I love you," he whispered turning her to face him

"And I love you Sesshomaru" said Kagome as the two kissed the wind howling as sakura blossoms flew dramatically around them.

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