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Magi Evolution

Chapter 1: Breaking point

Harry walked into the evening sun, dragging his trunk and following his 'family' to the car. A new one, Harry noted with some disgust. His uncle always had to have to best care he could afford, well generally he could not afford them, but he got them anyway. Have to keep up with appearances and all. He had just come from his fifth, and if he was asked, his worst year at Hogwarts. Being ignored by one of the few people who had shown kindness to him had affected him greatly, not to mention being forced to sit through the torture, err, lessons from that bastard Snape. And worse, he had lost Sirius… He shook his head harshly at the thought; he could not break down in front of them. He'd never hear the end of it.

They made their way to the car quickly, possibly faster then Harry could ever remember. The reason was evident though. Vernon was practically glowing an ashy white while his ears were a radiant red. Harry had only seen him look that way once before…


It was a Christmas party that Vernon was hosting at his home. Just a few choice colleagues, mostly people who had the connections that he himself wished to procure. Harry carried small trays of snacks for the guests. Snacks that smelled odd to him. They reminded him of small beads, not the most appetizing thing in the world. He had been told not to even think about touching them for fear of contamination. Fear for the snacks, not him. Dudley stood by Vernon in a tailored suit identical to Vernon's, making him look almost every miniature ounce the porker his father was. While Vernon had instructed his son to pay attention, learn how the world works, Dudley had been more concerned with the funny looking red and green stuff people were eating on crackers. He liked crackers, and if everyone else enjoyed the odd looking stuff, then it had to be good, right? The six year old mind of Dudley Dursley made up; he went in search of his freaky cousin. Maybe he could even get him in trouble.

"And I said, 'Fishnets? I wanted Tuna!'" Vernon finished his joke to scattered laughter. He did not actually get the joke at all, but he heard it from his old man once and he was desperate to impress Mr. Hinomen, the companies Vice President's son. Maybe he could finally get that promotion he had had his eye on for the past few years. Meanwhile, Dudley had found the snack tray.

"Give me some of those, freak." Dudley commanded his smaller cousin, as he reached out to grab a handful of crackers. Harry pulled them back out of his reach, fearing what would happen if Dudley ate the foul things, not to mention the warning that was going through his head made by Vernon not an hour ago. A few people around the boy heard the comment and whispered among themselves about bad parenting.

"Dudley, they smell funny, and Unca Vernon says that we can't have them." Harry told him.

"I'm gonna make your face funny, stupid." Dudley threatened, but Harry did not relent. Though he felt that he should have as the commotion had garnered a small crowd. Dudley bared his fists, but in a moment of inspiration, which to many of the people around looked like the boy was constipated, he had an idea. "I'll tell dad!" The rotund boy said as he took off to find his father who was across the room.

"Okay, okay." Harry said a moment later, catching up to the boy before he could reach Vernon. Dudley smiled in triumph and grabbed a handful of the snacks and stuffed them into his mouth greedily. Those who saw this, anyone in the immediate area besides Dudley's father and the Vice President's son, looked away in disgust. Which is why no one saw what happened next.

Dudley stopped chewing with glee a few seconds after he put the odd food into his mouth. The small whale sized boy turned green and cupped his hands to his maw. He gave a violent heave and spewed up a large amount of previously digested material, as well as the entire contents of his oral cavity. The projectile vomit flew forth from the plump boy with astonishing speed, directly at Harry. Harry saw the sickly yellow and red substance flying towards him and let out a small scream. The scream, however, was muffled by the 'poof' sound he made as he left a black cloud where he had been moments before, only to reappear with another cloud of black inside his cupboard. The vomit, having lost its original target, continued on its course, and landed on a new target with a nasty 'splat' sound. The victim of the gross attack looked down to see his trousers and most of his jacket now ruined by multi colored sick. The man who had been boring him for the last hour let out an 'eep' like scream and scrambled for napkins and proceeded to try and remove the offending substance. This proved to only make it worse and the Vice President's son began to scream at the 'idiot man' and his 'fat arse spawn'. Harry could only hear snippets of the conversation, but he was glad that he was safe in his cupboard and not out there.

"Most humiliating thing in my life…"

"Sorry sir… not feeling…"


"I'm sure…not…fault…little boy…"

"Father…make sure…end of you!"

Everyone left after that, and in quite a hurry from what Harry could see through the grate in his cupboard door. A few minutes later, Harry was shocked to see the door nearly ripped from its hinges and his Uncle look at him with a demented gleam in his eyes. His face was a white color he had never seen before. Usually angry meant mad, which meant him being hurt. The only thing red on his uncle at the moment was his ears, and Harry, at the tender age of six, feared for his life.

"Boy…" His Uncle said as he reached in with a meat hand.

Even now, Harry could not recall what happened once Vernon reached into the cupboard to grab him. He did remember waking up the next day feeling worse then he had ever felt, and his clothing soaked with blood, but he could not find any cuts, only a few light scars that looked like they were fading away as he looked at them. His Uncle had seemed shocked to see him the next, but demanded his breakfast just the same. He now chopped it up to magic, but the only time other time he had healed that fast was when Fawkes cried onto him. He didn't remember the healing of his arm after Wormtail cut him in his fourth year.

"Boy! What have you been telling those freaks? We feed you, clothe you, give you a shelter so your freak arse doesn't die from cold, and what thanks do we get? You go and tell them we mistreat you! Never in all my life… absolute lack of respect… in front of hundreds… What do you have to say for yourself?" Vernon demanded, as he slammed the accelerator down to the floor, forcing his brand new car to peel out into the roadway.

"I didn't tell them anything." Harry told him, only half paying attention to the screaming. Most of his concentration focused on how he was able to move from in front of the vomit to his cupboard when he was younger. Until he had seen his Uncle's face, he could not remember that Christmas at all.

"Ha! Like I'll believe that! Probably think we starve and beat you. It would be no less then you deserve, freak." Vernon said with venom.

"You already do that, or don't you remember? Locking me up in a small cupboard for days on end, punishing me for every little thing, even the shite that your precious Dimple diddidums pulled. I gain nearly twenty pounds every school year, just so I don't die when I loose it during the summer. Someone was bound to notice." Harry said bitingly. Vernon looked at him with disbelief before his ears took on a blood red hue and the car jumped nearly twenty kilometers faster. Vernon kept looking in the review mirror, as he started mumbling to himself.

"Ungrateful freaks…false…lies…nothing more then deserved…going to hurt… oh yes…" Vernon continued under his breath as he took a turn sharply and caused the car to fishtail through an intersection. "Boy, you think your freak friends are going to scare me? You don't know fear, but I'll teach you… teach you the meaning of pain…" Vernon nearly screamed; letting large drops of spittle cover the inside of the window shield. Harry met his Uncle's death glare from the mirror, but he noticed something colder in his eyes, at it worried him.

"Lots of pain…" Vernon said in barely above a whisper.


The car stopped in the driveway of Number four privet drive with a small screech of resistance from the tires, leaving a black trail along the pristine pavement.

'Probably going to have to get rid off it too.' Harry thought to himself. Vernon tossed the keys, much harder then was necessary as he made his way into the house. Harry sighed as went to retrieve the keys from the lawn of the next door neighbors, Number Six. 'Another start to a bloody wonderful summer.' Harry struggled to bring his trunk and Hedwig's cage through the front door, but finally succeeded, to be met with Vernon's glaring face.

"Those freaks are not going to boss me around, boy." Vernon told him as Dudley came from behind him and pinned his arms to his side. The massive boy's arms, while incredibly flabby, also seemed to hold a lot of muscle, and Harry was not able to get out of his cousin's grip. He and his things were taken out to the back yard where a large red plastic container sat next to a big metal bin that Harry had to grind rust off of every year.

"You learn respect, boy. We took your ungrateful freakishness into our house, out of the kindness of our hearts. Should have listened to Marge. Her dogs would have been happy for the extra meal." Vernon said as he kicked open the freak's trunk.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry demanded, struggling against the hold of his cousin. Vernon just smiled as he dumped the contents of the trunk into the bin. Vernon's demented smile only grew as he poured the contents of the red plastic container and comprehension dawned on Harry. The foul smell of petrol and burnt paper rose into the air as Harry screamed for him to stop, only to be met with the laughter of both Vernon and Dudley. As the flames rose, Harry saw his most prized possessions burning into ash, spitting out a spark every once in a while. His father's invisibility cloak, the Map, and his photo album, all gone. Harry was in a slight daze when he felt someone reach into his back pocket, the pocket he kept his wand in, despite Moody's warnings.

"Don't want to be getting any ideas, now do we?" Vernon said with glee, quickly throwing the freak's stick into the fire. The wand held strong against the flames for a few minutes but eventually gave way and began to burn. Several red and gold sparks shot into the air as an image of Fawkes sang mournfully over the fire. 'No…my wand…why?' Harry asked himself in his mind.

"And now for that ruddy bird." Vernon proclaimed as he threw open the cage door. He reached in to pull the bird out and received several deep gashes on his hand and lower arm. "Damn blasted bird!" Vernon screamed as he pulled the now white and red bird from its cage by a wing, which snapped audibly. "Make sure you never wake me up again!" Vernon said to the bird, and laughed insanely as it screeched in pain. It was about this time that Dudley questioned his father's sanity, but the thought was quickly dashed from his mind, he was hurting the freak, and that was all that mattered.

Harry continued to struggle, but his cousin was too strong. There was something at the back of his mind, but he could not grasp it. 'Not Hedwig…no…not Hedwig…' He thought as he fought to get out of the death lock and tap into the power that seemed just beyond his grasp.

"Barbecue sound good to you, Dudley?" Vernon asked as he tossed the helpless bird into the air above the fire. Harry watched his first friend in the world make a slow arch in the air before she began to plummet towards the fire.

"No!" Harry screamed. In that moment, several things happened. Something inside Harry felt like it exploded inside his body. His eyes began to glow an odd greenish yellow and he let out a fierce growl. Dudley suddenly found himself holding onto a cloud of black and began to choke on it violently. Harry found himself next to the bin a moment later, just in time to see Hedwig fall into the flames. 'Not happening…' He thought to himself as he reached in the flames to retrieve his friend, not noticing his skin become black and burnt, or the fact that he could not feel the initial pain he had felt from putting his hands inside of flames. Skin cracked and peeled off of his hands and arms as he pulled the now black bird from the fire.

"Hedwig?" Harry asked, hoping for some sort of response from the smoking animal. He received none. She was dead, and from the angle of her neck, probably dead before she began to burn. 'Hedwig…' Dead. His first true friend, his first companion. Gone. She had always been there for him. Through the nightmares, and when his friends would not send him letters, when she was locked up with him in their own personal jails, when the wizarding world turned on him. Always there for an encouraging nip or a bite on the ear to set him straight. Always there. And now, nothing. Harry was numb. He just stared at his lost friend, which is why he did not notice the burnt and flaking skin on his hands and arms begin to turn into new pinkish flesh or his Uncle walk up behind him. He never heard the swing, but he felt the blow. Getting hit with a shovel in the back of the head is bound to cause anyone to take notice.


Light, that was the first thing he noticed. Then he was able to make out a few shapes. They were very blurry at first, but they began to become a little bit sharper after a few moments. He could feel that he did not have any glasses on and wondered how he could see so well. His sight was by no means perfect, but it was better then it should be without his glasses. The next thing he noticed was smell. How he had not noticed the smell sooner was beyond him. It was a coppery kind of smell and it assaulted his nose, making him almost real back from it. Almost, because it was then he realized that he was chained to the wall of his 'bedroom'. He tugged on the chains until his wrists bled and he felt something pop, leaving him in excruciating pain for a few minutes before he felt the cuts on his wrists slowly closing, the blood stopping, and a bone in his wrist mending.

"What the fuck?" He had asked himself.

That had been five days ago. Five days without food, water, or any real sleep. The sleep he got was plagued by nightmares, Sirius falling through the veil, Hedwig falling into the fire, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Dumbledore, all falling. All dead. In the mornings Vernon would walk in with a large black whip. Where Vernon got it, Harry did not know, but he hated the man and his whip with a passion. Few people could compete with the likes of Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, but Vernon was quickly climbing that list. Every morning he would be beat with it, and as the blood splatters on the wall and his clothing suggested, it cut deep. And after his Uncle left him in a bloody mess, covered in gashes and bones broken, Harry would feel the cuts and bones fixing themselves and the bruises disappear. It scared him at first, for things to begin to heal themselves with no active control over it. He blessed it now though, because had he not been able to do it, he would be dead by now, several times over. It took nearly an hour for his body to heal itself after the first whipping. Now, after five days, he was slowly healing himself during the beatings, much to the glee and confusion of his Uncle. The overall pain of the beatings seemed to be lessening, or he was getting used them. There was a great pain in both of his hands though, and for all the healing that his body went through each day, he could not understand what it was. It especially hurt during the beatings though, when Harry desired nothing more in the world then to rip his Uncle's throat out.

He had tried for the better part of the day to… do whatever it was that he had done to get out. The only thing that he thought it could be was apparition, but he had never studied how to and knew that there was a very distinct feeling according to the twins. But he could not do it. Like before, the power to do it seemed to be just beyond his reach.

Five days, and no one had come to check up on him. Even after they told him to send a letter every three days or they would see what was wrong, no one came. No letters had been brought by owls, demanding to know why they had not heard from him, nothing. They had abandoned him, and Harry did not know why. Last year there were guards posted outside of his house, why weren't they here now? In the fist couple of days his screams could be heard across the neighborhood, one neighbor, Number Six, had even called to tell the Dursley's to keep their stereo down. So if they were there, they would have heard. Having nothing better to do all day, he thought about his life, and why it was so fucked up. Voldemort, Pettigrew, Lestrange, Snape, and Dumbledore seemed to be the top reasons, along with his 'family'. They were the death of his real family, the betrayal, the torture, the anger, the lies, and the death of his childhood respectively.

Why had he not been told sooner? Ready or not, Voldemort was not going to give a rat's arse. It did not matter if he was too young to accept the truth. It would probably not matter if he was three times as old as he was; being told that you are connected through prophecy to kill or be killed is going to dampen anyone's day. Or life, really. He was forced to come to this hell on earth every year by the man that he had looked up to since finding out about the wizarding world. Were those kind blue eyes false? Was that genial demeanor an act? All those house elves, eager to please, all the empty space in the castle. Why couldn't he stay there? The more he thought about it, the more like every year seemed like a test, a way to see how far he could be pushed.

'Was it all a test? Has Dumbledore been trying to prepare me? For what? Lessons in dumb luck? I should have died in every one of those situations, but I always made it out, just barely. He had to know about it all. Did he push me just far enough to get some sort of results? What am I to him? You don't do that to people you respect. To people you care about…What am I? Some sort of weapon?'

He cut his musings short as he heard the backdoor close downstairs, and something heavy and metallic being dragged across the floor. He shook his head. All of his senses seemed to be increasing, with smell as the first one he noticed and later his hearing, and slowly his eyesight was getting better. He had wondered briefly if his father had had werewolf or vampire blood that had decided to make its self known, but disregarded the thoughts as his door was suddenly kicked in.

"Got a new toy today, freak. Maybe it will teach you to not spread lies about honest, hardworking people." Vernon said, smacking the end of the fifty pound sledgehammer into his palm like it was a fist. Harry looked up just in time to see the hammer fall, slamming into his leg. Harry fought back the scream that was trying to force its way out of his mouth, but lost it when the hammer bashed his other leg. Both legs were pulverized, but healing slowly. Vernon held the heavy sledge above his head, ready to slam it down again when he saw his nephew's eyes. They were completely glowing. The greenish yellow light and the pure anger of the boy's face made Vernon hesitate for a moment. A moment too long. A loud animalistic yell that sounded like a cross between a growl and a roar filled the room and the freak disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

'I'm going to kill him!' Harry thought as he tried with all his might to break the chains and reach his uncle. The chains strained, and he let out his frustrations in a yell. That power, whatever it was that allowed him to move like he had was back. It saturated his body until it covered him like a warm blanket and he suddenly appeared in front of his Uncle. The pain and pressure that had been building in his hands for the last few days suddenly gave way and he tried to choke the life out of his Uncle. He tried to, being the key word. Before his hands even reached the whale of a man, his Uncle's neck was impaled by six long, white, claw looking things. Blood gushed forth from the meaty man's neck as he fell to his knees, gurgling.

Harry looked at the things protruding from his hands. Well, technically they seemed to be coming out of his knuckles, but that was not the point. Three whitish yellow eight inch things coming from between the knuckles on his hands. The ends were covered in blood, Vernon's blood, he realized a moment later. He looked down at the already dead man. He had done that. He had done what he had wanted to do ever since the beatings started, since as long as he could remember, if he was honest with himself. But he had taken a life…and he did not feel guilty about it.

'Why should I feel guilty? He was going to kill me. He would have already done it if I would have stopped healing. But what the hell is happening to me? Healing is one thing, but growing fucking claws! Maybe I am a freak…Maybe they were right…No. No…they were the freaks. Treating a child like that…Nothing more then he deserved…I've got to get out of here.' Harry thought as he heard a car door slam, Aunt Petunia was home.

"Okay…I did it before…come on…work!" He screamed at himself. The warm sensation covered him again and he disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Only to reappear in London. In the middle of the road. Right in front of a speeding truck. A mighty screech was heard as the back tires locked up, trying to slow down. It didn't matter though. The flat front of the truck collided with Harry before he could even think of moving. His body stuck to the front end, and he felt the metal shape to his form for a split second before he was thrown back, landing on his side and skidding to a halt just inside of an alley some eighty yards away, right in front of a tall and hairy man with black eyes and a fur coat. The man sniffed the air a couple times and picked up the boy who had just slid into him by his shirt. The man smirked, revealing several sharp and pointed teeth as he watched the boys cuts heal themselves, and the bone claws slowly retract.

"And I thought it be hard…" The large man said to himself, taking out a cell phone.

"Director…yes, Sabretooth…London…found one…a perfect specimen…on my way." The man, Sabretooth, pocketed the clearly too small device in one of his many pockets. "I can find Magneto after this. Thanks, kid. You may have just saved my piece of the pie." He growled out softly, as not to be heard. Harry moaned and Sabretooth punched him in the temple, knocking Harry out. He smirked again as he threw the boy over his shoulders and continued to walk down the alleyway. He had a plane to catch.

End Chapter

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