finally we are no one.

by kyou.

tsubasa reservoir chronicle is not mine.


and it wasn't always like this, but that's irrelevant now. it wasn't always this man beside him, he's traded one black-haired demon for another, he must be attracted to the dangerous ones himself being no exception,

but they're completely different. different worlds, different cultures, and sometimes he struggles to make himself understood. even with the help of the ever-invaluable white meat bun, he knows that he is sometimes speaking an entirely different language, his words understood but not his meanings,

and it hurts sometimes, that

"I don't give a damn about your past! Do you even see me anymore?"

painful silence, and he wants to answer but

he can't speak honestly. kuro sama pi pon pu how many meaningless syllables can he speak before the meaning comes out anyway only knows a language of brutal truth, he can't comprehend

"Of course, Kuro-ron! You're kind of hard to miss!"

bright smiles and cheerful optimism, how does he continue

the deceit masked in truth-shaped heart-shaped words.


and he sometimes envies syaoran for his blind devotion to his cause princess, and he sometimes envies sakura for her inherent good nature, even sometimes for her lack of memory, what he wouldn't give to forget it all, but

his asyura king will not

"-allow it! It's dangerous out there, I won't let you risk your life for someone you just met!"

their host is too kind for his own good, but they

"-have to do it, I'm sorry but I have to."

ever-determined, he cannot

let him forget.


and it's not affection. it's not affection, what he and kuro chanponchan share. it's force, it's power, it's deceit, it's manipulation, it's the opposite of syaoran and sakura and their purity and their innocence and their devotion. it's lust in a blind alley see no, it's surface tension and superficial screams hear no, it's unsaid platitudes and unheard replies speak no, it's dark and dangerous and not quite evil the façade they would like it to be.


-midnight – breathless – this shouldn't be happening but it is and he can't stop and-

-doorjamb; through the door; bed-

-this shouldn't be happening but sometimes. it does and he loves just can't stop it.

-dimension forgotten, feather forgotten, responsibilities forgotten, everything forgotten for these intense guilty indescribable moments,

-kurogane, the name contained within the room, nothing can escape this room. tonight-

-asyura, and it was almost a whisper, but nothing can escape. tonight-

-this room is the world.