Title: Just Another Day at the Office

Author: Andraste

Category: Missing Scene/Romance

Disclaimer: Not mine, but I promise to put them back when I'm done.

Spoilers: Crusade (S9)

Author's Note: Thanks to Ayiana for the beta.

Sam glanced around her lab one last time, making sure that all ongoing experiments were shut down. She had just handed off her notes to Dr. Lee a few minutes before, and had made him swear that he wouldn't touch the phase device. Even though it seemed to be out of power, she still didn't trust it, or her nosy fellow geeks.

Satisfied that all was secure, she turned to leave, when a thought slammed into her mind.


The guys were undoubtedly waiting for her by now, but there was no way she was leaving without calling her husband.

She dialed the direct line for Jack's office, praying that he was there and not in some meeting. This was not something she wanted to leave in a voicemail.


Her sigh of relief was audible. "Hi, Jack."

"Sam? What's up?"

"Colonel Carter to the gate room. Colonel Carter to the gate room."

The overhead page made her cringe.

"I heard that, Sam. Where are you going?"

"We're checking out the planet we got the gate address for from the phase device. If it's what we think it is, it's probably the last thing standing between us and a full-scale attack by the Ori. We're leaving now."

To her surprise, he chuckled. "Don't tell me you're holding up the proceedings just to call me…"

She rolled her eyes. "What are they going to do, fire me? I have three minutes. Cam is just getting his briefs in a bunch again."

"This probably isn't a walk in the park mission, is it."

Unconsciously, her hand came up and pulled her dog tags out. She fingered the gold wedding ring secured next to the tags. "I'm sorry, Jack."

He sighed. "It's what we do, Sam." There was a moment of silence before he cleared his throat. "You be careful. Make sure the boys behave. Kick ass, take names."

She smiled. "I will. I love you, Jack."

"I love you too, Sam. Always."

A minute later, Sam stared at the phone, sitting idle once again on her desk. In a few minutes, she would head through the gate into the unknown, all in an effort to stop beings set on destroying everything she knew.

The soldier in her bristled, ready for battle. The scientist nearly vibrated with excitement, anticipating a huge new discovery.

And the woman within wanted nothing more than to hop on the next flight to D.C. and give the finger to the Ori, the SGC, and the Air Force.

Once again, the soldier and scientist won. But she knew the day was coming when Sam, not Colonel or Doctor Carter, would emerge victorious.

In the meantime, the galaxy once again needed to be saved.

It's what she did.