Well, yes, it's me again. I finally saw the final episodes of Surface (I know, sad, but I had to get a friend to download them off the net), and I decided to write this fic about what happens afterwards. Yes, I know, there are probably millions of these out there, but oh well. 

For those of you who have read my previous fanfic (ahem) do not judge this fanfic from that one. They are both totally different. Also, I beg of you not to judge this fic by the first chapter. I suck at first chapters (and probably always will).

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Four people stood on the top of a submerged church, staring out into the ocean that the world had become.

"Shit" said Rich, "This is really bad".

"You don't say?" replied Laura sarcastically.

Caitlyn stifled a sob, "Oh God…Oh God…"

Miles bit his lip, "How many of those things do you think are down there?"

"Enough" Rich said, "I don't think we are getting out of here anytime soon"

"But we don't have any food or water!" Caitlyn exclaimed, "How are we going to survive!"

"We'll think of a way" Laura said, "Just don't panic"

"But what about the creatures?"

"Don't worry" Miles said, "As long as Nimrod is here, they won't hurt us"

Nim squawked and puffed out his chest. Rich looked at him suspiciously,

"Where did you say you found him?" he asked.

"Well, a year ago I fell off a boat and came face to face with one of them. Then I went back and I found a whole bunch of eggs" Miles answered, "And I took one."

"How did you raise it?" Laura asked. Miles shrugged, "I put him in the fish tank. Until he broke it"

He didn't tell them about 'Nim's Gift'. He didn't trust them enough yet.

"Why do you want to know about these things anyway?" Caitlyn asked. Rich looked at Laura who nodded.

"I'm a marine biologist, and I was attacked by one when I went down in a submersible" said Laura.

"And my brother was killed by one of them" said Rich. In all the rush, he had forgotten about his brother.

"I'm so sorry…" Miles began. Rich held out his hand.

"Rich. My name is Rich. And this is Laura"

Miles shook his hand, "Miles. And this is Caitlyn"

They stared at each other for a moment, then Miles cleared his throat, "So…what do you guys know about these things?"

Miles listened as Laura and Rich explained what they had found out, and afterwards he stared at them blankly, "So…these things are man made? And you think this Iderdex has something to do with it?"

"We don't think" Rich said, "We know this company has something to do with it"

"Their agents have been tracking us for months" Laura added, "Whatever they want with the creatures is still a mystery"

Miles looked over at Nim, who was sitting quietly on the edge of the roof. He couldn't imagine him being the result of some weird experiment conducted by a bunch of super smart scientists. It was a horrible thought.

Caitlin was shaking her head, "I still don't get it. Why would people do such a thing?"

"Because they can" Laura answered, "If someone sets out to do something, they won't stop until they do it. These people wanted to make a super-powerful race of amphibious lizard, they did it. But they just didn't think of the consequences."

Caitlin still shook her head, "No. There has to be more to that. I mean, why did they go to all that trouble to stop people finding out? And why did they create these things? You don't just wake up one day and say 'oh, today I feel like creating a new species'. There has to be some kind of motive…"
"I think crazy is the word you're looking for" Rich said.

Laura rolled her eyes. She began to fiddle with the bracelet on her wrist.

"That's a nice bracelet" Caitlin commented.

Laura smiled, "See the sign?"

Miles leaned over, "That's the infinity sign, isn't it?"

Laura nodded, "I gave one to my son…barely hours ago"

Suddenly Laura started to cry. Caitlin put her arm on her sholder,

"Don't worry. You'll see him again. Once we get back to civilisation"

Laura laughed coldly through her tears, "If nobody is still trying to kill us."

Rich came over and hugged her, "Hey girl, don't start talking like that. I'll see my girls and you'll see Jesse as soon as we get out of here"

Laura pushed herself away, "All I wanted to do was find out the truth. But I bit off more than I could chew."

Miles looked up at the sky, which was now turning a dark orange, "You know, I think we're all tired. Let's just lie down and try to get a good night sleep"

Laura nodded and walked over to a corner of the roof. Rich hesitated, and then he went over and settled not far away.

Miles slowly lowered himself on to the ground and tried to get in a comfortable position. He eventually just lay on his back and stared up at the sky. Caitlin followed suit.

"Miles?" Caitlin asked. Miles turned to face her.


Caitlin bit her lip, "Do you think they made it?"

Poor Caitlin, Miles thought, she didn't want this. I should have never met her.

Then you wouldn't have saved her, another voice said in his head.

"I'm sure they made it" Miles smiled, "Don't worry. We'll get to them soon."

Caitlin smiled, "Miles?" she said once more.

Miles heart suddenly started to pound in his chest, "Yes?"

"Goodnight" said Caitlin. She rolled on her side, and ten minutes later she was asleep.

A few hours later, Miles, Laura and Rich were still awake. The sky was glittering with stars against the black abyss of space and there wasn't a cloud for miles.

But that wasn't what they were thinking about.

Miles felt a breath against his cheek. Nimrod had come over and was playfully tugging his hair. Miles laughed and pushed him away,

"You have horrible breath, you know that?"

Nim nudged his hand and pushed his head underneath it. Then he settled down and fell asleep.

So this is what it's like being a parent, Miles thought, grinning.

He thought of his own parents. Where were they? Were they alright? They were probably worried sick.

He thought back to a year ago, before he had found Nimrod. Life had seemed normal then.

Nim definitely turned my life around, Miles thought, but for better or worse?

Laura was fidgeting with her bracelet. She imagined Jesse, scared and alone, twirling his own bracelet and wishing she was there to comfort him.

I miss you too Jesse, she thought, more tears threatening to fall out of her eyes.

She wiped them away, pull yourself together Laura. Jesse wouldn't want to see you cry.

Maybe she should have just left the creatures alone. She should have left it and gone on with her life. Then she wouldn't be here, stuck on a church in the middle of an ocean.

All she wanted to do was see her son.

Rich was listening as the water swished below them. He was thinking about his brother. In all the rush to find out the truth, he had completely forgotten about his motive.

What else have I forgotten about? He thought.

His girls. His wife. His mates. His life.

Rich heard his brother's voice echoing from a past time,

I'll always be there bro. Promise.

I wish you'd kept your promise, Rich thought wistfully.

And so, that night on the church, three people fell asleep thinking the same thing.

When will life be normal again?