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The Nightmare
By: hiki-chan

"Jou, what's wrong? You look sick." Yugi asked his best friend who was holding his stomach in pain, his face turning slightly purple.

Seto Kaiba, CEO of the Kaiba Corp. smirked at his blond boyfriend, "Must have been that all you can eat buffet Katsuya. I told you not to eat so much."

"You should go to the doctor Jou." Yugi told Jou, his eyebrows creasing in worry.

"Don't worry Yug, that's where I'm going now." Jou tried to shoot Seto a glare but his stomach felt too sick, "No sympathy from my very own boyfriend."

Seto rolled his eyes before grabbed the shorter boys arm and pulled him into his limo, "All right pup, I'll bring you to the doctor."

Once at the doctor, Kaiba waited outside while Jou saw Dr. Kimatsu.

After being throughly examined, Dr.Kimatsu said, "Aah, Jou. All the years of eating has finally caught up with you."

Jou was freaked out by the glint in his doctors eye, "What do you mean doc?"

Dr. Kimatsu shook his head, "One more morsel of food Jou, and you'll explode."

"What!" Jou exclaimed, "No more at all?"

The doctor shrugged, "That's right. None.At.All."

Jou toppled over to the ground and held his head and screamed at the top of his lungs,


Then Seto ran in from the outside and started shaking Jou roughly, "What's wrong. Katsuya? What's wrong?"

End of Dream

In reality, Seto was shaking his boyfriend. "Katsuya, pup? What's wrong! Wake up pup! What happened?"

Jou jerked awake to find himself in Seto's bed with the CEO looking at him with concern. "Wha, wha? What happened? Was… I…" He shook his head, "Was I dreaming?"

Seto relaxed and smiled lightlybeofore ruffingJou'shair, "Yes pup, you were."

"I'm not a pup!" Jou growled before he rubbed his eyes, "But whoa, it seemed so real."

"What was it about anyway?" The CEO asked, curious.

The blond sighed, "I dreamt that I was at the doctors clinic sick. And he said I couldn't eat anymore if not I'll explode!"

Seto blinked. He blinked again before a chuckle escaped his mouth before it broke out into a full laughter.

Now Jou liked Seto's laughter. It's not that often one would hear him laugh. But he didn't like anyone laughing at him. "Very funny Seto?"

The CEO composed himself but still let light chuckles escape him, "Actually yes. But what matters now is that you're okay." he gave Jou a look, "You are okay now right pup?"

"Yep! And now, come on Seto! I want to go to your kitchen and raid the fridge!" Jou exclaimed happily while pulling lightly on Seto's arm.

The CEO raised an eyebrow, "Wasn't it that you just had a nightmare about food?"

Brown eyes stared at him innocently, "Nightmares always make me hungry. Food makes my feel better."

Seto closed his eyes and shook his head while a small smile played on his face as he kissed Jou on the forehead, "As long as you need it pup."


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