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Chapter 1: Ticking Time Bomb

Just a little bit longer. That's all she needed, and then she would be done. Mission complete. Yes. It had been so long since she could say that. Usually, she failed, and her failures haven't gone unnoticed by Tseng or Rufus for that matter. She had to succeed this time. To prove to them that she did belong in the Turks, to prove to herself that she had what it took.

Her fingers expertly began punching the buttons on the bomb that she had snatched from Rude. She'd worked enough with them to know what she was doing, and the beep that told her that the bomb was activated now was proof enough. Sticking it on the wall, she watched the timer, 04:59. She had five minutes to get out. That was more than enough time.

"Elena!" she heard. They were still looking for her. She was impressed as she half expected both of them to have given up by now. "Where the hell is she?"

Down below, on another level, Reno and Rude were frantically searching for the other Turk. The security alarm had been tripped, Elena's handy work, and as they were about to abandon the mission, Elena had yanked the custom made bomb out of Rude's hand and taken off.

"She's gone too far this time," Reno snapped at Rude, looking down every corridor. "If we get killed, she's to blame."

"She's only trying to help," Rude defended.

"She's a stupid broad." Reno kicked a door down only to find an empty room. He groaned at his frustration and kicked the doorpost. "Damn woman!" he shouted.

"We'll find her, Reno," Rude said, walking passed him. "Elena!" They heard footsteps above them, prompting Rude to call out again. "Elena, is that you?"

"Stop!" The sharp command brought their eyes back down as three security guards filed into the hall. "Freeze! You are under arrest!"

"No. We're not." Reno and Rude pulled out their pistols at the same time and opened fire. The guards were down within seconds. "See what she's gotten us into?" Reno said to Rude. "Elena! Cut the crap and get your ass down here!"

Elena ran towards the doorway and pushed the white, round button beside it. It was the sort of door that couldn't be opened otherwise. But, much to her horror, the door made a sort of sound that could be compared to a wheeze, and then shut down. "Oh no," she whispered. It was the only way down.

"Elena!" The voices were getting closer.

"Reno!" she shouted, pressing against the door. "Get out of here! I set the bomb!"

"But, where are you?" Rude called back. "We aren't leaving without you, Elena!" They were supposed to. It was part of the code. 'Do what you could, but in the end, save yourself.' But, they all knew that none of them would abide by it. Too much had happened between them, they were too close. They wouldn't just leave somebody behind to die, even if it was the rookie.

"Please. Listen to me! Go!"

"Damn it, Laney. You know we aren't going to do that!" His voice sounded closer…and Elena nearly screamed when she heard somebody pound against the door. "Are you in there?"

"Yes," she cried, stepping even closer. "But the door is jammed. You're going to have to leave me behind."

"We can't do that," Rude said, kicking the door.

Reno backed away and looked around, trying to find something that could help him pry the door open. Rude continued to bang on it, knowing full well that his strength was no match against the titanium alloy.

"Guys, I don't want you two to get hurt because of me."

"Well, damn it, Laney. What did you expect?"

She shook her head sadly. "Not this."

"Are you near the bomb?" Rude asked.

"I can see it, if that's what you mean."

"How much time is left?"

Elena turned around and squinted her eyes. The digital, green light was hard to discern from her distance, but eventually her eyes adjusted. "Less than two minutes."

"Can you disarm it?"

"I don't know how," she admitted. A normal bomb could have been done easily, but Rude had just made this one. She wasn't familiar with it; just knew how to set it. "Look, you two need to go. There's no sense in all three of us getting hurt."


"Tell Tseng…tell him that I'm sorry. But hey…at least I finally complete a mission, huh?" It was meant to be good-humored, but suddenly, she heard Reno growl and then a series of loud poundings on the door.


She backed away from the door and suppressed the tears that were dying to fall from her eyes. Turks didn't cry. Even at the end, they didn't cry. "I'm sorry, Reno," she said, turning to face the bomb. "But, look on the bright side. You won't have to deal with me anymore."

"Elena…" Rude said, but she could barely hear him over Reno's pounding.

"I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU DIE!" She heard gunshots, and assumed Reno had pulled out his gun and shot at the door. It didn't work. Thirty seconds left.

"I'm scared," she admitted, getting closer to the door. There was no sound, and she took it as a sign that they had finally left, abandoned her to death. But, then she heard a creaking sound, and the door began to shift. Fifteen seconds left.

She caught a glimpse of Rude, one hand propped against the wall, the other on the door, prying it apart. His foot was planted in front of it, making sure it wouldn't slide back. "Hurry, Reno. I can't…hold it much longer." Ten seconds left.

Elena felt somebody tug on her wrist and she was yanked towards the opening that Rude had made. She collapsed on top of Reno, who fell back against the stairs with a sickening crack. One second.

Elena only saw a mass of blue. Reno had turned over and was now on top of her, sheltering her from the blast. She looked to the side, shielding her eyes, and briefly saw Rude being blown back. He didn't even cry out. Elena put her arms around Reno, pulling him closer to her, thinking that if she just held him, he'd be okay.

Then, it was over. The sound of crackling flames could be heard, but the worse was over. She heard a faraway groan and knew that Rude had survived. Of course he had survived. He was Rude; and that was damned near indestructible.

Reno got off of her quickly, ignoring the pain in his head, and staggered over to Rude. "Elena, get your ass over here. Help me get him up."

"I'm fine," she heard, but she got up anyway and hurried to his side.

"Damn," Reno breathed, hearing the footsteps coming up the stairs. "More guards. Come on, Rude. We're going to have to jump."

"Right," he grunted, as Reno and Elena dragged him to a busted window.

Rude looked down. Four stories down. On normal occasion, it would be no big deal. But he was hurt. Even he knew was much, that he had limits. This was it. He unhooked his arm from around Elena and Reno's shoulders and reached up to take his shades off. He breathed on them and then wiped them on his shirt before replacing them. "If this is the end, I'm going out in style, and without help."

"This isn't the end," Reno said, pulling his sunglasses down too. "Just another adventure."

"Damn right it is," Rude laughed, clapping his old partner on the shoulder. Then, they both looked at Elena, who was staring down at the ground below. "Laney, just close your eyes and go for it."

With that, Rude smiled and then jumped. Elena couldn't watch, but before she tore her eyes away, she felt Reno's hand on her wrist again. "Ready…or not…" and then he pulled her with him, off the edge, and down

Elena screamed shrilly. The world seemed to race to meet her, and her whole body jolted horribly. It was all she remembered before the cold cement on her face and the wet puddle seeping into the pant leg at her ankle. She couldn't move, could barely breathe.

She heard Reno groan, and that was it. She strained her ears for Rude, but no sound came from him. Oh gods, he was dead. He was dead, and it was all her fault. She always screwed things up. Never succeeded in her mission. Now, that she had, somebody had to pay for it…with their life.

Reno hesitantly pushed himself off the ground and looked around. Rude had landed a few yards away, but was already sitting up. He turned to look at Elena. She wasn't moving. He tried to stand, but a pain in his shin only knocked him back down. Damn, this was almost as bad as jumping off the Sector Seven Pillar onto a helicopter.

"Is…she…?" Rude couldn't move anymore either. His leg was broken and his arms hung lifelessly at his side. He lowered his shades to look at her, only to see what Reno saw. She was still. "She's not…?"

Reno crawled over to her, dragging his leg behind him, and put a hand on her shoulder, turning her over. Her eyes were closed now, she had slipped into unconsciousness. There was blood on the side of her face and her breathing was slow and labored. Reno tore open her shirt and began feeling her torso, checking for broken ribs.


He took her hand in his and looked back at Rude. Nodding to let him know she was still alive, Rude let out a sigh of relief. "That's good news." He smiled at Reno, but Reno seemed to be somewhere else.

She was supposed to be his responsibility. Tseng had told him to keep an eye out for her, that she was still inexperienced. He failed. Damn rookie. She always had to make everything so damned difficult for him. Ever since she became a Turk, Reno had to always look after her. He'd only failed once before…and had vowed never to do it again. He closed his eyes and squeezed her hand. She had succeeded in her mission. He had failed in his.