... T h e ... D a r k ... R o o m ...

By Miss P

Summary: CROSSOVER. Fifteen persons get locked in together, but something isn't right.
What is really going on in the house?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters in this story, and I'm not getting paid for writing…


Need to know:
Think of this crossover as a little like "Big Brother" or something like that. 15 persons get locked in, in a house for 30 days. One has to leave every second day, and the one who stays the longest wins, (It's a little supernaturally inspired) the award is that the winning person can have one wish that will come true. And all of them get paid for being a part of this thing.

What they aren't aware of is that there's something going on in the house, something dangerous and things are going to happen.

They have to follow their "Boss's" orders if they want to stay and get the chance to win.

The one who can stand all the spooky stuff that goes on, and gets through the day with all the twisted stuff they're told to do by their "Boss" is allowed to stay another day - the one who doesn't obey, refuses to do certain things, or gets killed or just freaks out has to leave. If something like that happens, the "Boss" decides who has to leave. Otherwise the persons vote for the one they want out of the game.

Persons I'm gonna use:
Miss Parker – The Pretender
Jarod –The Pretender
Temperance Brennan – Bones
Seeley Booth– Bones
Meredith Grey– Grey's Anatomy
Sawyer – Lost
Tiffany Channing – made up character
Mike Delfino – Desperate Housewives
Mariel Underlay – Invasion
Alexander Dorsey – made up character
Annie Douglas – Sunset Beach
Casey Mitchum – Sunset Beach
Lexi sterling – Melrose Place
Jack – Lost
Kate – Lost

The Boss: Cain Richards.


That's it, on with the story!


"Now listen carefully, my name is Cain Richards, and you're gonna follow my orders during the thirty days you are here. Remember there is no way out, the door is locked, and the windows unbreakable. Now I suggest you make yourselves at home, this house, these persons will be your life for the next thirty days."

It was an old fashion house in two floors, dark and gloomy and the Boss's words made the whole thing seem even spookier. Like this whole thing was taken right out of a horror movie.

The Boss disappeared into another room leaving the persons in the huge hall alone. The house was big, but they all understood there weren't enough bedrooms, they had to share.

Miss Parker glared at Jarod; she still couldn't believe the pretender was there too. It was not what she had planned. She'd thought she would use this days away from the Centre to really be free from the Centre, but that was quickly ruined. She didn't really believe in the reward, that the winning person got hers or his wish come true, but she had thought of it and came to the conclusion – why not! At least she could get the chance to have a little fun. She guessed Jarod had thought the same; of course she was always the one to spoil the party huh?

"I am not sharing bedroom with you, wonder boy," she snarled as she suddenly realized what he had in mind. "When hell freezes over, just forget it," she added, as if her first comment hadn't been enough.

Jarod just smirked.


Temperance walked around the hall, looking into the rooms she passed by, there was no way she would be living in here without even knowing what kind of place this was. She hardly remembered why she was there, it had been some kind of case Booth had been working on, and she had offered her help after a lot of arguing. He was going to reveal the truth about their so called "Boss" Neither Booth or Temperance believed that what the man was doing was working, like hell he could give the winner hers or his biggest wish in a little box. She didn't believe in supernatural stuff. She was used to examine bones in the lab, so this was definitely something new, she wasn't sure she liked it.

With a sigh, Temperance gave up and joined the rest of the group.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"There are six bedrooms, we're trying to decide who'll share," Seeley explained in a low voice.

Temperance nodded. "We can share," she said simply. She didn't understand why it was such a big deal; they were just going to sleep anyway, weren't they?

Seeley gave her a questioning look, and Temperance just shrugged it off.

"Alright then."


Miss Parker didn't want to listen to the rest of the persons anymore, she didn't care, as long as she didn't have to stay with Jarod, she was happy.

She left the group and headed for one of the doors, she needed to find the kitchen. She needed a drink.

There was a long corridor before her and she continued, she was a little curious where it went. Another door soon appeared in front of her, she pushed it open, the room seemed to be completely empty, without any windows, and it was pitch black. Miss Parker frowned and entered it carefully. Just as her eyes had adjusted to the dark, the door suddenly closed behind her. Quickly she spun around and tried to get it opened, but it was locked.

"Open the door!" she yelled, her scream echoed in the silent room. "Jarod, you son of a bitch, this isn't funny, let me out, or I swear I'll kill you!" she continued. But there was no sound of anyone outside. Miss Parker screamed out loud with frustration.


The rest of the group had left the hall half and hour ago and were putting their stuff in their rooms. The choice hadn't been easy, but finally they had come to the best solution.

It was Jarod who noticed her absence first. He was confused, he knew Miss Parker hadn't been too found over the idea of sharing bedrooms, but she would have wanted to be a part of the decision wouldn't she? More then half an hour had passed, where was she? Jarod decided to look for her, it couldn't have happened something to her, could it?



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