Chapter Nine


Many strange things were going on in the mansion, that was one thing that was sure. But what exactly was going on was a different matter. Booth had been trying to understand this, to put his finger on exactly what was wrong, but it was impossible. He'd come there to frame Cain, the Boss, but what if he really wasn't a fraud? Booth had never believed in the supernatural, but now he found himself questioning his belief. Too much was going on to be pure coincidence.

Just take Casey's death. No one seemed to know what had happened the day he'd died. He'd just collapsed with a bleeding gash in his forehead, no evidence, nothing!

And then there was the skeleton Temperance had found in Annie's bed, she'd left it to eat dinner and when she'd returned, it was gone without a trace. How easy could it be to hide a full grown skeleton? Besides everyone had been at the table, even Cain, Booth had paid extra attention to that, no one had left the room, and still the bones had vanished.

The dark room, was the third big question, what was that room, who had locked Miss Parker in, who had locked Jarod and himself in? What had knocked them out?

How was it possible that each person found a little piece of their lives in the house when the Boss had sent them on that treasure hunt?

Yes, many things were going on, way too many and way too strange to be made by a normal human being…

The room was dark when Booth sneaked back to the bed. His heart was hammering in his chest. There had been someone out there; he hadn't been alone in that corridor. But when he couldn't find anyone after searching for half an hour, he decided to head back to bed.

As he was lying there trying to fall asleep, he glanced at Temperance's sleeping form. He smiled as he watched her, she looked so peaceful, so beautiful… Booth forgot about the fear he'd felt while being alone in the dark searching for something he didn't want to believe existed.

His smile was soon replaced and the fear came back, only this time worse. As he was watching Temperance, she'd begun trembling. Her body was shaking and when Booth reached out a hand he was shocked to feel that her skin was cold as ice.

"Bones!" Booth tried to wake her up. She didn't. "Temperance come on!" he shook her.

Suddenly Temperance's eyes shot open. She gasped for air. Booth gathered her in his arms, holding her close as she continued trembling.

"Find… find Wendy and… make it stop… kill me…"

Booth felt the blood in his veins freeze. It wasn't only the choice of words that frightened him, it was something inher voice. It sounded hollow, as if she was speaking from the grave…

Booth wanted to scream, but he couldn't make a sound…


Tiffany looked out at the moonlit landscape. She missed him. When she finally felt like she had found someone who understood her, he was ripped out of her life almost as fast as he'd entered it. She didn't know if they would meet again, outside the mansion. She didn't even know where Alex lived. Somewhere in New York City he'd said, but New York was too big to just happen to run into each others in the street. And he hadn't even left a phone number…

Tiffany sighed sadly. What was she going to do now, the remaining days in the house? She was alone now… maybe if she won her wish would… no, she cut herself off. Did she believe in the reward? The winning person got one wish fulfilled… could that really happen?

She hoped so, because if she'd ever find her soul mate, she needed magic to help her…


It was a cold night, but Miss Parker and Jarod didn't feel it. In their bedroom it was warm and quiet. Only the sound of their kissing could be heard.

Miss Parker couldn't help it. She wanted Jarod, she always had. And she reasoned that in this house everything could happen. It's like the Vegas thing, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens in the mansion, stays in the mansion…

It wasn't logical, but Miss Parker didn't need that. When she'd come here, she'd promised herself to forget everything about the Center. Of course she hadn't been prepared to stand face to face with Jarod, but right now she didn't mind at all. She would forget about the Centre, just as she'd promised. She'd forget about the fact that her father would never allow her and Jarod to be together, she'd ignore the rules, her job, everything… she wouldn't let the Centre ruin her stay in the mansion…

"What are you thinking of?" Jarod's voice was soft as he spoke.

Miss Parker smiled. "The Centre…" she whispered. "That I don't care about what they say," she added as she saw the look on his face. He smiled.

"Neither do I," he kissed her again. Miss Parker moaned softly.

"I've dreamed of this moment," Jarod whispered.

"I'm sure you have," Miss Parker chuckled. Jarod responded by tugging at her Tshirt. Miss Parker helped him take it off, enjoying the feeling of his warm hands on her skin.

"I want you Parker," Jarod's voice was thick with emotion.

Miss Parked smirked, kissing him before responding. "Then take me."



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