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"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

-Albert Einstein


If there was one thing Star took great pride in, it was knowing her strengths and weaknesses as a person. For example, her best sport was bowling, with an average of 165, her best features were her long legs and gorgeous blonde hair, her best subjects were math and history and she had an uncanny ability for reading other people and knowing exactly what was necessary for her to earn their favor.

Her weaknesses she always kept a closely guarded secret, unwilling to allow other people to exploit them like she herself had made a habit of exploiting others to gain popularity. One of those, unfortunately, was the fact that it took her an hour after waking up to fully enter the world of the conscious, no matter how much sleep she'd gotten the night before.

"Good morning, Star." Her mother said absently as the blonde stumbled over to the table. Star always rose two hours before school started, to avoid making a fool of herself in one of her usual morning stupors in front of her classmates. "Pancakes and sausage?"

Star grunted in response and she slumped over the table, which the older woman translated as a confirmation. Turning away from the stove for a moment as the food cooked, the blonde woman suppressed a smile at the sight of her bedraggled daughter, with her devilish hair sticking out at odd angles and her baby blue nightgown with white teddy bears. (Star always put off changing until after she'd woken up. Otherwise she ended up with two different colored socks and an outfit that clashed horribly.)

Unlike the teen, Rita Connors was in a very good mood this morning. One of the doctors she worked for had offered to take her to dinner that weekend, and she was really looking forward to it. Besides, she always enjoyed making large breakfasts for her kids before sitting down to read the paper and sipping at her coffee.

Speaking of which…

"Star, can you go get the paper for me?" Mrs. Connors asked absently as she flipped the pancakes. A soft groan and the scratching of wooden chair against linoleum greeted this request, and Mrs. Connors had to smile in spite of herself. Star was always more susceptible to obey commands without complaining early in the morning, which Mrs. Connors made sure to take full advantage of while it lasted.

As the teen in question trudged obediently towards the front door, her mind was blissfully blank, save for the memory of the dream she'd been treated to not hours earlier. The details were slowly slipping through her fingers, but it had something to do with Danny and a talking fox that sounded suspiciously like Paulina. And cookies. There were lots and lots of cookies, for some reason. The ones with little bits of peanut butter too, which were Star's favorite. Now the blonde was hungry…

Opening the front door, Star vaguely wondered what all the yelling was about before flashes started going off violently in front of her eyes, startling her into consciousness. And just like that, Star was shocked into a totally new stupor by the sight in front of her.

"Miss Connors, how long have you known the Ghost Boy?"

"Do you intend to respond to Mayor Vlad's summons to see him when he's made it clear that he believes your boyfriend doesn't belong in AMITY Park?"

"Miss Connors, has Danny Phantom taken you into the Ghost Zone?"

"Do you know how the Ghost Boy died?"

"Why is he here in our world fighting his own kind?"

"Miss Connors, what do you have to say to the citizens of Amity Park who doubt the Ghost Boy's intentions?"

"How 'bout a smile, Miss Connors?"

Star gaped in shock, trying unsuccessfully to see through the bright flashes going off in her face and process all the questions being shouted at her by the hoard of reporters camping right outside her front door.

Shock turned to horror in an instant though, when Star realized they were all taking pictures of her in her nightgown.

"KYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!" Star screamed, slamming the door shut and leaning against it heavily as she blinked against the black and white splotches that dominated her vision. Her cheeks flushed violently when she realized the reporters were still shouting, apparently undeterred by the blonde's reaction.

"Star?" Baffled, Mrs. Connors came into the room, her eyes widening when she saw the reporters through the window as Hector and Callie came down the stairs, yawning loudly and clearly annoyed by the loud noises so early in the morning. "What on earth… Is that the Channel Four news van?" Turning back to her oldest child, Mrs. Connors frowned suspiciously. "Star, what's going on?" Having finally rid herself of the annoying splotches, Star grinned sheepishly at her mother's question.

"Heh… funny you should ask that…"

"No way!" Star cringed as Hector vocalized the disbelief written on her entire family's faces. "Why the heck would someone as cool as Danny Phantom date someone as whiney and annoying as you?"

The teen's eye twitched at that.

After getting over the morning's activities, Star had gone upstairs to fix her hair and clothes before coming back down for breakfast and to explain to her family why a small army of cameramen were currently in the process of destroying her mother's petunias.

"Hector." Mrs. Connors warned her son without taking her eyes off of Star, though her shock was fading away into confusion and parental disapproval. "And just when were you planning on letting me know about this, young lady?"

"I wasn't keeping it from you on purpose!" Star protested honestly. She's completely forgotten to include her family in her scheme, too wrapped up in getting back at Paulina and becoming the coolest girl in school.

"Then how on earth do all those reporters know?" Mrs. Connors asked with narrowed eyes. As if reading her daughter's thoughts, she added, "It's more important for you to tell your friends who you're seeing then your own mother? Is that it, Star?" Star blushed, seeing her mother's point.


"Uh, mom?" Callie cut in attentively, her eyes glued to the TV sitting on the kitchen counter. "You might wanna see this…" Alarmed, both Star and her mother turned their attention to the screen, which was turned to Channel 4 Action News. Star frowned at the screenshot of Danny that was floating next to Tiffany Snow as she rattled off her report with more enthusiasm then she probably truly felt.

"Amity Park's own ghostly good-doer Danny Phantom managed to surprise the town in a completely new way yesterday afternoon, by confirming rumors that he was dating a human girl. Star Connors, a Junior at Casper High and a member of the cheer squad, was seen being picked up at school by her supposed boyfriend shortly before the attack on the Amity Observational Center warranted his attention.

"The incident was witnessed and verified by many Casper High faculty members and students, who also claim that Phantom will be escorting Miss Connors to the Annual Amity Gala. Channel Four sent Lance Thunder to Miss Connor's house to get further insight on the story, but unfortunately Miss Connors refused to give the cameramen a comment." (Here Star shrieked in horror when a quick shot of her in her nightgown slamming the door was shown.) "But Mayor Vlad had this to say upon hearing about this strange new relationship;"

"While I'm fully supportive of young love kept appropriately in check, I cannot bring myself to approve of a ghost as dangerous as Danny Phantom taking advantage of one of our city's precious youths." The billionaire said sternly into the cameras. "The Ghost Child has put Amity Park in danger far more times then can be counted, and should he be allowed to date this poor naïve girl, the chances of this defenseless child being put in harms way will increase substantially. For this reason, I propose a law passed forbidding relationships between ghosts and humans."

"…WHAAAT?" Star screeched, jumping to her feet in anger.

"This law will protect the children of Amity Park, who are to young and impressionable to realize how dangerous that spirits like Danny Phantom truly are." Vlad continued, oblivious to the teenager's rage. "I'm sure the parents of Amity Park will agree with me, and pass this law into effect at our next town meeting this Friday."

"He can't do that!" Star protested hotly.

That's the day before the Gala! Star added in her head, furious.

"The nerve of that man!" Mrs. Connors snapped, glowering at Vlad's face in contempt. "Thinking he can tell me how to raise my child… Honestly, what I was thinking when I voted him into office, I don't have a clue!"

"Mom, you have to stop him!" Star begged, clutching at her mother's sleeve.

"I'll consider it after you tell me why I had to learn about your love life this way instead of hearing it from you." Mrs. Connors said, her hands on her hips as she glowered at her oldest daughter. Star cringed and mentally cursed for forgetting to tell her mom about the whole Phantom thing.


"Star, are you alright?" Star and her family jumped in union at the new voice, all attention snapping to the ghost boy who'd just made himself visible after phasing through the kitchen ceiling, concern written clearly on his face. "I saw the news this morning and wanted to check--!" whatever else the boy was going to say was cut off by a loud squealing noise Star would've never thought her brother capable of producing.

"You're Danny Phantom!" Hector said excitedly, pointing at Danny (who blinked back in alarm). "You're the Danny Phantom! And you're in my kitchen! In my house! COOL!"

Here Danny shot Star a look that showed his concern for her brother's sanity as the blonde groaned and buried her head in her hands, cringing slightly when she chanced a glance through her fingers and saw her mom studying her classmate with a carefully masked expression.

"Is this a bad time?" Danny asked meekly, obviously realizing he was interrupting something.

"Not at all… ah… Phantom?" Mrs. Connors said uncertainly before turning to eyeball her daughter. "Star was just about to tell me whatever outrageous excuse she cooked up for not telling me about your… relationship with her when it first formed." Star withered a little at her mom's tone.

Oh I am soooo grounded for this… She thought miserably as she tried desperately to think of something, missing the way Danny looked between her and her mom in concern.

"Umm…" Star started with a nervous laugh. "Heh… You see…"

"It was my fault, Mrs. Connors." Danny broke in, landing next to Star. Both women faltered at that, turning to stare at the ghost boy.

"It was?" Mrs. Connors asked, clearly baffled.

Eh? Star thought at the same time, even more confused then her mother.

"Yeah, I wanted to be there to meet you in person when Star told you about… us." Danny said with a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head nervously. "I was worried that you wouldn't approve of your daughter dating a ghost, so I asked her to wait so I could be there when she told you, but with so many ghost attacks lately, there wasn't really time to sit down and talk. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner." Star's shock turned to amazement and glee when her mother's expression softened.

If my entire family wasn't right in front of us right now, I'd totally kiss him for that. Star though appreciatively, shooting Danny a grateful look that he didn't notice, too busy watching Star's mother.

"Yes, well I suppose that makes sense…" Mrs. Connors said, studying the boy once more. "Apology accepted, Phantom."

"So you're really dating my sister?" Hector asked Danny in a hero-worshipy tone. Star frowned at the question, but it went largely unnoticed.

"Guess so." Danny chuckled, apparently amused now that the boy wasn't babbling anymore. Hector made a face at that.

"Well, I guess even the coolest guys can have bad taste in girls…"

It took all of the blonde's self control not to lunge at the boy for that comment. The warning glare from her mother helped, too. Upsetting her right after getting into trouble over something else wasn't going to win Star any points.

"Anyways, I just came by to see if Star was ready to go to school." Danny said, clearing his throat and forcing back a smile. (Which Star noticed anyways, and silently vowed redemption for.) "Considering that it's my fault you're got reporters all over your front lawn and all, I figured I should help you guys get outta here without them bothering you."

"How?" Star asked, confused. Then realization hit her and the girl moaned pitifully. "Oh, no… please, please no…"

Happy thoughts Star, happy thoughts! The blonde chanted over and over again, burying her head further into the crook of Danny's neck. Her eyes were shut painfully tight to avoid the temptation of looking down again, which prevented her from noticing the vivid blush spreading across Danny's cheeks at the girl's actions. I'm not twenty feet above the cement in the arms of a boy who is frequently attacked hard enough to send him pile driving through solid brick walls. I'm… in the ocean! Yeah, I'm in the ocean swimming with dolphins! Lots and lots of really friendly bottle-nosed dolphins… Wait a second, that one's a shark!

"Star!" Danny's choked gasp brought the blonde back to reality, belatedly realizing that she had a vice grip on the ghost boy's neck, and was pressed as close to the green-eyed youth as humanly possible.

…Oops. Loosening her grip ever so slightly, Star took a deep breath and kept her eyes fixed on Danny's face.

"How much further until we get there?" She asked, hating how weak and shaky her voice sounded.

"We're almost there now." Danny replied in a soothing tone, smiling weakly at Star. "Sorry about all this, by the way. I should have remembered to warn you about the reporter thing yesterday, but I had other things on my mind and… well…" Star blinked at Danny in surprise, momentarily forgetting the whole height thing as she tried to comprehend the fact that the boy she was blackmailing was apologizing to her. And meant every word of it. As if flying her and her family to their required destinations wasn't enough, apparently…

Speaking of which, that duplication trick was really cool in a creepy, bizarre kind of way she didn't want to think too hard about.

"It's fine." Star sighed, shifting around nervously. "I'll deal with it after school… That and the whole thing with Mayor Vlad. Thanks for helping me out with my mom, by the way."

"No problem." Danny responded absently. "It was the least I could do, since the reporter thing is all my fault. Besides, I know how parents can be and I figured-- Wait a second, what about Vlad?" Startled at the sharp change of subject, (and confused at how much more severely Danny treated the second one.) Star blinked a couple of times before replying in an uncertain tone.

"Mayor Vlad was on the news today, talking about you and me. He was going on with a lot of junk about how ghosts shouldn't be dating humans and trying to pass some bogus law so that we'd have to 'break up.' Totally a load of trash…" Star frowned, unnerved at how upset this statement seemed to make Danny.

"That lying, hypocritical scumbag of a crazed up creepy fruitloop!" Danny snarled out, his grip on Star tightening enough to make the cheerleader jump. "I can't believe he'd have the nerve to pull something like that when he's had his sleazy eye on Mom since before I was born!"

Huh? Completely lost, Star could only watch fearfully as an array of violent emotions flashed in Danny's eyes. After seeing Danny so easy going and compliant to her whim for the past few days, the change this news brought up was intimidating to say the least…

"Danny?" Star said cautiously, tugging on his hazmat. "What are you talking about? And what's your mom got to do with anything?" The murderous fury cooled as Danny remembered the girl in his arms, flinching guiltily for a moment when he realized how badly he'd lost it.

"Umm, nothing." Danny said, adverting his eyes in shame. "It's just that Vlad's a bit of a sore spot for me. Nothing you need to worry about…" Star didn't look convinced, and was about to press the subject more when Danny's posture straightened, and he began to descend to land on the sidewalk in front of their school, ignoring the whispers of passing students. "Anyways, here we are." Star felt surprised as Danny set her down, having completely forgotten she was airborne in her confusion over Danny's reaction to the mayor's decree. "Catch you later, okay Star?"

"Uh, yeah. Sure thing!" Star said, smiling brightly and waving as Danny took flight again, most likely to transform into Fenton and meet up with the goth and the geek. Sighing, Star's gaze lingered on Danny for just a moment longer before she turned and started towards the school ignoring the students trying to get her attention as she tried to figure out exactly why Danny hated Vlad Masters so much…

"Well look who finally woke up!" Paulina voice sang loudly as she smirked down at the very annoyed blonde in the desk behind hers, waving a piece of paper around for Star to see. "Too bad, that nightie you were wearing was so cute… kinda reminded me of one I used to wear in the third grade." Star's face flushed violently as students around her chocked back their laughter at the girl's expense, and the cheerleader noted sourly that the paper Paulina was showing off to the entire class was a print out depicting her oh-so-embarrassing photo shoot that morning.

"You think?" Star said sweetly, smiling back at Paulina coldly. "I'm happy to hear you liked it so much, Paulina… Phantom certainly thinks it's cute." Paulina's smirk fell at that, and her gaze became far colder as she assessed the blonde.

"Oh really?" Paulina sniffed cruelly. "Is that how you got him to go out with you? Really Star, if I'd known you were so easy, I never would have let you come within three feet of me." Star gasped at that, jumping angrily to her feet.

"Like your one to talk." A voice behind both girls scoffed, drawing their attention to the back of the room were Sam was watching the exchange in disgust. "Don't even pretend you wouldn't use every dirty trick in the book to get Danny Phantom all to yourself, Paulina. Which, apparently, includes being a jealous snob to the girl who is dating him." Paulina scowled at the goth, while Star merely blinked in surprise. "Besides, I think Danny Phantom's a lot more considerate then that…" Paulina blushed at that, unable to contest the girl's statement without suggesting that her hero was less then a perfect gentlemen.

So she's not defending me after all. Star thought ruefully, her surprise fading as realization sunk in. She's just looking out for Danny's reputation… I should've guessed…

"No one asked you, loser." Paulina snapped at Sam before turning her attention back to Star. "Quite a popular one now, aren't you? I mean, first Valerie had to stand up for you yesterday, and now the freak is defending you today? How can someone who can't even fight their own battles ever expect to keep up with someone like Danny Phantom?"

"I didn't ask her to defend me." Star snapped, scowling at Sam for making things worse. The goth merely rolled her eyes and went back to ignoring the fight now that Danny's virtue was no longer in question. "And I don't need other people fighting my own battles. Besides, what about you, Miss Damsel in Distress? You talk big, but when it comes down to it you're even worse then I am! I mean how many times has Phantom had to save you?"

"Oh right!" Paulina scoffed in turn. "Let's not forget who it was that talked Phantom into dating her after she was attacked by a ghost!" Before Star could respond to that, the door opened and Ms Testlaff strolled over to her desk.

"Good morning, class. Open your textbooks to page 136. Connors, Sanchez, in your seats." After glowering at each other once more, the girls obeyed the burly woman and reached for their books as the bell rang. Moments later the door burst open again, and a panting Danny Fenton stumbled into the room.

"Late again, Fenton." Ms Testlaff said dryly, glaring at the boy. The rest of the class openly snickered, making the blue-eyed boy blush.

"Sorry, Ms Testlaff" Danny said, straightening up. "I overslept… forgot to set my alarm clock." Star rolled her eyes at the excuse, her vantage point giving her a clear view of the thermos the teen was hiding behind his back.

"Well then, maybe a detention will help with your little memory problem." Ms Testlaff countered sternly. "My classroom after school today, Fenton. And no excuses this time." Danny flinched before sighing obediently.

"Yes, Ms Testlaff." He said tonelessly, making his way to the back of the room to join his friends. Star frowned as the boy passed her, watching him until he'd taken his seat.

I guess no good deed goes unpunished around here… Star thought dryly, wondering why Danny let the teacher humiliate him like that. If it was her with the ghost powers, she'd make sure payback was top priority after being treated like that…

"Now then, as I was saying--" Ms Testlaff's chalk had barely touched the board when a knock on the door interrupted her yet again, and she turned to face this new visitor with a vaguely annoyed expression.

Which deepened when two men clad in identical white suits entered.

"Is Star Connors in this class?" One of the men asked curtly, not even bothering to apologize for interrupting the lecture.

"Yes?" Star replied uncertainly, looking between the two large men with a wary eye. Like many citizens of Amity Park, Star was only too aware of the comings and goings of the Guys in White, and something told her this wasn't a social call.

"We're going to need you to step outside with us, Miss." The Second agent said, gripping Star by the upper arm to haul her to her feet before forcibly leading her out the door.

"We're in the middle of class." Ms Testlaff snapped, stopping the men (Much to Star's relief.) "Can't this wait until--"

"This is a matter of public safety." The first agent said in a curt tone. "Miss Connors will be returned to you after she's finished answering our questions to our satisfaction."

Her stomach dropping, Star turned to lock eyes with Danny as the agents continued to herd her out the door. His attention was focused completely on the three of them, alarm and concern clear in his expression. She only saw a glimpse of it though, before the door was shut soundly behind the last agent to leave the room. The cheerleader then found herself being half dragged to an empty classroom (which doubled as an office for the agents whenever they took an interest in Casper High for whatever ghost-related reasons).

Star had never gone into the room before, and as the two agents pushed her roughly into the room, she could honestly say that she never wanted to set foot into it again. The entire room was unlit, the walls white and the blinds drawn to block out prying eyes. The only furniture in the room was a plastic orange chair seated across from a wooden desk, where another GiW agent waited patently, this one decorated with enough medals and badges to tell Star he outranked the two that were currently manhandling her.

"Miss Connors, I presume?" The waiting agent asked as the three entered and Star was forced into the uncomfortable plastic chair, the two agents that'd more or less kidnapped her taking up military stances on either side of her. "I believe you know why you're here…"

"Not exactly." Star responded, trying to glare at the man. It wasn't very affective though, since the blonde was shaking uncontrollably with fear.

"Very well then, I'll explain it to you." The agent said, folding his hands over the desk. "We have some… concerns over your relationship with the ghost menace known as Danny Phantom. Supposedly, he is your boyfriend?"

"That's right." Star said defiantly. "What's it to you, anyways?"

"Anything involving ghosts concerns us and Mayor Vlad greatly, Miss Connors, especially a ghost as dangerous as the one that you're seeing." The agent explained smoothing, his eyes piercing into the smaller form in front of him.

"If you're trying to get me to break up with him, then it won't work." Star said defiantly. "Vlad Masters is insane if he thinks he can tell me who I can and cannot date. He's not my father."

"We don't care about that, Miss Connors." The agent said dismissively. "What we're interested in is information about the Ghost Boy." Star's eyebrows drew together in confusion at that.

"Information?" She repeated.

"We want you to tell us everything you know about Danny Phantom." The agent clarified for the girl. "All his hiding places, all his weaknesses, Anything you can remember that will help lead to his capture." Star gaped, stunned that this man thought he could get her to tell him such things.

"And just why should I help you, huh?" Star demanded, glaring at the man.

"For the common good, Miss Connors." The agent responded. "Whatever face he puts on when you see him, Danny Phantom can never change his true nature; A disgusting, vile ghost punk who's just as violent and unpredictable as other ghosts. He needs to be locked away where he can't do any more damage Miss Connors, and you can help us make sure that he is."

"He's not like that!" Star said as she started to stand, only to be stopped when the agents on either side of her gripped her shoulders and forced her back into the seat. Gritting her teeth, Star ignored them and concentrated on the man in front of her. "He doesn't even like to fight!"

"Is that what he told you?" The man asked, completely unperturbed by Star's outburst. "If it is, I can assure you that it's nothing but a pack of lies. He's trying to deceive you Miss Connors, get on your good side for some reason or another. I can assure you that he doesn't have any honest affection for you. And I can also tell you that no matter how harmless he seems, this is a creature that could kill you quite easily, one who's hiding his true intents and using you as a means to an end. Can you honestly say that there was never a time when you saw him get angry or hateful over something? That you never say his mask slip and reveal the monster underneath?"

Star's immediate thought after that question was of that morning, when Danny got so agitated after hearing the way Mayor Vlad was trying to butt into their 'relationship.' She pushed that aside though, and glowered at the man in front of her, trying to hide those treacherous thoughts to the best of her abilities.

"Danny Phantom isn't like that." Star repeated stubbornly, unwilling to admit defeat. "He's much more human then you're giving him credit for."

"He's a ghost." The agent said bluntly. "Ghosts and humans are completely different, and a relationship such as the one you're trying to pursue is destined to fail miserably. Save yourself the heartache and let us capture Danny Phantom and put him behind bars, where he belongs." Star was about to respond to that command with a three word response that was hardly flattering when the door burst open and another GiW agent came barreling in.

"Sergeant Marshall!" The agent said loudly. "There's a ghost flying around in the parking lot, sir! He's attacking our department's vehicles!" Without any further encouragement, the three agents bolted for the door, Sergeant Marshall pausing to turn and give Star one last look.

"I trust that you'll keep our discussion in mind, Miss Connors." He told her in a tone that was borderline threatening. "If you ever change you mind about giving us a hand, our doors are always open." And, without waiting for a comment from the girl, the agent took off after his subordinates. Huffing slightly, Star stick her tongue out in the direction the man had gone, feeling that was all the response the situation warranted.

"That's mature." A voice at her side said, making the blonde shriek and jump about a foot in the air, wheeling around to see an amused Danny Fenton appear leaning against the wall behind her with his arms crossed.

"How bout a little more warning when you're gonna appear like that?" Star snapped at him. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Studying the boy, Star frowned in confusion. "Wait a second… when did you get here?"

"Somewhere between Sergeant Marshall's rant about me being a putrid ghost that needs to be locked away and your attempt to attack him for saying that." Danny responded, a slight smile playing at his lips. Star's face flamed in response.

"Hey, don't get any funny ideas!" She said hastily. "I just don't want them locking you up before the Gala. Besides, we had a deal, right?"

"Right…" Danny sighed before walking over to the window to separate two of the blinds and peer out at the ghost hunters warring with some ghost who looked like he's fallen out of some mad scientist horror flick. "Speaking of deals, I'd better make sure Technus keeps his…"

"Technus?" Star repeated curiously. "Deal?"

"He was the ghost I caught earlier, the reason I was late for class." Danny explained, sounding faintly annoyed. "After the Guys in White dragged you out of class, I had Sam and Tucker cause a diversion so that I could get out of the classroom and cut a deal with Technus. I agreed to let him out and leave him alone for the rest of the day if he distracted the Guys in White for me and didn't try and take over the world again." Danny explained lightly, apparently satisfied that the ghost was keeping up to his end of the bargain enough to turn away from the window and fully concentrate on Star again. "Then I figured I should check on you to make sure the Guys in White weren't trying to play dirty again."

"Why should it matter?" Star asked. "I mean, they must not be very good ghost hunters, if they couldn't even tell you were in the room."

"I can control my levels of ectoplasm more then a full ghost can, and avoid setting off alarms even when I'm using my powers." Danny said with a sigh, running a hand through his hair as she smiles ruefully at his shoes. "Had to teach myself that trick so that I could walk through my parent's lab without being attacked by random objects." Star shifted, unsure what to say to that.

"Anyways." She cleared her throat, attempting to change the subject. "Now that those losers are out of the way, we can concentrate on what's really important…" Star smiled evilly as she said this, and Danny eyed her warily.

"And that would be…?" He trailed off, hoping against hope that Star wasn't going where he thought she was.

"Getting back at Paulina for what she said to me this morning." Star finished as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Danny sighed dejectedly, wondering for a moment exactly what Paulina has said this time to upset the blonde before deeming it unimportant.

"Well, considering that you've already given her the proverbial slap in the face, I don't see how you can make things much worse for her." He said tonelessly, completely uninterested in Star's petty game of revenge. The girl's evil grin darkened at that.

"Oh, I think I have a way…" she said sweetly, making Danny's stomach sink to the floor.

Why don't I like the sound of that? He wondered sarcastically as he steeled himself for whatever scheme Star was going to force him into this time…

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