The Lucky One

By: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: Side story toChapter 9 ofBeautiful Soul. First attempt at a Kagura x Yuki fic Now that Kyo and Tohru's secret is out, Kagura and Yuki both have no one left to love. They both struggle to cope with Kyo and Tohru's relationship. Can they both find love in each other or will they find love elsewhere? Kagura x Yuki.

Silver: I do not know where this came from except it's a side story from chapter nine of Beautiful Soul. Yuki ran away, right? Well, who talked him into coming home? Why it was Kagura of course! Ok, I'm being an idiot right now. LOL. But it is a Yuki x Kagura fic. Well, I hope you all will enjoy it. Ja'ne!
Disclaimer: I don't own Yuki, Kagura, or Fruits Basket or the song. I only own the computer to write this on and the plot to this story. Fruits Basket belongs to its original creator and Funimation and the song, The Lucky One, belongs to Faith Hill.
" . . . " - talking

' . . . ' - thinking

italics - flashbacks, dreams or someone's conscience is speaking

Chapter One:

"Me and Tohru have been going out for a little while now." The Neko's words rang through his ears as he ran down the forest path.

Yuki panted and huffed as his heart pounded in his chest, 'So, it really is true. Honda-san is going out with Kyo. But when has the Baka Neko ever beaten me?' He thought as he finally stopped to catch his breath.

Those very words had cut deep into the Prince's heart, making the empty void in his heart deeper then it was before. Yuki shook his head, sadly getting onto his knees.

"No . . ." He whispered to himself, tears starting to form.

The moon hung high in the sky, surrounded by small glittering stars and clouds. While the purple haired teen was trying to sort out his thoughts, footsteps approached, stopping only a few feet away. Her grey eyes widened at the sight of Yuki on the ground.

"Yuki?" Came Kagura's voice as she stared at him, "What's wrong?" She knelt down beside her cousin, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Yuki's purple eyes widened and he quickly looked up, wiping the oncoming tears, "Oh, Kagura-chan."

The buta put her hand on his cheek, "Are you ok, Yun-chan?"

"It's nothing. I just got something in my eye, that's all, Kagura-chan . . ." The nezumi replied, rubbing his eye again.

Kagura's eyes softened and she sat beside him, "It's Tohru-chan and Kyo-kun, isn't it?" She asked, "You were in love with Tohru, ne?"

At hearing her words, Yuki looked at her, "How did you . . . ?"

"Know? I could tell by the way you smiled so warmly at her all the time. You never smiled warmly at anyone until Tohru-chan came along. Love changes people, Yun-chan." The dark brown haired girl answered, ruffling his silvery hair, "I loved Kyo-kun, but I think the only reason I was in love with himwas out of pity and because he was like a brother to me . . . Just like I love you . . . "

Yuki looked away, remaining silent. Kagura took his hand.

"Yuki, just because Tohru has Kyo now doesn't mean that she won't need you. She'll still need a good friend to support her and Kyo all the way. I believe they were meant to be. And it's true. We all saw it when Tohru came back with Kyo in her arms that time, when she saw Kyo-kun's true form."

Yuki shook his head, "But I still love her . . . "

Kagura put her arms around the nezumi, drawing him into a hug, "Yun-chan, it hurt me just as much as it did you."

Yuki looked at her and leaned in close, their faces almost touching. Kagura's heart fluttered as the Prince's lips brushed over hers briefly, their lips meeting in a sweet kiss. Yuki quickly looked away after the kiss.

"Gomen . . . Kagura-chan . . . " He said quietly, getting up.

The nezumi stood and he immediately ran, bolting down the forest path once more, leaving the boar by herself. Kagura's cheeks turned hot as her heart continued to flutter.

"Y-yun-chan kissed me . . . " She said to herself, her lips breaking out into a smile.

'Maybe we could find love in each other . . . ?' She asked herself, 'can we?'

'Why did I just do that?' He asked himself as he stood against the tree.

Because you're a lonely, lovesick rat or maybe . . . His heart replied.

'Maybe I'm in love with Kagura?' Yuki thought, placing a finger on his lips, where he had kissed Kagura, 'but how?'

The nezumi shook his head furiously, 'No! I love Tohru!'

She's with Kyo now. Kagura is the one you love. You've loved her all along. You only loved Tohru like a little sister . . . his inner voice said gently, you loved Kagura all along . . .

'Do I?' Yuki asked himself, walking back to Shigure's in the darkness.

So hot outside all i can wear
Is these cut off overalls
And these sandals on my feet
But i emptied my pockets for a bus ticket
So i could sit there on a broken seat
I got no place i should go
I got no worries you know
Second or seventh street
It doesn't matter to me

Japanese Words

nezumi - rat

Baka - stupid, moron, idiot

buta - boar, pig

Gomen - sorry

Yun-chan - Kagura's nickname for Yuki

-kun - used at the end of a boy's name

-chan - used at the end of a small child or a girl's name that is close with one

Neko - cat

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