The Lucky One

By: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: Side story to Chapter 9 of Beautiful Soul. First attempt at a Kagura x Yuki fic. Now that Kyo and Tohru's secret is out, Kagura and Yuki both have no one left to love. Kagura x Yuki.

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" . . . " - talking

' . . . ' - thinking

italics - flashbacks, dreams or someone's conscience is speaking

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Chapter Four

Ding dong!

A look of confusion passed onto her face as she looked up, hearing the doorbell ring. Kagura's mother, dressed in a simple dress, looked over as well.

"I wonder who that could be?" Ms. Sohma gently set a tray of food down, "Kagura-chan, why don't you get the door?"

"Hai, Okaasan." The brown haired buta gracefully stood, making her way over to the door.

Quickly unlocking the door, she opened it. Her grey eyes widened in surprise at the visitor. Standing in the door way was a silvery haired teen, with dark purple eyes, a sad and gentle look on his pale face.

"Y-yun-chan?" Kagura gasped in surprise, putting her slender hands to her lightly blushing face.

"Kagura...chan..." The nezumi whispered, breathing heavily.

Yuki fell onto his knees, gasping for breath. His fellow Jyuunishi member quickly knelt beside him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

"Yun-chan, what is it?" Kagura asked, worriedly looking at him.

A smile graced her cousin's lips and before she could say another word, she found herself in Yuki's arms. He whispered words against her skin, burying his face into her neck. The seventeen-year-old's actions confused her as her blush deepened.

"Y-yuki, I can't understand you..." Kagura replied, gently placing her free hand on his head.

"" Were the only words that came out of Yuki's mouth, loud enough for Kagura's ears only.

A gentle smile formed on Kagura's lips as tears formed in her eyes. Happy at hearing those three words from him, Kagura embraced the nezumi, holding him close.

"I love you too, Yuki..." She whispered, kissing the top of his head.

Yuki sat straight, looking down at the older Sohma before him. A true gentle smile on his graceful lips.

'I may not love you, the way I love Honda-san, but Kagura-chan...I will learn to cherish you...' He thought, his purple gaze meeting Kagura's grey ones.

As if reading his thoughts, she nodded and their lips met in a gentle kiss. This time the kiss was full of their love, for each other.

'I'll cherish you too, Yun-chan...'



Japanese Words

Buta - Boar, pig (mainly means boar)

Yun-chan - Kagura's nickname (or pet name) for Yuki.

nezumi - rat

-chan - used at the end of a young child's or a girl's name that is close with one

Owari - The End

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