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Jackie: This is another Bionicle fan fiction that I made up a few days ago… or more…

Jessie: Yeah. This is close to the one of Twisted Fate…

Lindsay: Because we might take some ideas from there and put it in this one. And the reason why we can't update TF is because we lost the chapters that we were typing up. So you will have to wait until we find them.

A strawberry blonde haired, 15 year old, blue eyed girl struck a match and lit a jasmine scented incense that was on her counter in her room, next to three bowls of oriental flavored ramen, which were still steaming hot, as she had just cooked it a few minutes ago. She turned around, smiling softly.

"Lindsay... We told you not to do that! We're gonna get high! And I don't want that to happen!" a brown with natural blonde highlights haired, hazel eyed 16 year old girl growled from behind Lindsay's favorite stuff animal, a large stuffed tiger that she won from Busch Gardens.

"Oh Jessie be quite! The smell is quite relaxing!" Jessie's twin, Jackie said from on top of Lindsay's bed, looking up from her drawing pad. The oldest one from the group of three friends was Jackie, who was older by one minute, thought she didn't really like being the oldest that much, as Lindsay didn't like being the youngest. The scent filled the air in the younger girl's room, making the friends close their eyes, breathing in the scent.

A few seconds later the three girls felt wind whistling though their hair as the plummeted towards a weird looking island. They held onto one another, scared shitless as they continued to fall rapidly towards what they thought was an active volcano. The next thing they knew after they hit the hard, rough, rocky ground was the smell. The smell of melting rocks and lava. The friends barely were able to open their eyes, let alone move since their bodies were aching slightly. Powdery ash covered their clothes, which consisted in black tank tops, white fishnets, black steel toe boots, and black pants. But they were aware of some people talking quietly around them, which made them feel uneasy.

"Who are they?" a rough male voice demanded.

"I'm not sure Toa-brother." Another male voice replied softly. The three girls shot up suddenly, wincing slightly though, shielding their eyes from the heat and sun. They knew for a fact that they people, or so they thought were talking about them. Still shielding their eyes, the friends looked up towards the people, though they looked strange.

"OH MY GOD!" Lindsay screamed and all three of them scrambled under the strange beings, backing up towards the lip of the volcano, panicking slightly.

"Don't be scared you three. We don't want to hurt you. Tahu, stand down! You're making a bad impression for all of us." A strange blue mechanical being said, glaring at the red being for a second then turned back towards them, taking a step towards the girls. Without warning, Lindsay grabbed onto both of the twins arms, yanking them behind her, making them yelp slightly, but by doing so made the earth that they were standing on crack. Screams echoed out of the lip of the volcano as well as down towards the village, as they tumbled backwards off the lip of the volcano, plunging towards a village down below. The girls blacked out just after someone or something grabbed them. When they woke up once again, they were lying on cold hard packed snow and ice.

"Where are we?" Lindsay as she sat up, holding her pounding head with one head and brushing the snow and ash off of her with the other.

"I have no damn idea….." Jessie stated as she sat up in a crouch. Jackie was already standing up, staring at something or someone coming towards them at a fast pace.

"Guys! RUN!" the older twin yelled as a strange saber tooth tiger being came rushing into view from between several large snow covered boulders. The girls freaked out once again and screamed like hell as they ran for their dear life, the tiger catching up to them with every leap and bound it made.

"It's gaining on us! Its flippin' gaining on us!" Jackie yelled, glancing over her shoulder

"No shit Sherlock!" Lindsay hollered back at her as they skidded to a stop as they reached a cliff that overlooked a small village.

"If we die somehow here, which I don't think that's possible… I want you both to know that I love you two as friends." Lindsay muttered softly. The twins nodded as they faced the oncoming threat.

"We both love you to as a friend too, Lindz. Anyways… you said that a million times before." The twins said in union. As the tiger like being was about to leap onto the threesome, who was hugging each other tightly, when it was blasted back with an ice spear. The tiger growled angrily and disappeared from view behind jagged looking snow covered rocks. Snow and ice pelted their faces, making them shiver slightly as they waited to see who saved them. A tall white being made its way towards them, holding two strange but wicked looking blades. The being seemed to be glaring down at the teenage girls, but they couldn't really see because of the blizzard.

"Why are we always heading into trouble?" Jackie muttered softly, staring up at the being.

"Could this day get any worse?" Lindsay asked softly.

"I think it already has!" Jessie whispered is fear, pointing to six other beings that appeared in back of the white being. Golden yellow, red, green, blue, black and brown, all who has different styles of swords or staffs.

"This is getting to be a really bad nightmare… When are we going to wake up?" Jackie muttered softly. The red being took a step forward, not lowering his swords as he glared down at the teenagers in front of him.

"Who are you three?" he growled angrily. The way he said it, made Lindsay snap. She took a few steps towards the beings, anger and hatred shone in her blue eyes.

"Rude much!" Lindsay snapped, blue eyes flashing dangerously. The red being growled and the ends of his swords started to glow with a red color. Fear and panic flashed in the eyes of the teenagers as they stared in shock at the glowing swords.

"Oh my God….." Jackie said, panicking slightly, as both her sister and herself pulled Lindsay back towards them. The other two were getting really nervous. The twins didn't want their friend to go into a panic attack at that time.

Jackie: Well… That's the end of the first chapter.

Jessie: Lindsay… You should have lit the African violet and not the Egyptian Jasmine…

Lindsay: Well it was my house and I wanted to see how it smelled when you lit it…. Anyways the next chapter will come soon. And hopefully we don't loose them like the other story

Spoiler: "OH MY GOD! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" Lindsay screamed as they took off down the tunnel like they were being chased down by bloodthirsty demons. A few minutes later they found themselves at a dead end, scared shitless once again, and turned around with their backs to the hard rough wall, adrenaline rushing through their veins.