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"Why do you pathetic Toa need to know about who I am anyways?" The mysterious shapeshifter know as Krahka later, hissed as she walked towards the Toa, narrowing her eyes. She didn't bother to answer Tahu's question that he demanded earlier. On the inside, Krahka was getting a little agitated as to why she had to come and her partner had to stay behind. As she pushed through the line of Toa Nuva, she reminded herself one again, for the 100th time that day, that she would have to stay on the island for a few days before returning to Metru Nui. About a half an hour later, footsteps behind her suggested that she was being followed by a certain three humans that she ran into down in the tunnels under the cliff. Twisting around, she narrowed her eyes as she did so, glaring down at the three girls.

"Why are you three following me? Don't you have something other to do besides trailing behind me like a bunch of rahi tracking dogs?" Krahka growled, eyes flashing in annoyance.

"Ummm… The thing is... We just wanted to thank you for saving our asses back in the tunnel, that's all." The girls said in union, which didn't happen very often. The rahi stared at them for a moment then shook her head slightly, sighing.

"You don't have to thank me. I was just getting even with Nihdiki, the spider rahi that you might have ran into down there." she said, looking down at the girls.

"You know… you seem like a awesome rahi, a awesome shapeshifter at that." Lindsay said, smiling. The shapeshifter let out a little smile at the compliment.

"You have a lot of forms… don't you?" The twins asked. The shapeshifter nodded slightly then changed into an ash bear and tossed her head, indicating for them to climb on. The girls looked at each other, eyes lighting up with excitement as she jumped up onto the rahi's back. Krahka grunted then lumbered off into the underbrush with the seven Toa watching her, though Lewa was rather impressed. A few minutes later, a green energy blast slammed into the shapeshifter. Caught off guard, she tumbled to the ground, throwing the three girls off in the process. The girls yelped as they all slammed into a tree a few feet away from Krahka. Nihdiki appeared from the underbrush, laughing.

"You're gonna pay for that you creep!" Lindsay barked as all three of them stood up, calling on their elemental powers. Lindsay, with her eyes shifting to a crimson red color, fired a small stream of fire from her finger tips towards Nihdiki to counter the beams of energy that were coming towards her friends.

"You need any help?" Jackie asked, eyes shifting to a light green color as she summoned a gale of strong wing that knocked the Dark hunter back a few feet, intruding his barrage of attacks for a few seconds at the least, buying Jessie some time. Jessie knelt down by Krahka, who was shifting into a Kikanalo. Green energy crackled around her as she struggled to stand up. Jessie placed a hand on Krahkas' shoulder as the other two girls battled it out with the Dark Hunter. A wave of white energy shot across Krahka's form, eliminating the green energy completely. As soon as she could stand up, she released a loud roar that sent Nihdiki flying off back into the forest. Krahka grunted then looked down at the three girls, their eyes still glowing. She tossed her head and walked off, letting them walk beside her for the time being all the way to Kini Nui, where the girls would be attending a Turaga meeting about why they were on Mata Nui.

"Ummm… Krahka… why are you here anyways?" Jessie asked softly. Krahka stopped for a moment, knowing she couldn't reply in her current form, shifted into a perfect replica of Lhikan, Toa of Fire. The girls had a shocked look on their faces as they gazed at her, mouths hanging open.

"Metru Nui needs your help. For some reason, my partner, Lhikan won't tell me what is it… but I bet it has to do with that thing in the great coliseum. I was just told to carry this message." Krahka said quickly in Lhikans voice, glancing around her as she did so. The three girls nodded slightly.

"And… Ummm… HOW and where are shall we find this Metru Nui?" Lindsay demanded.

"You will find that out when the time is right. Don't worry… If Lhikan believes in you three, then I accept the fact that he is making the right decision. He has strong faith in you all." Krahka replied as they continued through the forest towards Kini Nui. They passed several Le-Matoran along the way, as well as an ash bear that roared at the three girls. The shapeshifter kept a careful eye on the three girls all the while watching out for the Rahkshi and Nihdiki. 'I hope Lhikan is handling everything alright with Dume and the Rahaga.' the rahi thought, then sun glinting off her armor.

"Did you mean to attack the Toa back there?" Lindsay asked, glancing up at the rahi as she stepped over a tree root that was in her way.

"I don't really attack anyone unless they provoke me to or they trespass on my territory." Krahka said in Lhikan's voice, turning her head slightly to look at Lindsay.

"Hey Jackie, you've been pretty quite lately. What's on your mind sis?" Jessie asked, looking over at her sister, who was deep into thought. She looked up and sighed.

"Oh… nothing much, other then our parents are probably freaking out over where we are right now." Jackie replied, shrugging.

"Well if I'm not correct, they will put up several lost children signs up or do something like that." Lindsay stated. Krahka tilted her head, confusion settling on her mask as she looked down at the girls.

"You have parents?" Krahka asked slowly. The three girls nodded quickly.

"Yeah… we're humans… we have flesh and bones instead of biomechanical armor like you." Lindsay explained.

"Which means that we can kill ourselves as easy as stepping into a puddle of lava?" Jessie said. Jackie silently nodded, smiling a bit.

"So… we can die really easily. So don't go throwing boulders at us." She muttered softly. A half an hour later of silence later Krahka though she saw movement up ahead. But it only turned out to be the Toa of Light, Hahli and Jaller. The rahi gave out a growl of frustration as the Toa caught sight of her. She quickly ducked around a tree, shifting forms to a ash bear then leapt around the three, racing towards the Matoran and Toa. The two Matoran gave out a yell and hid behind a tree while Takanuva, who turned swiftly to face the oncoming threat, got tackled to the ground by the rahi. The three girls took one look at Takanuva then busted out laughing. Takanuva grunted, trying to get his staff, which was a little more then a foot away from where he was.

"Takanuva!" Jaller yelled. Hahli grabbed Jallers' arm before he could go and help Takanuva. The rahi roared and snapped at the Toas' mask, who narrowed her eyes. He finally was able to reach his staff and blinded Krahka while blasting her into a tree. The rahi grunted, then got to her feet, and began to charge at the Toa, bellowing angrily. Takanuva sprang to his feet, narrowing his yellow eyes at the Rahi. The ash bear seemed to be smirking as she swiped at him, though he dodged out of the way. Krahka narrowed her eyes as Takanuva jumped back, dodging another swipe form her, then sent a blast of light at her. She quickly shifted forms to the form of Takanuva to block the attack with her light staff. When the light faded, he came face to face with another image of him.

"Huh?" Takanuva said, confused. Krahka laughed and gave a hard glare at him.

"The seventh Toa? Heh… not bad. But you're still a bit rusty." Krahka said, smiling a bit.

"Who are you?" Takanuva asked, still weary of the shapeshifter as Hahli and Jaller peaked out from around the tree they were behind.

"Krahka the Shapeshifter Rahi. I suppose that the Turaga didn't tell you about their encounter with me." Krahka said, shifting into Toa Nokama as she spoke.

"They might have mentioned that." Takanuva said, looking at the rahi. The girls, who were now leaning against a think tree after their laughing fit, smiled and waved at the Matoran. The rahi turned away from Takanuva, shifting into the form of a fader bull and let the girls climb on. She took off in a flash towards Kini Nui with a still confused Toa looking after them. Hahli and Jaller exchanged glances then chuckled.

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Spoiler #1: Krahka narrowed her eyes and shifted forms once ahain, this time to Takanuva. Takanuva, who just so happened to walk into view at that time caught site of Krahka and sighed in annoyance.

"Why does the rahi have to be in MY form? It's just as annoying as it was having to listen Turaga Vakamas lectures when I was a Matoran." Takanuva complained.

"Back off Toa!" Krahka hissed and shifted into a random Toa Nuva, which turned out to be Gali Nuva.

Spoiler #2: "You shall see soon enough young ones." Nuju said, glancing back at them. Matoro and the girls looked at him in shocked.

"Did you think I always talked in flying rahi language?" Nuju asked, smiling,