His name was Shani

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In a dark room, the only source of light was the computer in the corner. It seemed to work on it's own as it brought up and searched records continuously. Footsteps would have been heard had there been anyone else in the room. A tall man in a fine business suit, although it would go unnoticed in the dark, paused in the middle of the room, his black sunglasses reflecting the image on the computer screen. It had paused on an article. There, on the screen was Lacus Clyne. She was receiving an award for her newest album.

A phone rang and the man pulled out his cell phone. After a short wait he spoke.

"Yes. I think it's time we started the party." he said calmly. His eyes gazing over the article and lingering over the brunette beside Lacus in the picture.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Kira unraveled a blanket and lay it on the bed. He smiled at his handy work, a nicely made bed, and turned to look at the many unopened boxes. He sighed and went to get another box of Lacus' things.

Lacus recently moved and Kira had moved with her. He brought all his money and possessions this time. Lacus said she was only moving so that Kira didn't feel out of place in a home where everyone else knew exactly where everything was. Kira thought that would've been easier, but Lacus insisted.

So now, while Lacus spoke with some important men in suits, Kira was unloading her stuff. He knew she was going to fret later, but he had decided to help her with her stuff anyway. While her many servants brought in bigger stuff, Kira did little things.

Lacus had a map posted on the wall at the beginning of every hall so everyone knew where things went too. She thought of everything.. Seriously.. Kira moved into his own room and looked around. His bed sat in a corner and he had a desk with paper and his many items were around the room. His computer was set up and ready for use and Kira smiled. Just the way he liked it. Small, almost cramped, yet homely.

He even had that silly safe brought in with him.

"Kira!" Lacus's voice called, almost worried. Kira hurried back to her room.


"You didn't unpack my stuff did you?" she asked.

"Uh.. Ya. Ya I did." he smiled.

"But Kira! I told you I'd do it alone.. I mean... Didn't you have your own things to do? I really didn't want to burden you.." she was about to really ramble when Kira kissed her. He backed away blushing, and turned away.

"Well.. I-I had the time. My room's done and all so it was no problem. Stop thinking about it so much." he turned back with a flawless smile and then left the room. "Your father said to see him when you were done with everything!" he called.

Lacus sighed. Kira was too nice sometimes..

– – –

"This reporter, for one, believes that the privacy of famous people needs to be highly monitored. There just aren't enough precautions to prevent such a scene from happening again."

"And cut!"

A brunette sighed, wiping sweat from her forehead. She smiled when a familiar voice called and someone ran over. Despite her swearing that she'd never become a reporter, it had inevitably happened.

"Great job, Mir." he smiled.

"Stop praising me, Dearka. It sucked!" Miriallia laughed at his hopeless expression.

"Oh come on! Don't tease me like that! I'll never know how to compliment you if you keep doing that.." Dearka sighed. No matter how many times he tried, she always found some way to shoot down his compliments.

"But really, poor Kira." Mir frowned. "Those nasty paparazzi chased him out of his home! He had to sneak out the back window!" She exclaimed.

"'Poor Kira'? Get real, Mir. The guy got to move into a mansion with his superstar girlfriend.." Dearka noted and Mir glared at him. Apparently she didn't see the greatness in his ideas. "I.. I give up!" Dearka threw his hands up and began to walk away. Mir smiled and ran after him, locking their hands together and intertwining their fingers.

She laughed and Dearka had no idea what he'd done to cause this happy reaction.

– –

Cagalli sighed in her nervousness. A woman named Rei was applying make up to her face. Rei was an older woman and Cagalli's new make up artist for when she played in movies. Cagalli wasn't actually a movie star yet, but she had her very first audition today for a roll opposite Athrun. Rei wanted her to look good.

The door to the dressing room was opened and in stepped Athrun Zala. He smiled, with something behind his back, and walked over.

"Good afternoon, beautiful." he looked at her in the mirror where he could see the work of the makeup. "My you're looking pretty today. And every guy knows a pretty lady deserves pretty flowers." he pulled out a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back. Cagalli might have gasped and giggled if she were that type of girl. She might have even moved to kiss Athrun a thank you, but Rei wouldn't let her. So she had to deal with locking eyes with a mirror image of him and smiling.

"Thanks, Athrun." she looked pleadingly at Rei, who sighed and resigned herself to searching through her bag for something else so Cagalli could talk to Athrun.

As soon as she stood up and faced him, Athrun kissed her. She smiled.

"Well you're being unusually gentleman like today. What do you want?" she asked, scoldingly.

"Nothing!" Athrun gasped in mock hurt. "I can't bring you flowers just because I want to?" he asked.

"No. So spill." Cagalli decided her makeup was finished. It wasn't like she needed mascara or anything for an audition anyway. Athrun held out his arm and she locked arms with him, flipping him around. "Just walk." she laughed. Athrun shrugged and he escorted her out the door and toward her audition.

"So I was wondering.." Athrun began.

"Oh, here it comes." Cagalli smirked knowingly.

"Well, your mother wants to invite us to a party." Athrun sighed and Cagalli got tense. Just because she said she'd forgiven their mother, did not mean she was completely over what she'd done when Kira was little.

Athrun knew this wouldn't be easy. He'd been thinking of a way to slide it into conversation for a week now but he was running out of time. The party would be in three days.

"Come on, Cagalli. Both of your parents will be there. Kira's bringing Lacus and I hear her new manager is coming too. Apparently he forced his way in. Some man named 'Mwu La Flaga'. It's supposed to be a lot of fun." Athrun tried.

He didn't even know why he wanted to go so bad. Maybe it was because he hadn't seen Kira and Lacus in months. Except on the news for several weeks after the concert and then that news story about Kira being run out of his home.

"Fine. But only because I want to see Kira and Lacus again." Cagalli huffed. Athrun smiled.

"Now that that's over. Smile. They love smiles." And there, Athrun had to stop because he could no longer follow her into the audition.

When she was gone, Athrun flipped open his cell phone and dialed Kira.

"Hey, Kira. You know what? You're good. You were right.. Mention you coming and she just agreed without question." Athrun laughed and walked off to rehearse his lines.

– – – –

Kira got out of the car and then turned to help Lacus out, even if she swore she didn't need it. Kira was dressed in a suit, much to his dismay, and Lacus was in a soft lavender party dress, which she seemed to love and looked gorgeous in.

Kira smiled as Lacus held his hand. It was almost as if she were nervous! Of course, Lacus had never met Kira's parents. Maybe even she got nervous for things like that.

'Of course she does, you idiot. She might be famous, but she's still human!' Kira yelled at himself.

"Are you okay, Kira?" Lacus asked.

"Yea. Completely. It's just... been a while." Kira said, half truthfully. Actually, Kira was nervous too. He hadn't seen his father at all since he'd regained his memories. How much had he changed? Would he recognize him or would his mother have to introduce them?

"It's okay." Lacus whispered. Although she was just as nervous as he was, or more, she still had the strange power to hold her head up and move forward. It was invigorating.

It was amazing, actually, that they had been able to arrive without the press knowing. A night and a party, without their faces in the paper tomorrow morning. Kira smiled as they entered the building and he instantly spotted his mother welcoming guests.

"Mother." Kira brought Lacus up.

"It's a pleasure to meet you again, Mrs. Yamato." Lacus smiled.

"Oh! Long time no see! I'm terribly sorry for how I acted that day." Via apologized. "Kira, your father promised he'd come but I haven't seen him. Just.. keep an eye out, okay?" she smiled as she went to greet someone else.

"Well, I have to say she makes better second impression." Lacus smiled but Kira knew she was just trying to make him feel better.

The 'building' for the party was Via's summer home. Large and beautiful, it was, in basic term, a mansion. A grand glass chandelier hung on the high ceiling of the main room and a red carpet ran the main pathway of both of the two floors and even up the stairs, a classy effect. The floor was tile, the stairs were marble, the railing made of wood.

Kira had only been here once before, when he was very small and his mother had started dating her new husband. He'd been told not to touch anything. Even though it had been so long, Kira could point out the differences. He could even tell you that the painting on the right side of the stairway used to be on the left and, as such, faced a different direction.

"Excuse me. Would you happen to be Miss Lacus Clyne?" a man with blonde hair came up and smiled lightly.

"Oh! Yes. I'm sorry. Do I know you?" she asked.

"I'm sure not. My name is Rau. Rau Le Creuset. It's a pleasure to meet you." He tipped his head and his glass towards her.

"Oh. You too." Lacus curtsied and Kira looked at the man with interest. He looked familiar.

"I'd like you to meet my adopted son as well. I'm pretty sure he'll be working for you soon." Rau said with all gentleman charm. As if on cue, an green haired teen walked up beside them. He held Lacus's hand gently and kiss it.

"Pleasure to meet you. My name is Shani Andras." he greeted cooly.

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