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The Seven Way I Cry

by The Steppy One

Chapter 1 – On the shoulder of a friend

It was on that day I realised my life would take a different course to the one I had been planning for six years. That day I really cried for the first time. It wasn't dramatic; it wasn't over-the-top, it was just crying like I had any other time. But it was what was going on inside my mind and my heart that made it different.

The emotion that was held in those tears was so strong that it scared me. There I was, sat on a simple chair out in the Hogwarts grounds having just watched the funeral of the wizard we held so much respect for. We didn't know anyone who could have the same impact on us as he did. My best friends' world, and mine, had been turned on its head.

Dumbledore was just one of those people who you instantly respected. Just his presence in a room was enough to quieten those who were in it, but he held a warmth that filled everyone, and he had a spark that showed he was as powerful as he was fair.

I spent the last ten minutes of the funeral being held by Ron, his strong, comforting arms holding me as I cried into his shoulder, soaking his school robes through to his skin, but he didn't care. He knew I needed someone to hold me and to silently let me know I wasn't alone in being scared for Harry, and the quest he now had to face, without the help and support of the person who had become more of a father figure to him than anyone had before.

When Ron had finally let me go I sat up and looked at him and felt something twinge inside me that I had never felt before. It was as I looked at his profile, his jaw set so he couldn't open his mouth to let any stray sobs escape, his eyes red from crying and his cheeks glistening from the tears he had yet to wipe from his face, that I knew it was time I should swallow my pride and fear of rejection, and tell him I was starting to feel more for him than I had felt before.

The past hour had shown me life could be unbelievably cruel, and didn't wait for people to say what they should. With this in mind I pulled Ron's arm back as we walked back up to the school. Harry and Ginny were walking solemnly away from us as I turned to him.

'What is it Hermione?' he asked me softly.

I could see the concern filling his eyes as he looked at me. I tried to pull off a smile to show him there was nothing to worry about. I thought I saw him relax slightly.

'I just need to tell you something…'

'What is it? There's nothing wrong is there. I mean…apart from…' he waved his hand, gesturing at everyone and everything around us.

'No there's nothing else wrong, apart from…' I copied his hand movement and he raised half a smile. 'I just want you to do something for me when I come to the Burrow for the wedding.'

'Er, okay. What do you want me to do?'

'I just want you to remind me to tell you something. Not as soon as I arrive, let me step through the door before you do…but still…I need to tell you something, and this way…I know you'll make me tell you. Is that okay?' I looked at the floor, unable to meet his eye. Just thinking about what I wanted to tell him made me blush.

'Yeah…that's fine, I'll remember to ask you. But…but why can't you tell me now?'

'It's not an appropriate time, you'll understand why when I tell you. Just please don't forget,' I replied with a small smile.

He smiled, 'I won't, I promise.'

I think what I did next took him slightly by surprise. I took the half pace between us and pulled him into a hug. It was a second before I felt his arms wrap around me but when he did I smiled into his shoulder. I pulled back quite quickly so to not embarrass him more than was absolutely necessary.

We started following the crowd moving towards the school and the tears started falling from my eyes as they had done so earlier. I could feel Ron's gaze on me as he walked next to me. He shortened his stride so it was the same as mine and with his left arm he pulled me next to him and supported me as we continued walking. I put my arm around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder once again.

We grew up so much that day. It was in those few hours that we realised we were on our own in the big bad world. About to step outside our bubble of school life, and without the protection we had become dependent on since we first stepped through the huge wooden doors.

It was a day that changed everything, and it was a day that was to start our toughest journey, but I believed that what would happen was meant to be and there was no point in trying to stop it or fight it.

That was the first way I cried – On the shoulder of a friend.

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