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Chapter 1 Stomachaches

22 year old Roxanne Tipton suddenly woke up. She looked at the digital clock on the bedstand. 7:30 am. Roxanne yawned and turned over. Next to her, sleeping was her 7 year long boyfriend Cody Martin. She quietly got out of bed careful not to distrub Cody, put on a robe and downstairs. As she went into the kitchen Roxanne could see that she was the first person up. Roxanne poured herself some cofee and sat down. A short time later Scarlet came down.

"Mornin'"Scarlet said.

"Morning"Roxanne said. "The boys still asleep"?

"Yep well its a good thing that its a Saturday..they don't go to work until 9"Scarlet said.

"Yea"Roxanne said glumly. Scarlet stared at her closely and then asked"Stomaches again"?

"No I'm just tired but I threw up last night"Roxanne said.

"You should really see a doctor Rox"Scarlet said.

"I made an appointment with the doctor for 3 today"Roxanne said.

"Does Cody know about the stomaches and vomiting"?Scarlet asked.

"No..I don't wanna worry him"Roxanne said.

"Well this has been happening for a few weeks now and you still haven't told him"Scarlet said. Roxanne nodded slowly. Scarlet sighed heavily and said"Whatever". For the rest of the time was silent.

"So when's MAddie and Trevor's wedding again"?Roxanne asked.

"Next Monday"Scarlet said.

Cool"Roxanne said just as ZAck and Cody entered the room.

"Morning"!Cody said cheerfully while kissing Roxanne on the cheeck.

"Mornin'"!Scarlet said. Awhile later Zack and Cody went off to work which be as Cody as a bank teller and Zack also a bank teller. Roxanne was a sixth grade teacher and Scarlet was a second grade teacher.

"So we have the whole day off...what do you wanna do"?Scarlet said.

"I don't know"Roxanne said.

"Hey let's go shopping for dresses for the wedding"!Scarlet said happily.

"Okay"!Roxanne said. Later at the mall at the dress shop.

"Wow...who knew there so many dresses to choose from"!Scarlet said. Roxanne sighed. Later Roxanne and Scarlet went to the doctor's for Roxanne's checkup.

"Well the results should be in within a week...we'll give you said.

"Thanks"Roxanne said.

"Just get plenty of said. Roxanne nodded and walked home. When Roxanne and Scarlet got home, Roxanne laid down on the sofa and took a nap. Scarlet was in the kitchen when the phone rang.

"Hello"Scarlet answered.

"Hey Scarlet!It's Maddie"a voice said on the other line.

"Oh hey!What's up"?Scarlet said.

"Nothing much..so what did you do today"?Maddie answered.

"Well me and Roxy went to the mall to look for something to wear for your wedding..I went with Roxanne to the doctors and that's it"Scarlet said.

"Why did she go to the doctors?Maddie asked.

"She's been having stomaches and she's been vomiting"Scarlet said.

"Then maybe she shouldn't come to the wedding"Maddie said.

"No..she really wants to go to the wedding..you know how stubborn Roxanne is"Scarlet said.

"Yeah..well I gotta go"MAddie said.

"Kay..bye"Scarlet said

"Bye"MAddie said and hung up. As Scarlet put the phone down she heard Cody and Zack enter through the door. Scarlet walked over to the hallway and saw Zack and Cody taken their jackets off.

"Hey"Zack said. Scarlet waved.

"Where's Roxanne"?Cody asked.

"Umm she's on the couch sleeping, she had a long day"Scarlet said looking away from Cody.

"Really?She's been really tired and stressed lately"Cody said suspiously.

"Okay I'll tell you!She's been having stomaches lately and she's been throwing up lately"!Scarlet blurted out.

"Really"!Cody said. Scarlet nodded.

"Did she go see a doctor"?Zack asked.

"Yeah but the doctor said the results won't be in for another two weeks"!Scarlet said. Cody walked into the living room and sat down next to Roxanne. Roxanne started to stir and opened her eyes.

"Hey"Roxanne said.

"Hey...Roxanne why didn't you tell me you were having stomaches and you were vomiting"?Cody asked. Roxanne looked over at Scarlet.

"Sorry Roxy..Had to tell him"Scarlet said. Roxanne nodded.

"I didn'y want to worry you"Roxanne said looking back at Cody.

"Didn't want to worry me...Roxanne I can help"Cody said.

"Well with you all stressed about work..me being sick would just have made you more stressed"Roxanne said.

"It's really nice of you to care about me..but next time when you're having sickness you tell me"Cody said.

"Okay"Roxanne said.

"Now what's for dinner"?Zack asked.

"I don't know what do you want"?Scarlet asked.

"Hmm...I do have a craving for chicken right now"Roxanne said.

"Well then chicken it is"Scarlet said. Roxanne got up and her and Scarlet went into the kitchen to start up dinner. While the boys watched some television. A half an hour later everyone sat down on the dining room table and ate their dinner.

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