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Chapter 18 Something Special


"What did he say"?Roxanne asked anxiously.

"They're at...

"They're at the Tipton...they want us to go over there right now"Scarlet said.

"Uh, okay"Roxanne said. They packed up Karlye and Skylar and put them in the car.

"Why do they want us at the hotel"?Roxanne asked as she got into the driver's seat.

"I don't know, but Zack sounded like it was something important"Scarlet as she she got into the passenger's side. They pulled out from the driveway and drove off.

At the Tipton

"This better be important"Roxanne muttered under her breath as she picked up Karlye.

Scarlet picked up Skylar and they walked into the hotel. Everything in the lobby seemed normal. The girls walked up to the front desk where Mr.Moseby was talking on the phone with someone.

"Mr.Moseby"Scarlet said. Mr.Moseby mouthed"just a second" to them. A couple minutes later Mr.Moseby got off the phone and asked"What is it"?

"Where's Zack and Cody"?SCarlet asked.

"In Carey's suite..I think"Mr.Moseby said while filling out some papers. Scarlet sighed. Roxanne and Scarlet went to the elevator and pressed the button to the 23rd floor. When they got to carey's suite, nobody was there.

"Where is everyone"?Scarlet asked. Just then someone from behind her grabbed her waist and picked her up. SCarlet screamed while Roxanne gasped and smiled when she saw who it was. It was ZAck. Zack chuckled as he wrapped his arms around Scarlet.

"ZAck Martin!You scared me half to death"!SCarlet said breathing hard.

"Awww I'm sorry"ZAck said and pressed his lips against hr forehead. Suddenly Cody came out of nowhere and started kissing Roxanne passionately.

"Come on how about we go out for dinner tonight...just the two of us"Zack said to Scarlet.

"Really"?!Scarlet asked. ZAck nodded.

"WEll what are you waiting for, let's go"Scarlet said. ZAck took Scarlet's hand and they walked out the door leaving Cody and Roxanne alone.

"So what do you guys want us to come here in the first place"?Roxanne asked.

"Nothing...we just wanted to surprise you girls tonight by doing something special"Cody said. Roxanne blushed and giggled.

"Where are you taking me"?Roxanne asked.

"It's a surprise..now go get dress"Cody said.

"Okay"Roxanne said and gave Cody a kiss.

"But what do I wear..I don't wanna go back home and get dressed"Roxanne said.

"Go to the mall and get something, I'll watch Karlye and Skylar"Cody said holding Karlye in one arm and Skylar in another.

"You know, I'll just get something in my closet I have here in the hotel"Roxanne said.

"You have a closet here"?Cody asked.

"Of course, it's for emergencies..me and Scarlet share it"Roxanne said in a "duh" tone. She gave Skylar Karlye and cody a kiss and walked out the door.

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