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I decided to do this in multiple short chapters instead of one long chapter like my others so far. Please don't complain about the length. I'm doing my best!

Well, This Is Awkward

Chapter 1

Oops, Did We Say That Out Loud?

Sam capped the thermos with a resounding click, cutting off the faint blue smoke issuing from it. She carefully tucked it away in her backpack before walking over to where Danny lay in a pile of rubble that had been a billboard just a few minutes ago.

Danny took Sam's proffered hand and stood, holding his head while he cracked his neck and carefully flexed his bruised shoulder. "That ecto-missile launcher was a new invention of Skulker's," he grumbled, glaring at the end of the thermos sticking out of Sam's backpack. "Why didn't you call Tucker like I asked you to? He could've disabled Skulker before he did that." He gestured to the wrecked billboard, among the rest of the rubble from the fight.

Sam raised her eyebrows. "For your information, I did call Tucker. He didn't answer. And I think I handled Skulker just fine by myself, but do I even get a 'thank you'?"

"Look, Sam, I didn't mean it that way. But Tucker is better at fighting Skulker than you are," Danny reasoned. "He's too strong for you to handle without Tucker's PDA."

Sam put a hand on her hip, angry at being treated like she had been no help, when in reality, Danny would have been toast if she had not trapped Skulker in the thermos when she had. "Yeah, and you were handling him just fine by yourself. I'm sure the helpless thing was just an act."

"Hey, I was trying to save that kid! It's not my fault Skulker shot me in the back!" Danny defended, beginning to become angry himself. He knew Sam had helped him, but she didn't have to shove it in his face! "If you think you're so great, maybe you should try the superhero thing for once! See how you like being hunted by just about every ghost in the Ghost Zone, not to mention one of your human friends and your own parents!"

"Oh, like being your little sidekick is so much better!" Sam nearly shouted. "We've saved your butt more times than we can count, always end up taking the blame for the damage you cause, endanger our own lives, and never get a single thanks from you!"

"You have no idea what it's like to be me! I have to deal with school, a secret identity, ghost-hunting parents, a friend who hates half-of-me's guts, countless ghosts that are out for my head, and now you!" And she thought she had it hard? Hah!

"At least you have ghost powers to defend yourself with!" Sam shot back. "Tucker and I have to depend on you to keep us safe, but you're always too busy looking after your own hide to remember your best friends!"

"Oh yeah?"


"Well, I wish you knew what it's like to be me!"

"So do I!"

As soon as the words had passed their lips, they both slapped a hand over their mouths, eyes going wide. They had heard that Desiree had escaped Walker's prison again, but they had not yet been able to catch her. Danny's and Sam's eyes darted around nervously, but there was no sign of the wish-granting ghost. They chuckled nervously and smiled sheepishly at each other.

"Sorry about that fight," Danny said softly. "It was stupid, and all my fault."

"No, it was my fault too," Sam insisted. "And it was pretty stupid. Can we forget it ever happened?" Danny nodded eagerly, but stopped short, wincing at the pain in his head. Sam brushed a finger lightly over the gash on Danny's temple. "Looks like he clipped you back there. Come on, I have a first aid kit at my house."

Danny smiled at her as they began walking. "Sam?"



She just smiled back. Neither heard a woman's deep laughter, or saw the swirling green smoke over their beds late that night, as they lay deep in peaceful sleep.


Danny slowly stirred awake, keeping his eyes closed in the hope that he could get a few minutes more sleep before Jazz came in shouting at him that he would be late for school. He snuggled down in the covers, feeling extremely comfortable. He could not remember his bed ever feeling so soft and cozy.

"Honey? Are you up yet? You're going to miss the bus!" someone shouted up to him. He thought it was his mother, but she sounded rather…different.

Danny groaned in annoyance and rolled off the bed, landing on all fours and pulling himself up from there. He shuffled from his room to the bathroom across the hall (though he did not remember the distance being quite so long before), eyes still half shut in sleep.

Until he looked in the mirror above the sink and was greeted by Sam's tired face. He blinked at it a moment. Then he screamed.


Sam squeezed her eyes shut tighter as the alarm clock buzzed annoyingly. She could have sworn she had smashed it last night. Oh well. Maybe if she ignored it for long enough, it would turn off on its own.

"Are you up yet? You're going to miss the bus and I'm not driving you if you make me late!" a feminine voice called up to her. That was odd. It was not her mom. Actually, it sounded more like Jazz Fenton…but what was Jazz doing in her house?

Sam groaned in annoyance, rolling over in bed, only to fall right out of it with a startled yelp. She looked up, taking in her surroundings for the first time. This wasn't her room! This was…Danny's room! She jumped up and ran to a mirror, only to be greeted by Danny's startled face staring back at her. She could not help it. She screamed.


Mrs. Manson poked her head into the bathroom, only startling Danny further. What was Sam's mom doing in his house? "Are you alright, dear?" Danny took a step back and nearly tripped over the bath mat. He looked around with wide eyes. This wasn't his house at all! It was…Sam's! But why was he in Sam's house?

Eyes wide, he slowly looked down at himself, nearly screaming again at what he saw. He had—! He had—! Curves! In all the very wrong, very feminine places.

"Sam? Are you alright?" Mrs. Manson asked again, looking worried.

Danny brought a hand to his face, glancing back at the mirror. It showed a very startled Sam holding a hand to her face. "Umm…yes! Fine. Just fine. I have to…get ready for school now. Yes, school. See you later." He ran back into his room—no, Sam's room, he noticed now—and slammed the door. He froze. Oh no! School! He had to call Sam, quick. And if he was here, then there was only one place she could be.


Jazz rushed into the room at Sam's cry, finding her brother staring at himself wide-eyed in the mirror. "Danny, are you alright?"

She jumped at the voice. "Danny!" she squeaked. She looked down at herself, just then noticing she wasn't wearing a shirt. She cried out again and threw her arms over her chest. But…it wasn't hers. It was Danny's! (Not that she knew from past knowledge. But really, who else's could it be?) Her mind was already piecing together what must have happened.

Sam looked at Jazz with wide eyes, not lowering her arms. "Yes, fine! Just fine! I have to get ready for school now! See ya!" She slammed the door, forcing Jazz out, and sprang towards the phone. It rang right before she could reach it. She picked it up and started to tell whomever it was to call back later, when her own voice interrupted her.



"Oh, thank goodness! Please tell me I'm just dreaming."

"Not unless I'm dreaming too. I guess you're in my body?"

"Yes! What's going on here?"

"I'll give you one guess."


"I'm sure she had something to do with it."

"When I get my hands on her—! I mean, this is just weird."

"Really. Why don't you sleep in a shirt?"

She could practically feel Danny's blush. "So what are we supposed to do?" he asked, ignoring the question.

"The only thing we can do," she answered. "We go to school."

"WHAT!" Danny, in her voice, shrieked. "I can't go to school like this!"

"Hey, you think I like it any more?" she snapped. "Just calm down. We'll figure something out later."

There was a pause. "Tucker will never let us live this down." She could tell he was trying not to grin, despite the situation.

She slapped her—Danny's—forehead in exasperation, though she knew it was true. "I'm hanging up now."


"What now?"

"What am I supposed to wear?"

End of chapter. Sorry it's so short. (nearly falls over laughing) My, I'm embarrassing myself just writing this. But, like I said, it's real life. What would really happen. Right? And it only gets worse. Er, better. Don't forget to review!