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Well, This Is Awkward

Chapter 4

They Never Learn

The next day in school, Tucker noticed an immediate change in his two best friends. They seemed less concerned with getting themselves back to normal, and more concerned with sending each other secretive glances and laughing.

This continued until after gym, when Danny remarked, "Hey, Goths really don't sweat!"

Sam smirked and replied, "Welcome to the wonderful world of being fit. Your pudgy body on the other hand…" She poked her stomach for effect.

Tucker expected Danny to at least pretend to be offended, but the two friends only set off laughing again. "Okay already! What's going on here?"

The two cast another aggravatingly secretive glance at each other and grinned broadly at him. "Nothing," Danny replied, throwing an arm around Sam's shoulders.

"Wait a minute…" Tucker grinned evilly. This was his chance to get back at them for being so annoying all day. "Did Danny finally propose to you, Sam?"

To his surprise, again, Sam just laughed it off. "Don't be ridiculous, Tucker."

"Yeah, you should know that we're never going to marry anyone," Danny stated, throwing his other arm around Tucker.

The techno geek groaned in exasperation. "Seriously, guys, what's going on with you two?"

Danny and Sam just looked at each other and smiled again. "We finally just realized we're happy to be alive," Danny told him.

"No matter what state we're in," Sam added.

Tucker rolled his eyes. "Speaking of being alive, there certainly haven't been many ghost attacks lately."

"You know, he's right," Danny realized. "We usually have at least one every couple of—"

That moment, Sam's ghost sense suddenly went off.


The two glared at Tucker.

"What! I didn't do anything!"

Sam turned to Danny. "I'm having a sacrificing ritual tonight at my house."

"I'll bring the cauldron."

"Seven o'clock good?"

"I'll be there."

"Oh, come on, guys!" Tucker whined. "I didn't do it!"

"I say we go back to calling him Bad Luck Tuck," Sam continued, ignoring him.

"I agree," Danny nodded. "But maybe the ghost is just passing by. Maybe we can hide from it."

At that moment there was a loud explosion, followed by students screaming and running for cover.

"…or not."

Sam ran behind the bleachers and emerged a few seconds later in ghost form. "Just pray it's the Box Ghost, guys."

"With explosives?" Tucker quirked an eyebrow.

Sam shot him a glare, but they had only to wait a moment more for their ghostly intruder to show himself.

"Skulker!" all three shouted once the smoke cleared a bit and the ghost flew towards them.

"Ah, if it isn't the ghost child and his little friends," the hulking ghost smirked.

"Didn't I just put you back in the Ghost Zone like, two days ago?" Danny glared, stepping forward. "Oh well, your loss. I'm going—!"

Sam coughed loudly, which actually sounded more like "Danny!" and shook her head.

He looked down at himself then grinned nervously at Skulker. "—to take cover behind the real ghost kid, who isn't actually me." If Skulker found out about their little mishap, soon the whole Ghost Zone would know, and he would never hear the end of it.

Sam rolled her eyes at him and charged up a ghost ray, firing it at Skulker. He easily dodged, though, and laughed at the attempt. "A bit out of practice today? No matter, it will only be quicker and less painful to destroy you, whelp." A large missile launcher emerged from the shoulder of his armor, aimed directly at Sam.

Just before he could fire, though, Skulker was jerked backwards, causing the missile to go wildly off course. Tucker shouted in victory, brandishing his PDA like a weapon.

"Ah, the technological one," Skulker muttered to himself. "No matter." Before they could react, a net shot out at Tucker, throwing him back against a wall and shocking him. With a startled cry of pain, he slid down the wall and fell to the side.

"Tucker!" the remaining two friends shouted at once. They turned their angry gazes onto the attacking ghost.

"You picked the wrong friends to mess with," Sam uttered darkly.

"Prepare for a one-way ticket to the Ghost Zone!" Danny yelled. His eyes widened as Skulker's fist came flying into his face, sending him careening back into the same wall Tucker had hit just a second earlier. With a cry, Sam followed hardly a moment later.

"Tucker?" she asked.

"Out cold," Danny answered, quickly checking over their friend.

"I can't do this alone," Sam said, a bit panicked.

"And I can't do this without my ghost powers!" Danny replied.

They suddenly smirked at each other. "Partners!" The two turned again to glare at Skulker.

Sam grabbed Danny's hand and shot forward. Danny latched onto whatever part of Skulker he could, and all three flew up and through the roof. Sam gripped the opposite side of the hunter, and the two threw him down onto the ground as hard as they could. They grinned in satisfaction as he landed with a loud crash.

Danny yelped as a blind shot from below came dangerously close to hitting him, almost causing him to let go of Sam. "Okay, you can put me down now."

"But—but I can't do this alone," Sam replied.

"I won't leave you. I just think we're both better off without you having to worry about dropping me," Danny said. "Besides, yes you can take him. You've done it before."

Sam smiled nervously as she set him down. "Thanks." She copied one of the fighting stances she had seen him use many times as Skulker recovered and flew forward. She quickly worked up a ghost ray and fired before he could react.

Skulker growled in annoyance as he was thrown back again, quickly jumping up and firing his own ray at her. Danny sprang forward and crashed into Sam, knocking her out of the way.

"Why do you fight, child?" Skulker taunted. "Defeat is inevitable!"

"For you, maybe!" Sam shot back, dodging his next attack.

"I will have your head in my trophy case, whelp!" Skulker growled. "You cannot evade me!"

"Right, because you've beat me so many other times," Sam replied, sounding almost bored. She smiled to herself. She really was getting better at this whole witty banter thing. There was just something about being able to fly and shoot rays out of one's hands that boosted one's confidence. She shot forward and raised her fist to strike, but it was caught by Skulker. Whoops.

He lifted her by her arm then slammed her hard back into the ground, placing a heavy boot on her stomach to keep her down. Sam's vision swam for a second and she could have sworn she heard the pavement crack beneath her. She clearly saw the large gun aimed at her, though, and gasped.

"It's over, child!" Skulker smirked in triumph. "Prepare to say goodbye!"

"Hey!" Danny shouted, and the ghost turned in surprise to receive a face full of rock. Danny jumped up and kicked him in the chest as hard as he could, knocking him off Sam.

She quickly sprang to her feet and put her hands together to form a ghost ray. "Goodbye!" As she held him down with the ray, Danny produced the Fenton Thermos from somewhere and proceeded to suck him into it.

"Nooo! This is not the end, ghost child!" Skulker cried as he disappeared inside the thermos with a wisp of smoke.

Danny capped the lid on and smiled at Sam. She changed back into human form and smiled back. "Glad that's over. Though I would have liked it better without the pain." She rubbed her aching back.

"Sam! You did wonderful!" Danny told her, taking her hands in his.

Sam blushed but didn't remove her hands. "Thanks. You didn't do so bad yourself."

"I realized that you're a bigger help than I give you credit for," Danny said softly. "And I would have been dead a hundred times over by now without you and Tucker."

Sam's eyes widened. "Oh my gosh, Tucker!"

Danny did not let go of her hand as she turned to go back inside, forcing her to look back at him. "Tucker will be fine. I just wanted to tell you, and, well, this is probably bad timing, but I wanted to tell you that I love you. And I wish we were back in our own bodies so we could be together."

Sam felt her heart melt at the words she had waited so long to hear. "Oh, Danny, I love you too." She wrapped her arms around him and they hugged, though a moment later there was an electrical shock between them and they both fell backwards.

They sat on the ground a moment, a bit stunned from the shock, and glanced back at each other. Their mouths fell agape and their eyes widened as they stared at each other—the actual each other, not each other in their own body.

Sam looked down at herself, feeling all over as though in disbelief. "I'm me again! I'm SAM!"

Danny did the same, laughing in glee. "I'm Danny again!" He winced and held a hand to his back. "And Danny hurts."

"But…why did we change back now?" Sam suddenly realized.

There was a swirl of green smoke as Desiree suddenly materialized before them. "You!" Danny growled, springing up and changing into ghost form.

"Wait!" Desiree cried, raising her hands to stop him. "Do you not wish to know why you were switched?"

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, also standing. "It was because we wished it."

"That is not the only reason, child," Desiree said. "I did it to teach you two a lesson." Danny raised his eyebrows skeptically, but let her continue. "You, ghost child, did not appreciate your friend for what she is worth. And you, girl, could not see how much you need him. And neither of you could admit your true feelings for each other."

Danny crossed his arms in annoyance. "Since when did you become a therapist? Wish-granting career not working out so well?"

Desiree looked offended. "I merely wished to open your eyes to the truth. Is that really so wrong?"

"Yeah, whatever. Save it for someone else. It won't prevent a free trip to the Ghost Zone, courtesy of the Fenton Thermos." Danny smirked at the ghost's frightened look. "Partner, if you would?"

"Of course," Sam replied with a matching smirk. "Here you are, partner."

Danny caught the thermos, latching onto Desiree before she could escape. "Thanks for the past couple days! They've been interesting!"

"No! You were supposed to let me go!" Desiree cried as she was caught in the swirling blue vortex. "You were supposed to be thankful! Ungrateful children!"

Danny snapped the lid on, changing back to human form and offering Sam his arm. "Shall we?"

"Yes, let's." She took it and they began walking back to the gym. "Are you alright?"

"Are you kidding me?" he laughed. "I'm just glad to be out of that bra."

Sam sighed. "Ah well. Freedom was nice while it lasted."

The thermos in Danny's hands suddenly rattled and they stopped to listen to the angry voices coming from within.

"Hey! Get on your own side! Your bulky armor is taking up more than your fair share!"

"Me? Your giant mass of hair is smothering me!"

There was the sound of metal scraping something and Desiree shrieked. "Do not touch my hair! No man may touch me!"

"I am no man! I am Skulker, Ghost Zone's greatest hunter!"

"I know who you are! And I would much rather be me!"

"What is so great about being you?

"At least I have a real body! I do not need a mechanical manifestation to make me something more than I am."

"And I would much rather have an all powerful suit than some puny girl's body!"

"Who are you calling puny?? We'll just see about all powerful!"

Danny shook his head in amusement as Sam laughed. "Ghosts. They never learn."

There was a poof within the thermos, followed shortly by a shriek. "NO! Skulker does not do girl!"

The End!

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