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Summary: Guess who wants Megumi's undivided attention, but isn't getting any? Just when he thought life would ease up, he faces a fox-eared problem. Sequel to Voluntary Distractions.
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It was a sultry summer evening. A tall man with brown, shoulder-length hair and a red bandana sneaked into the doctor's clinic and closed the door quietly, with a smug grin on his lips.

'Oi, Megitsune!' He called and strolled to the office where the lady doctor stayed when she had no patients. He slid the shoji open and peered inside, but saw everything but the one he wanted to see.

With a pout, he closed it again and Sagara Sanosuke yelled: 'Kitsune! Where are you?'

There was no response, so he sat down on the tatami in the examination room. He rested his hand on his knee, striking his usual pose, and closed his eyes. He breathed in the scent of Takani Megumi, which lingered in every room of the house. He began thinking about what had happened two days ago. He had finally told the lady his feelings for her and showed them, too, in a typically Tori-atama-ish way: by bickering with her. And, of course, he kissed her once or twice… Okay, just once. And she had been the one to initiate the brief kiss. They hadn't been able to do very much, but that was because she was so busy with her patients during the visiting hours. And after the visiting hours, too. He sighed wistfully.

Suddenly, two hands covered his eyes and a voice whispered: 'Guess who I am?'

There was no question about it. He knew how that person was. Nonetheless, he pretended to ponder. 'Ano… I don't know… Give me a hint.'

Softly, lips brushed against his earlobe and he smirked. 'I still have no idea!'

'Shut up, you baka! Don't pretend to be such a fool!' huffed a female voice.

'O, now I know who you are!' Sanosuke quickly grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. A woman with silky black hair and a beautiful face looked up with a mock-exasperated gaze. Her arms encoiled themselves around his waist and she rested her head against his chest.

Sano pretended to be appalled. 'Ano! Megumi? I was expecting to see Kaoru!'

Megumi scowled, but before she could realise he had been joking around, Sano had buried his face in her hair and was breathing heavily. Shivers went down her spine and she enjoyed his warm breath on her skin.

'Are there any more patients, Kitsune?'

'Not that I know, Tori-atama.'

'Then what do you think we should do?' he met her eyes with a suggestive look.

Megumi laughed softly and tightened her grip around his waist, asking: 'I don't know. If you have any suggestions, then do surprise me.'

The man was enjoying this moment fully. He nudged her cheek with his nose and said: 'Surprise…!'

He initiated their second kiss and began to push his limits, when all of a sudden, the shoji door opened and Hikaru, the old lady that lived across the street exclaimed: 'Kami-sama! Takani-san! Sagara-san! What are you doing?'

Megumi leaped from his lap and bowed in embarrassment. 'Gomen nasai, Hikaru-san.'

Sano blinked, bewildered, and watched how Megumi bit her swollen lips and gazed at the floor in embarrassment.

'Two days have passed since Sagara-san's return and you already are acting like a married couple?' scolded the old lady. While Megumi winced, Sanosuke just rolled his eyes in exasperation.

'That door was closed, you know? And it is way past visiting hours!' He said to the old lady and stood up. 'What is your problem -'

Megumi hissed: 'Don't be so rude!'

' – De gozaru?' finished Sano lamely.

'I'll tell you, young man!' Hikaru shook her wrinkly finger at him. 'You are not allowed to show affection before marriage –'

'M-marriage?' echoed Sanosuke, shocked. 'B-but, Hikaru-dono! We have only met two days ago, after six years –'

'Sanosuke! Where are your manners?' chided Megumi, 'show some respect to elders! Don't interrupt Hikaru-san.'

'Tell him, Takani-san.' Hikaru nodded, but then shook his head. 'Iie! I was talking… Where was I? Hai! Marriage… Haven't you thought of getting married, Sagara-san?'

'H-hai, Hikaru-dono, but I haven't really –'

'Then you should get married first! A patient can storm in any moment of the day-'

Sano cursed under his breath. Just like you, busu? Jirettai, onna!

'- And can catch you having your nuptials before wedlock! Takani-san's reputation as a well-respected doctor would take a single train ticket to Yokohama, if you can't keep yourself under control!'

Sanosuke glanced at Megumi, who was staring at the floor, red-cheeked. Hikaru continued: 'And it goes same for you, Takani-san!'

'Hai, Hikaru-san.' Said the lady doctor quietly.

'Very well. I'll keep checking on you every once a while.' Hikaru turned around and left.

When the door shut, Megumi groaned. 'You baka!'


'Hai! You!' She took a deep breath. 'I have never been embarrassed so much in my whole life!'

'Is that so?' asked Sanosuke lightly and loomed over her, with a lazy grin.


'Then what about the time you tripped over that piece of soap at the Kamiya Dojo?'

Megumi's eyes narrowed. 'That was because you purposely had put it there to take revenge.'

This time, Sano's eyes narrowed. 'Aa? Well, if you weren't such a snobby little Kitsune, then there would be no need for revenge and you wouldn't have tripped!'

'So that was my fault?' hissed the woman and poked a finger in his bare chest.

'Aa!' he exclaimed.

'You baka!'

'Well you're no less either, busu!'

'Who are you calling a busu?'

'You!' yelled Sanosuke. 'And that nosy old prune!'

'Well, that nosy old prune was right!'

'Don't tell me you're siding with her, Kitsune!'

'I am! I am siding with her, Tori-atama!'


'Hai! She was absolutely right! This isn't the West, where unwedded couples can kiss at the corners of every street!'

'We weren't at a street's corner! We were inside, after visiting hours, with the damn door closed! If that's a street's corner, then I beg to differ, woman!'

'You don't have to take my words literally!'

'I will! You are saying… Are you actually saying that you don't want me to touch you?' he smirked and began to draw her in a hug.

'Hai… Iie… Yes! No, I don't know! Maybe!' she cried distractedly.

'You don't want me to embrace you… Like this?' He pulled her against himself and kissed her forehead.

'No…' she whispered, half-heartedly and melted against him.

'So you don't want me to caress you?' He asked quietly and stroked her hand.

'No… I…'

He pressed his nose against her cheek, his lips lingering not too far from hers. 'You… don't want me to kiss you?'

'I- No!' She pushed him away, flushed and he ended up on his back to the floor and his head at her feet. 'Don't seduce me, Tori-atama!'

'Excuse me? You think I'm seductive?' he asked, innocently looking up at her.

'Yes! And you're not allowed to be seductive before –'

'Before…?' He stood up and once again loomed over her.

'Before… Aargh!' She turned around and left the examination room, leaving a puzzled Sanosuke behind.

'Before what?' he whispered. Then his eyes widened and he answered his own question. 'Before marriage…'

Feeling a bit dizzy, he dropped himself back on the tatami. He had been bereaved of a kiss twice and now…

She wants to marry?


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