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Summary: Guess who wants Megumi's undivided attention, but isn't getting any? Just when he thought life would ease up, he faces a fox-eared problem. Sequel to Voluntary Distractions.
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What happened in the previous chapter:
Just when Sanosuke starts to enjoy a kiss with Megumi, Hikaru, the old lady from across the street, storms in. She rants about the reputation of Megumi as a respected doctor and the differences between the East and the West. She also says that if they want to continue the kissing, they should get married first. Megumi agrees with the lady and forbids Sanosuke to touch her. She lets him know that she wants to marry. Poor Sanosuke. He has no choice but to figure out a way to propose.

'Kuso…' muttered Sanosuke as he strolled down the street. 'Kuso…'

Things weren't going well for Sagara Sanosuke. His beloved Takani Megumi was being a hypocrite. And she wanted to marry him before she allowed him to touch her. 'KUSO!'

It's so not fair! She flirted like mad with Kenshin. Touching him, hugging him and batting her eyelashes at him. Granted, she did that to make Kaoru jealous for fun, but still! After confessing my most intimate feelings and not spending time with any women for six years, doesn't she think that I am eager for some time alone with her? But no! That busu of a Hikaru just had to interrupt us and convince Megumi to avoid all physical contact. As if we were sprawled butt-naked on the floor! I wish! He he. But honestly, we were only sharing a small kiss. And just look where I ended! I have to, somehow, propose to her. Damn. I feel like pulling a Kenshin and saying "Oro?"!

He looked around the bustling market street. A few feet away from him, there were some people working on a construction site. Sanosuke got an idea. He walked up to a random construction worker and greeted him.

'What d'you want? Can't you see I'm busy here?' grumbled the short, bald man. He eyed Sanosuke angrily and blew some smoke in the tall man's face.

'You are the boss around here?' asked Sano calmly.

'What do you think?'

'What do you want me to think?'

The man glared at him. 'What do you want?'

Smiling lopsidedly, Sano asked: 'Are you interested in hiring a man who works for three, but accepts money for two?'

'I am. But you don't look like a strong man.' snorted Baldy.

'Is that so?' asked Sanosuke nonchalantly.

'Aa! Now get lost!' replied the man and began to turn away, but he was stopped. Sanosuke grabbed him by the belt that was fastened around his massive waist. He lifted him with only his left hand in ease. The boss squirmed and yelled: 'Let go, you freak!'

Sanosuke began spinning him around. 'I am going to ask you one more time. Are you interested in hiring a man who works for three, but accepts money for two?'

'Yes! Yes! Now put me down! Onegai.'

'Good!' smiled Sanosuke good-naturedly and dropped the man on the ground.

'I have finished all the work that you have assigned me to do so, boss.' Drawled Sano and extended his hand expectantly. The grumpy man glared at him and tossed a small sack of yen towards him.

'Why thank you!' The man with the red bandana caught it and began counting his money. When he was finished, he smiled and nodded his head. 'Ah, sensei, I think you have made a mistake. You haven't given me enough money, Beshikio-san.'

'That's the money for two men,' snarled Beshikio. 'Now get lost.'

Suddenly, Sanosuke's left fist landed in the middle of the old man's desk with a loud thump. A second later, the desk broke in two. 'Don't think I'm stupid, Beshikio-san,' he said, smiling angrily. 'You'll regret it.'

Trembling, the man brought out: 'but that is the money for two men, Sagara-dono!'

Sanosuke growled and yelled. 'Before I came to you, I went to one of the men to ask what they get paid. What you have given me isn't even the half of what he got! Now give me my damn money or you'll pay with your limbs!'

He crackled his hands threateningly and raised one. The man cowered.

'All right! All right!' said the man hastily. 'Here, have your money! But don't hurt me! Please, don't hurt me!'

He threw two bags of yen towards him and continued cowering.

'You baka!' Snickered Sano. 'You can't think of anything else than protecting your own sorry ass! I despise scum like you, old man.'

He shook his head and stepped out of the room after saying: 'See you tomorrow, sensei!'

He grinned when he heard the old man whimper.

Now he had the money to propose. But the question is, did he need the money to propose? Sano didn't know the answer, but didn't really care. Money was always safe to have, just in case.

Okay… What next? Food! The proposal can come later.

Whistling, Sanosuke entered a small restaurant.

'That was delicious!' groaned Sano as he leaned back and rubbed his stomach. Unlike before, his stomach had become a wee bit smaller, because of all the travelling he had done.

The man payed the bill and left the restaurant.

Now what to do?

He let his eyes wander over the busy street.


'Kya! Keiko-chan! Leave me alone!' exclaimed a six year old boy as he came running towards Sanosuke, his brown hair flying. 'Sano-niisan! I am so happy I came across you!'

Before Sanosuke realised what happened, Touya had climbed on his back and was squirming wildly. The boy's hand had covered the man's eyes.

'Touya-chan, wh-what-?' stuttered Sano, shaking to and fro because of the boy's movement. Suddenly he felt a blow against his legs and he gasped. What was that?

His legs were squeezed painfully and he nearly lost his balance, when he heard: 'Sano-niisan! Sano-niisan! Gimme back Touya-chan!'

'Keiko-chan?' mused Sanosuke, bewildered. Touya released his face, but gripped his neck.

'K-kuso!' groaned the freeloader when he swalloed with difficulty. He glanced down and saw a mop of black hair. 'K-Keiko-chan?'

Keiko looked up, her four year old, blue eyes pooling with dismay. 'Sano-niisan! Gimme back Touya-chan NOW!' She tightened her grip, cutting off his circulation.

'Keiko-chan, please let go of my legs,' pleaded Sano.

'No!' yelled the little girl stubbornly. 'I want my Touya-chan back!'

Sanosuke snickered. 'Yóur Touya-chan?' He smirked.

'Jamero!' hissed the boy on his back irritably.

He ignored the child and choked: 'Let's make it fair, Keiko-chan. If you let go of my legs, I'll let you have him.'

Smiling, the girl nodded.

'Why!' cried Touya tragically. 'Why are you betraying me?'

Keiko let go of the man's legs and he sighed in relief. He put the struggling Touya down next to him, but stopped Keiko from lunging at him. Instead, he grabbed hold of each of their chubby little hands and said: 'Why don't we go somewhere quiet so we can talk about what's wrong? How about Megumi-neesan's clinic?'

'Okay!' chirped the girl happily and started skipping. Touya just grumbled moodily and trudged along. As they walked back, Keiko started to sing the same song as Megumi had sung before.

'So she's been following you around ever since you gave her that flower?' asked Sanosuke incredulously.

Touya nodded. 'I wish I didn't.'

'Why?' was asked to him.

''Cause all my friends tease me now!' huffed the boy. 'They say that she's my… She's my…'

'Girlfriend?' suggested Sanosuke with a smile.

'No! Well… Yeah…' Touya scratched the back of his neck.

'And you…?'

'I don't know… Keiko-chan can be nice… but sometimes she is mean!' He frowned, but smiled again, as he watched Keiko play with her dolls.

'O, I understand exactly what you mean.' Sanosuke snorted.

'With Megumi-neesan?'


'Then what did she do?'

Sanosuke grinned. 'She was being very s…. sweet.,' he was about to say seductive, but he was afraid that Touya would run away screaming, at hearing that word, 'but then suddenly she implied that she wanted to marry!'

'With whom?'

'Ano…' Sano sighed wearily. 'Me.'

'And you…?'

'I don't know… She can be lovely… but sometimes she is so conniving!' He shook his head. 'But that's what I like about her, I guess.'

'So you want to marry Megumi-neesan?' asked Touya boldly.

Sanosuke pondered. Do I really want to spend my whole life with a fox? With the sáme fox, whole my life? How would it be, waking up in the morning and seeing her face lying next to mine, all peaceful and pretty, my arms protectively around her, her hand holding mine…? And then she would open up her eyes and whisper: "Good morning, Tori-atama."

What the hell am I worrying about? Of course, I want to spend my whole bloody life with Megumi!

'Hai!' said Sano. 'But I…'

'You what?' urged the young boy.

'I don't know how to propose her!' confessed Sanosuke and groaned out load. 'Kuso…! I'm discussing my lovelife with a six year-old!'

'Oi! There's nothing wrong with me!' exclaimed Touya, deeply offended and balled his fists.

Shaking his hands, he sheepily said: 'Maa, maa! I meant that I am pathetic – not you!'

'All right, then.' Touya calmed down, but was still breathing heavily. 'why not?'


'Why don't you know how to propose her?'

It seemed a stupid question to Sano, but when he thought about it, he found himself at loss of words. 'I… I… I guess I'm afraid?'

'Of that she will say no?' snorted Touya.

'Oi!' This time, Sano got pissed off. 'There's nothing wrong with being afraid of that!'

'Not when she was the one to suggest marriage!' countered Touya, just as loudly.

He is right… The kid's right! Kuso, thought Sanosuke amazed, if she implied it, she also implied that she wants to marry. So actually, she said yes.. before even being questioned… To look it from that way… KUSOO!

He bolted up and flung the shoji door open. 'Kitsune!'

Megumi looked up from her patient, an old lady. 'What is it, Tori-atama?'

'I do.'

The lady doctor raised an elegant eyebrow. 'You do? You do what?'

He pulled her towards the study and closed the door behind them. His brown eyes were twinkling with amusement and so were hers. 'Remember that you said you wanted to marry first before er… kissing, so to speak?'

Megumi nodded and folded her arms expectantly, while she leaned against her desk, looking up to him.

'Well what you said was actually already a proposal. A proposal to me to propose to you.'


'And at first I was worrying if you'd say yes or no… But then… Someone told me that by doing that proposal you did, you said yes.'


'So there is actually nothing to worry about.' He concluded and smirked triumphantly. Their eyes locked and he slowly approached her. He pulled her in an embrace and brought his lips near hers. Just when he was about to initiate a passionate liplock, she pushed him away. He stumbled back, staring at her, appalled.

'Nani?' he asked, furiously.

Megumi laughed and fox-ears appeared on her head. 'You baka! You might think you've got it all figured out by the help of a six year-old, even though you're quite good with children-'

Sanosuke blushed.

'-But you still haven't done what you're supposed to do!'

The man whimpered. 'Megumi, why are you doing this to me? That's already the third kiss that isn't finished!'

'O, so you want to kiss before proposing me?' she asked nonchalantly and pulled him closer.

He nodded profusely. He felt like an idiot, but was too eager for a kiss to bring up his pride.

'Well, I suppose I can do that …' whispered the lady doctor delicately in his ear, sending his senses in overdrive.

'Really?' he asked dumbly.

As an answer, he felt her soft red lips pressed against his and he immediately embraced her and took the time to show her how much he wanted to be with her. His mind went spinning and in the heat of the moment, he moaned: 'Marry me?'

He felt her smirk against his mouth. Her lips left his to answer, but he quickly pressed back for another kiss. This struggle continued till they both were out of breath and broke apart.

After she had made herself presentable again, she rested her head against his chest and said: 'Yes. What took you so long?'

That question again, thought Sanosuke, Kami-sama, it reminds me of that dream… Idea!

He didn't answer, but instead he pulled her back into another kiss, making sure his not so innocent intentions were clear.

'Hold it right there, young man!' said an old voice.

Instantly, his not-so-innocent intentions disappeared upon realising of whom the voice could be.

'Hikaru-san!' gasped Megumi and escaped his tight grip.

Hikaru was standing in the door way, her wrinkly face upset. 'Sagara-san! Didn't I tell you not to provoke Takani-san into intimate positions before marriage?'

'Not really.' Replied Sanosuke dryly. 'But what's the big deal! I proposed her already!'

'That doesn't mean you're married! Don't you know the difference between engagement and marriage?'

Well, I'd love to be engaged in certain matters before marriage, does that also count, he thought, annoyed. He looked at Megumi, who was smirking at him, her fox ears still visible. She was watching how he suffered and was enjoying it, too!

'You tell him, Takani-san! You're supposed to be the responsible one! We don't want children before marriage!'

The old lady left the study and went back into the examination room, leaving the couple to blush.

'Megumi…?' he whimpered, pouting.

'What is it, Sanosuke?' she asked innocently as she steadily approached him.

'Please tell me you don't agree with that busu, koiishi!' he pleaded.

'But I do agree…' She smirked and kissed his cheek. Then her lips sunk to his neck and began trailing kisses. He groaned and once again enwrapped her in his arms.

'Nuh-uh-uh!' she said seductively. 'You are not supposed to do that! Didn't Hikaru-san tell you not to provoke me into intimate positions before marriage.'

When her lips landed on his earlobe, he managed to bring out: 'Then what the hell are yóu doing?'

She giggled. 'She didn't tell me not to do so!'

'Megumi! You're so cruel!'

'I know,' she sighed lovingly and stopped kissing to gaze in his brown eyes, 'and you love it, don't you?'

'Aa…' he confessed.

'Good!' She pulled away and added: 'Now, I have to go finish my examination on Hikaru-san. Excuse me.'

'No-ho,' said her fiancé and grabbed her hips, 'excuse me! You aren't done examining me! I am lovesick, remember, Sagara Megumi?'

'Sagara Sanosuke! No provoking!' She slapped away his hands and left the study.

'Arigatou, Hikaru-san!' said Megumi to the old lady. 'I don't know how long it would take him to propose if you hadn't interfered.'

Hikaru nodded with a smile on her aged face. They both listened to Sanosuke, who was swearing and thumping his head into Megumi's desk in the study next door.


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