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Five Titans stood, scattered, each fighting one of the Hive 5. They all fought the one who's powers were most similar. Jinx and Raven fought it out as Jinx threw several attacks at her. Raven, blocking every single one. Finally Raven had the chance and threw a counter attack at Jinx. When she threw up one of her hexes, her powers reacted with Ravens, causing an explosion.

At that same moment Mammoth took hold of Beast Boys throat in the form of a tiger, and threw him backwards.

The reaction was something that was never to be expected. Not only did both girls get thrown back, but two identical black balls of energy electrified with pink energy flashed out at both girls. Although they appeared they were in fact very different. One had more of an effect of Ravens powers and the other of Jinx's. Raven landed on her back barely conscious. Beast boy landed with a loud-THUD!- Raven looked to him lying across her stomach to see if he was okay.

Starfire turned around looking frightened for her friends. The balls of energy exploded sooner then they appeared. They had only been there for nearly half a second. "Friend Beast Boy! Raven" All the Titans approached the cloud of smoke where their friends were, as the Hive 5 did toward where Jinx was.

The Titans where filled with shock when they saw what was left of their friends, nothing. They had just simply disappeared. Leaving with out a trace. "oh no." Was all that Robin could let out, because they didn't know were two members of his team, his family, were and he didn't know if they were hurt.

After a few moments of shock, they team turned to where the Hive 5 had been, but they had left, probably due to the fact that Jinx was hurt. "Let's get back to the tower and track Beast Boy and Raven down," He commanded his team. They nodded and all ran back to the T-car, want to get to the Tower as soon as possible.

"How can you not find them?" Robin yelled throwing his arms into the air out of frustration.

"Look I'm sorry, man, but there ain't a signal from either of their communicators" Cyborg said calmly to his leader and friend.

"Aren't there still still frequency's that you can try?" He replied beginning to calm down as Starfire put a hand on his shoulder. She always had that effect on him.

"No, I've tried all of them. It's possible though that their communicators aren't working properly." He said leaning against the computer.

"Cannot we search for our friends?" Starfire questioned joining the conversation.

"No," Robin said losing hope, "We have no idea where to look," he paused, "If their even alive."

Starfire gasped, "No do not think such horrible thoughts! Friends Beast Boy and Raven are still alive are out there SOME WHERE!" She yelled.

"Yeah, Star . . . And we're going to look for them. The titans East can cover for us while we're gone."

They began searching, first near by, then slowly spreading out. They searched for days. Then days turned into week, which became months. Still there was no trace of either Titan.

"It's been six months since they went missing, Starfire. We can't keep looking forever" Robin said giving the alien a gentle hug. The two of them had grown closer within the last months.

"I aware of that, Robin," She said returning the hug, "but they are our friends. How can we simply give up on them?"

"Starfire," He started pulling away enough to look her in the eye. He was a bit taller and was no longer looking up but rather forward. "We've informed every states police department that if either of them are seen to take them in so we can go get them."

"But what if they are not in any town, and in wilderness, or something of that sort?" Starfire replied worried.

"I'm afraid," He hesitated, not know if he should tell her, but also know he had to, "If they have been in wilderness for this long, that there would be no way for them to survive." He looked into her eyes and saw tears forming. "I sorry, Star" He pulled her into a tight hug. She began to cry. He hated seeing her like this.

Darkness surrounded her. She couldn't feel anything. Was she even alive? What had happened to the other Titans? Where was she? All these questions circled her mind, before she finally opened her eyes. She couldn't feel anything. She was so numb. Before her was a fire, burning brightly. She remembered being cold. Like she was dead, but she wasn't now. She was warm from the fire. And, she was in a cave? Something was draped over her. Was it a blanket? It felt like leather. Finally she felt feeling return to her and she sat up slowly. She was indeed in a cave, and the blanket over wasn't a blanket at all. It was an animal skin, with plenty of fur, that looked similar to her cloak, but after further examination, she noticed that there were buttons on the front of it to close the front. She also noticed that there was a pillow type object under her head, made of animal skin with fur. Raven looked up and saw her cloak resting on a log by front of the fire. She pushed the fur cloak off of her, and instantly regretted it. The wind was to cold, and she yanked it back over her. Why is it so cold! It shouldn't be like this for at least another six months! Raven wanted to see what was around so she found all of the buttons and buttoned them down to her feet. Since it was a cloak she pulled up the hood, since her ears were getting cold. By the log she saw a small bag of berries and other fruits, lots of them. She looked behind the log and saw a wall of what looked like 50 pounds of meat. She couldn't help but let her jaw drop at how much meat there was.

Beast Boy landed at the entrance of the cave in the form of a falcon. He couldn't see into the cave because the thick snow nearly blinded him from all around. The changeling walked into the cave and saw that Raven was no longer in her trance, she was awake, and she was looking at the meat in the cave. The meat of animals he had killed. Beast Boy wasn't really over it at all, but he hid it well. "Hey, Raven, You're awake" He said with a smile. He had his own fur shawl with a hood that went to his knees.

Raven turned and faced him, "Oh, Beast Boy. Yeah, I am."

"Well, come on you must be hungry!" Beast Boy continued to smile and walked over to the log sitting down. She walked over and sat next to him. " Okay so whatta want?"

"I don't suppose you would have any tea?"

"Actually, I figured that you would want some, so I started trying to make tea with leaves in the forest, and I Actually found one. After of course getting food poisoning a few times." He smiled at her.

"Beast Boy, you didn't have to do that."

"I know, but I wanted to." He threw a bit more wood into the fire and set a rig over it for cooking. Beast Boy took out a cup that looked like it has been carved from bones. Along with a canteen with water in it. He poured the water into the cup, then set it on the rig over the fire.

"Beast Boy?"


"How long have we been out here?"

"I don't know exactly, but I'd say around 5 to 6 months."

"But, then why have a been asleep the whole time?"

"You were in one of your healing trances."

"Oh... Beast Boy," She paused unsure if she should be asking this, "how did you get all these things?"

He visibly winced. "I..." Beast Boy tried to say it but he couldn't. He had killed animals, and he didn't regret it. He wouldn't let him self. If he hadn't killed the animals Raven would be dead. "I don't want to talk about it." He stared into the flames of the fire.

She had had a feeling of what he had done, but she hadn't been sure. Now, Raven knew because of how he reacted. He couldn't be happy about what he had done, and she decided to never bring it up again. She looked over at Beast Boy. He grabbed the tea with a skin rag and turned to her smiling. He masked his pain so well. "Tea's done." He said with his normal grin. She smiled slightly, and thanked him. They sat in silence as she drank her tea.

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