There may be some inconsistencies from chapter one to this chapter, namely because I wrote them for years apart. I plan on going back and editing chapter one. The biggest and most obvious is Starfire's reaction. I think it'll make future chapters more interesting, and prevent me from ignoring Rob/Star.

The sky bled red from the east horizon banishing night into the distance. A large shadow stretched across the bay of jump city, originating from a small island with a large building shaped like a 'T'. Two of it's residence still slept this early in the morning, but the third was always up at this time. Robin stood in the massive training room six floors below the common room and living quarters. He went to grab his boxing gloves, but froze for a moment, his mind laden with guilt. Finally he turned to the punching bag, leaving his gloves behind. He tensed the muscles in his arm and it traveled through his body as he threw all his weight into the punch. The bag swung away from him, and he brought his other fist into it as it swung back. The impact vibrated up his arm and landed in his shoulder. Blow after blow he attacked the bag relentlessly. Fatigue tingled in the back of his mind from a lack of sleep. Lately Robin had trouble sleeping for too long. Two of his teammates, his friends, were missing and likely dead. He felt responsible. He was their leader. They depended on him, but he had let them down. It had been a week since he called off the search for Beast Boy and Raven. Starfire had been hurt the most by this, yelling and cursing at him, in both English and Tamaranean. Robin had tried to comfort her and calm her, but she had pushed him away, knocking the air from his lungs, and left to her room. Since then she had not said a single thing to the boy wonder. She blamed him, and with good reason. He blamed himself.

The more he thought, the harder he struck the bag. He left technique to the wind and pounded the bag wildly. His hands screamed in pain. Blood was staining the bag on the impact sights from his fists. His bones begged him to stop the jarring assault, but he couldn't, wouldn't. Each blow was like a drug, forcing the pain of his failure and grief into the back of his mind, and he couldn't get his fix. He wasn't sure how long he stood there pummeling the bag, but it was a voice, sweet as sugar, that pulled him from his trance. Robin looked to the elevator entrance where she stood, "Star..." It was the first time she had spoken to him in a week and it washed away his pain. The punching bag however did not seem to notice he was done and swung back, smacking him in the face. He stumbled back and fell on his ass with a grunt.

Starfire floated over to him and knelt down, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Friend Robin, are you alright?"

Robin stared up at her with a small smile reaching his face, "Yeah, Star, I"m fine."

She stood and held her hand out to him, "Come your hands needs medical attention."

He took her hand and stood. Once he had, she swiftly pulled her hand away. Robin looked down at his bleeding knuckles, "Their fine Star."

"No they are not Robin. Look at your hands." Robin sighed then nodded. They walked to the elevator and rode the five floors up with a thick silence between them. He glanced over at her. She was staring at the ground away from him.

Tentatively Robin spoke, "Star..."

"I do not wish to converse with you Robin." He simply nodded and looked down at the ground. Her lack of addressing him as friend stung him in a way that surprised him. They rode to the hospital wing and bandaged his hand in complete silence.

Raven and Beast Boy sat on opposite sides of the fire in the cave. She was sipping lightly on her tea. It was far from the best tea on earth, but she was very appreciative Beast Boy had taken the time to find it. Besides it wasn't bad. He sat on a small rock holding a long stick to stoke the fire. Raven suddenly noticed that Beast Boy was much thinner than he used to be. She glanced at the meat that hung off rows of sticks to cure into jerky. He would never eat that, but there most certainly wasn't enough berries here for him to survive. "Beast Boy? Have you been eating anything but those berries?"

His body tensed at her words and he snapped, "Yes of course! When I have to." He never removed his eyes from the fire.

"I think you need to."

His eyes shot up in the worst glare he had ever given her, "I don't. I'm fine."

His glare shocked her more than scared her, but it did make her feel guilty. Having to eat meat to survive must be tearing him apart. "Beast Boy I'm sure you haven't noticed but you've lost a lot of weight, you need to eat."

"So have you, Raven! It's called being lost in the wilderness. We're gonna loose weight!"

Raven stood and came around the fire to crouch next to him, concern and understanding written over her face. She placed a hand on his his forearm, and looked him in the eyes. "I know, and I can't imagine how hard this is for you, but you can't starve yourself. Out here we're going to need all the strength we can get."

Beast Boy looked down at her hand on his arm. Normally the contact from her would bring a smile to his face, but he had been through too much to smile right now. He reached up and covered her hand with his opposite hand, an action that six months ago he would have been too terrified to do. Right now he didn't care. He was just happy she was awake, okay, and that he wasn't alone anymore like he had been for the last six months. Finally he looked up into her eyes, forcing a smile. He spoke apologetically, "I know Rae, and I'm sorry. I just... You've been asleep for so long, and I've been driving myself insane, being all alone."

She smirked, attempting to lighten the mood, "Five or six months alone with you? That'd drive anyone insane."

He chuckled and sighed, "I've missed you Rae."

Her smirk slowly blossomed into a full smile. It also occurred to her how long he had been holding her hand, causing her to blush lightly. She didn't want to move her hand or him to move his, but it made her nervous to no end. "So.." Raven continued unconsciously glancing down at their hands repeatedly, "What happened? Do you know?"

He caught her glances at their hands. His senses returned to him, and he pulled his hand off hers, causing her to take her hand away as well, before he spoke, "Not really. I mean we were fight the H.I.V.E. five and Mammoth threw me. I think I landed on you. Then there was a pink and black explosion, and when I woke up we were in the middle of nowhere. It was freezing, and snowing like crazy. I almost didn't see you. Your were already in your trance. I know I'm not supposed to move you when you're like that, but we would have frozen to death. So I morphed into a Yeti,"

Raven interrupted him, "You can do that?"

He shrugged, "I guess so. Anyways, I carried you for days, I think... It wasn't until the storm passed that I realized I had been walking north. Since the storm was over I flew us south until I saw some mountains and found this cave."

Beast Boy transformed into his human self as he landed, still carrying Raven. His legs nearly gave out, but he wouldn't drop Raven. Silently he prayed the cave was safe because he doubted he had the energy to fight anything off. He walked a ways into the cave and gently laid her on the ground. Beast Boy pulled her cloak tightly around her, "I have to get a fire started. I'll be back Raven." He shivered then morphed into a yeti again. Beast Boy left the cave and returned less than half an hour later with kindling and firewood. While walking up to the cave, something set his animal instincts off, and he knew something was wrong. His mind instantly flew to one thing.


Beast Boy dropped the fire wood and rushed into the cave. A white leopard was creeping it's way up to Raven's hovering form. The Yeti let out a loud roar and rushed at the leopard. It turned at him crouching low before jumping out of the way of the great ape's swinging fist. It growled, standing near the entrance of the cave. Beast Boy summoned the loudest roar he could and pounded on his chest. He had no energy to fight; his only hope was to convince this leopard that he wasn't worth the trouble.

There was a long tense pause with both animals glaring deeply into each others eyes. Finally the big cat turned and left the cave. Beast Boy let out a sigh of relief as he transformed back into a human. He walked back out of the cave keeping an eye out for any other danger and picked up the wood he had dropped. He wanted nothing more than to close his eyes and go to sleep in his bed in the tower, but he couldn't. He had to protect Raven until she woke up and they could find a way out of here. All he could do for now was build a fire to keep them warm, or at least alive. He grabbed a flat piece of wood and split it at one end, then grabbed a bit of kindling and stuffed it down the middle. Beast Boy sat on the cold stone, and found a strong stick. Setting the flat wood with kindling on the ground between his legs, he began rubbing the stick in his hands up and down the wood towards the kindling. After what seemed like forever the kindling started to smoke and he pulled the wood and kindling up to his face, gently blowing at the small ember. As quickly as it started smoking it stopped. The hero let out a frustrated sigh and began again.

He did this over and over and over again until his arms were sore, and his ass felt like it was frozen to the ground. The third batch of kindling began to smoke and he lept forward with desperation. He softly blew at the growing ember then with a rush of excitement like he had never experienced, a flame flickered to life. "Oh my god!" He grabbed the small dry twigs he had set aside for this, and carefully let them catch fire, "Come on.. Stay with me.." He slowly fed the fire into life. As the fire became steady he let out a huge sigh of relief. He held his hands up to the flame warming them.

Beast Boy stared deeply into the fire after telling Raven how he found the cave. A chill from outside brushed against his back causing him to shiver, "Oh shit, that's right I forgot." He stood and walked towards the entrance.

"Forgot what?" Raven asked, standing and following him.

"This," He reached down and picked up a rope made of plant fibers. He leaned back on one foot pulling on the rope. Through the curtain of falling snow Raven could make out what appeared to be a wall of logs tied together being lifted off the ground. She glanced over at Beast Boy and saw him straining to pull it up.

"Do you want some help?"

"Nah, Rae I got it," he started walking backwards, and the wall fell against the entrance of the cave, blocking them in.

"Raven, and don't be stupid. I could have just lifted that with my powers. You didn't have to strain yourself," she said while walking back towards him.

Beast Boy rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, "Oh yeah... I guess things will be easier now that your here."

"Now that I'm awake you mean. How did you even build this?" Raven walked to the other side of the cave where the drying meat hung, having suddenly realized how hungry she was.

His eyes followed her, unable to believe he was actually talking to her again and seeing her move. The conversations in his mind never could live up to the real thing. "I've had a lot of time on my hands. Do you have any idea how many hours there are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching TV or playing video games?"

"Yes actually." She grabbed a few slices of meat that were obviously ready to eat and walked back to the fire taking a seat.

"Or books! Cause there's no books out here Rae." Beast Boy walked over and sat next to her.

"Raven. Here." She held out a strip of meat to him.

His stomach grew queasy, "No thanks I'm fine."

"Beast Boy, we talked about this. You have to eat. I'm awake now, which means we won't be staying here for long. No more sitting around on your ass all day talking to yourself, building walls, or making buttons out of bone. You're going to need all the energy you can get."

He looked down at the meat and back up to stern looking eyes that told him he had no say in the matter, "Fine." Beast Boy took the meat and stared at it for the longest time. Energy that's all it was. Energy. Finally he ripped off a bite and let the disgustingly delicious energy slide down his throat.

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