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Summary: Katsuya Jounouchi's Father and Uncle own and run a local and very popular Cat House. It's a cozy place where girls can do what they do best without the risk of being killed or arrested and it's also a place where Katsuya and his family live…and a place where this blond can't bring his friends. What would they think of him? They are all he has and he can't afford to loose them. But what happens when Katsuya has to entrust his secret to the most unlikely person? How will this affect their relationship and what does a sex tape have to do with all this?

WARNING: This story is rated M for a reason people! There will be yaoi! For Ra's sake the title is CATHOUSE! If you don't know what that is then you shouldn't be reading this! And if you despise yaoi you need to leave! Should any lemons come about there will be proper forewarnings, do not take them lightly! I am giving you all a fair chance to leave with your innocence in tact! If you go on and read this…don't say I didn't warn you!

The Cathouse

Chapter One: This Is Home

Katsuya POV

Of course it would rain the day I had to walk my ass all the way home! Why would my luck be any different? Can you tell I had a good day? Stupid ass Kaiba and his ridiculously over inflated ego! GRRRRR! Just thinking about the damn guy gets me all flustered! Why is he such an ass to me? What the hell did I do to him to deserve such treatment! And who the hell does he think he is? He ain't god that's for sure…hell he ain't even godlike! Wait…why am I so pissed off at Kaiba? He hasn't even done or said a single thing to me for the last two weeks…after that fight…and that… OH GOOD! MY HOUSE IS IN SIGHT! Well…what one could call shelter anyway…it sucks when you hafta sneak around to get into your own house.

End Katsuya POV

A fairly rain soaked blond made his way around back of the unambiguously loud building he called home and what many others called a place of pleasure. In away he was very embarrassed about where he lived but was thankful for how prosperous it made him and his family. It was a bittersweet lifestyle and no one knew about it…not even Hiroto Honda, his best friend of 15 years, knew about his…'predicament'. Though he assumed that the guy wouldn't mind, Honda did believe he was a lady-killer. Having gotten into the structure unseen and unbothered he sighed with relief and dropped his bag by the back door, he really didn't need it tonight, it was a Friday and he didn't have any homework. He'd come back for it after he said hello to everyone. Walking through a few corridors he finally made it to the front office of the…'business' his Father and Uncle ran. His Aunt Namika also worked here. She was the receptionist and she was the first on his list to greet.

"Hello." The teen said happily. The long, brown haired woman turned at the beckoning of the familiar voice and smiled.

"Hello kiddo. How was school?" The woman's voice was soft and interested. Katsuya shrugged his shoulders and flipped his damp hair out of his amber eyes. "Eh, ya know, it was just school, nothing really exciting happened today."

"I take then that Kaiba wasn't there today?" His aunt spoke while sifting through the mail so that it could be distributed into the employees' mailboxes. A slight blush formed over soft features. "Wha…what ever do you mean?"

"Well, whenever that Kaiba boy is at school you seem to have quite the day but when he's not there at all you seem to have the non-exciting days. Do you maybe like this boy?" Amber eyes stared wide with horror at his aunt. "How?"

"Katsuya, I work in a business of sexual orientation, I think I would know my nephew is gay and hasn't told his father yet and has a monster crush on the boy he fights with at school every day." She smirked and the blond cleared his throat nervously. "I have no idea what you're taking about. I'm gonna go get my backpack and shower. BYE!" She laughed to herself as her nephew raced off and went back to her mail distributing, Katsuya really was a bad lair.

Katsuya POV

Man…this feels great…the warm spray of the water massaging my back and relaxing my body. I love just standing here…I could be here forever. The stress of the day just washes away.

End Katsuya POV

Having fully relaxed into the spray his mind began to wonder. He began to think about what his aunt had said then at the mention of Kaiba his mind shifted to the fantasy he had experienced in his last shower. It was a rather graphic mind show. Just thinking about it he could feel himself reacting to it. He shook his head frantically, "No, No, No! Absolutely not!" The teen ordered while trying to take control over his body. Taking in a deep breath he cleared his mind and sighed heavily, once again relaxing into the heated water. "I better enjoy this as much as I can, tonight is gonna be busy."

After showering and changing into some more comfortable clothing the blond decided to try and find his Dad. The man was usually found in the wing of the building that was named 'The Kat Kennel'. It was a combination of a Bar and Grill and a strip tease show and now that Katsuya thought about it, it was the only one like it in Domino; it was the only one he had ever seen anyway.

The amber-eyed teen approached the lounging room that connected to the Bar/Grill/ Strip tease joint and found his father there. He was conversing with some of the girls that weren't currently working. "Hey Dad!"

Jounouchi Senior was a man in his mid 30's. He had dark brown eyes and fairly long dirty blond hair that was always pulled back in a ponytail for professional reasons. His normal apparel was a pair of nice, designer black khaki shorts and dress button down t-shirts, the colors varied. Said man looked up to his son and greeted him along with the girls. "Hey kid, how was school? Sorry I wasn't there to get ya, I had an unexpected meeting to go to, I'll make it up to you though."

The teen smiled, "No problem dad. But why don't you just let me take your car? I can drive ya know." The man chuckled, "Like I said, I'll make it up to ya. And school? How did you do on your math test?"

"Just as you would expect, I got a B+." The blond said while casually shrugging his shoulders. His father smiled and nodded.

"Katsuya! My baby!" Beckoned a voice. Said person smiled and turned around to see a woman with long black hair and lavender eyes coming his way. "Hi Neko." The woman smiled and embraced the teen. She turned to her employer, "Kentaro I am going to adopt your son! I absolutely love him." Katsuya chuckled; this was as close to a mother that he had ever had, other than his aunt. He really liked Neko; she was kind and very, very intelligent. How she ended up here he didn't know, but he was glad for it.

"Go ahead and tell Neko what you got on your math test." Jounouchi Sr. spoke with a neutral voice. The young woman gasped, "Please tell me you passed! We worked so hard on that study guide!" The blond had a nervous smile on his face and turned to her, "I…uhhh…I got a…B+." Having thought he failed his test she squealed with happiness. "KATSUYA I'M SO PROUD OF YOU!"

"Well with a math wiz like yourself as my tutor there was no way I was gonna fail. Thank you Neko." The teen complimented. The black haired woman smiled and hugged him. "You're very welcome kid."

Suddenly the bell of the front door went off and it was time for everyone to get to work. Neko gave Katsuya one last smile and went with the rest of the girls to the front room. "Good job today kiddo. Make sure you keep busy and if you're gonna go out let your Aunt know okay?" The teen nodded, "Sure thing dad."

"Good. You have enough money right?" His son simply nodded and smiled. "Alright I gotta get to work." With that, the man was off. For a moment the blond just stood there…what should he do? He didn't feel much like going anywhere…

"What to do on a Friday night when you live in a cathouse?" Jou asked himself before heading back up to his room on the third floor. Upon entering said place he looked around his spacious room and sighed. He had so much…so why was he so bored? What was wrong with him? Was it because Kaiba had become a regular part of his nightlife? He wasn't sure. He spotted his laptop and decided to make another journal entry. He shut his door then sat down at his desk and turned his laptop on. Since finding out his sexual preferences he started a journal, he wasn't sure why or what in his conscious made him do it, he just did. It was actually nice to get all his thoughts on electronic paper. So here he sat, wanting to pass the time and wanting to get down all the events of his day down.

Katsuya POV

April 14, 2006

Uneventful! Why in the hell is it so unbearably boring when Kaiba's not around? I mean the ass picks on me all the time and I wish he would just go away then when he is gone, I'm freakin bored out of my mind. He's affecting me more than I want him too. He's everywhere! Why is this happening to me? What does this mean? It can't be as my aunt says! I CAN'T LIKE HIM! …I don't even think he plays for his own team... so it's a hopeless…wish… I guess. I mean why would he? Look at all the girls that throw themselves at him! But what if she's right and I do like him and he is gay? What will happen? Nothing probably…he hates me. So either way I look at it…it's a lose/lose scenario. Why do I try? Man…this sucks…I feel like I'm so alone sometimes. My dad is always workin, though this is a rough business to run so I can't blame him, I can't have my friends here, and my…and Kaiba hates my guts…but then why has he been so…"unkaiba" these last few weeks? My brain hurts just thinkin about all this junk…I guess that's why I keep a journal. Hmmm…maybe I do like him just a little bit. I mean there are signs and the strongest ones are my dreams…both graphic and non-graphic but I've already written about those so no need to get into details. I guess that's all that's been bothering me…maybe I just want to know what's going on in that intricate and intelligent mind of his. What does he really think about me? Maybe I should try talking to him next I see him…

Uh-oh the music to the bar and grill is on, guess the restaurant is open for business for the night. Things are about to get interesting…well downstairs anyway. Dad says I shouldn't hang out down there because some guy may come in and think I'm an employee too. The last thing my dad needs to see is me and some guy going at it. Especially since the business has safety cameras in the rooms, to make sure the guy doesn't harm the girl or the other way around. Yeah…this is my home…I've lived in this cathouse for 10 years. I've seen girls come and go and I've heard and seen things I shouldn't have. Maybe that's why I'm gay! Nah! LOL! Anyway, I guess this is long enough, I'm gonna go find something else to do for a while.

Katsuya Jounouchi

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