And here you thought it was over...

An Epilogue of Sorts.

Hey Will. I failed that test.

It's what you get for not studying last night.

Oh shut up. You didn't seem to protest too much.

You do provide a very good distraction Lizzy.

What can I say? You just make it all so easy.

Did you really fail or are you just being dramatic?

I really failed. I mean it was dumb of her to think that we'd honestly do well on a test when everyone's already made their college commitments and at this point grades are just for protocol. Senioritis is a serious disease and I have it.

Lizzy you've been saying that since you were a junior.

Hells! I've been saying it since freshman year.

Did you just say "hells?"

Why yes I did. Does that bother you Mr. High and Mighty?

If I answered that I know that you'd only continue to do it just to annoy me.

Hells yeah.

You're incorrigible.

Will, I taught you that word so don't you even try to use it against me.

We should go out tonight and celebrate the end of the end.

You talk as if the world is over when really only high school is.

So you commonly talk as if I'm the worst thing in your life when I'm actually the best.

You overestimate my views of you. We should just go to your palace and watch a movie.

I'll agree to that only because I know that "watch a movie" is really only your code for "see how long we can make-out without suffocating."

I love it when you try to tell jokes because you're so horribly bad at it. Have I taught you nothing in our time together?

Well you did teach me that one thing which I feel will get me farther in life than any semblance of wit.

And yet you still make feeble attempts at "wit." By the way, leave it to you to sleep your way to the top Will. Slacker.

When you said movie did you mean movie or…

Yes I meant we're watching more episodes of Scrubs and will continue to do so until you make at least one successful joke.

Don't you find it at all odd that we can't agree on anything and still managed to get voted "Cutest Couple"?

It's a popularity contest. (Which means I basically won it for us.) Plus people mistake our arguing as cute little love banter.

If they only knew the truth…

Yes if they knew the truth maybe they'd understand why "Lizzy's amazing boyfriend" is ditching her to go to a completely separate continent for school.

Oh god not this again. I'm going to England to "follow in my father's footsteps" and "uphold the family honor." Don't you think I owe my dead Dad at least that much?

Don't you think you owe me more than that for putting up with you all the time? P.S. spare me the pity party. You don't even remember your father's name.

If I'm so annoying why are you still upset that I'm going so far away?

Grr. Yes I am literally growling. (Or at least within my head I am.)

Oh stop your yapping (or shall I say barking?). You're just as guilty in this "great divide." UCLA is pretty damn far away y'know.

Which really only adds to the flight time if either of us ever scrapes together enough money (are you supposed to be like a million?) to buy a plane ticket to wherever the other may be. By the way that barking thing only sets you back for the whole joke thing. Barking? I mean you have to be kidding me. Simple puns are beneath you.

That's it I'm breaking up with you.

You jerk. You stole my line. Only I have the rights to say that. It is henceforth copyrighted within our relationship.

What if I ever want to literally break up with you?

Then I suppose you'll just have to drive me insane until I do it for you. (Basically that means just keep doing what you're doing now.) Is that some form of foreshadowing? Are you making some sort of plans to drive a machete between us::Sob::Sob:: (I'm crying on the inside.)

Machete? What planet are you from?

A good one, obviously.

Laughing on the inside.

This is no time to make (horrible and also recently used by me) jokes. This is like a real thing and not just one of our stupid fights.

Let's not worry about that yet.

I am worried about it so say something to make me feel less of a pit in my tummy.

Ok we're amazingly perfect together and nothing will stand between us and an amazing future together. There was that naïve enough for you?

A little too much so. Thanks for finally giving me a reason to never get married. Honestly though I'm a little freaked that we'll fight and not be forced to be around each other long enough to make up and the next thing we know we have no clue why we're still together when we haven't even talked in a month and you're screwing some other girl.

Ok first off, how come in these hypotheticals I'm always the first to start seeing other people? And second, of course it's going to be nearly impossible but why the hell shouldn't we at least give it a shot?

When did you become the logical one?

You can't be the most at everything all the time Lizzy.

I'm sorry I'm freaking out. It's just Erin and Eddie just broke up and all that and it scared me because you've become like my best friend (who just happens to be a very good kisser) and wouldn't it just suck if one day we just stopped being… us.

Lizzy we have a whole summer of us. Than we can just improvise from there. Deal?

Ok it's a deal. Just promise that no matter what, we can at least always be friends.

Of course. So what movie did you want to watch tonight?

Ok now it's over.

Basically I have three options for what I want to do for my next story and I really want to know which one you guys (my amazing and oh so... um... amazing...) reviewers think I should do because I wouldn't do this if it wasn't for you guys that even stick it out through my very long update periods. (Sorry 'bout that. It's the whole diary thing.)


Option one is the second part of this story of which I'd always planned on doing and have only recently gotten into planning it out and now I basically love the whole thing and can't wait to write even though I was going to wait. It takes place 9 years after this and... is definately not told in a dairy format. (Thank god!) The rest I'll let you read.

My other options are another Pride and Prejudice that has quite a few twists that I dont want to give away but "Lizzy" (I changed the name) is a Romance Novelist and her sister is Mean Old "Darcy's" (possible name change) secretary. Serious twists though.

And Finally I've wanted to do an Emma for so, so very long and I have this plan to do it kind of roughly based off of, my new obcession, Grey's Anatomy. Very roughly. As in it takes place in a hospitol. ;)

All of these are short-chaptered quick-update kind of stories, just so you know.

Ok I'll stop blabbering and let you pick! Tell me because I'm psyched.