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Ja ne – Later

Hai – Yes

Demo – But

Iie – No

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Title: Kurayami
Prologue: The Dark Ocean
Author: Sailor X

Her reflection stared back emotionlessly at her. Violet orbs never leaving the intent gaze. The others continued to carry on with their daily activities but she paid no attention to them. Her head gave a slight tilt as she looked on, as if trying to see herself in a different light.

'Darkness..' she thought. 'All I see is darkness.. that is what I am, that is what I will always be.'

Her eyes left her reflection for a brief moment to stare down at her hands, her face showing a slight hint of disgust. 'The pain that these hands have caused...' A silent tear made it's way down her pale face as memories came over her, memories of when evil had completely taken over her body.

'What if that happens again.. iie. I don't want to hurt them..'

She had been able to keep the darkness inside of her for a period of time, but she didn't know how long this would last. Her gaze shifted back to the mirror.

"Hotaru-chan, you okay?" a voice interrupted her thoughts.

The young girl looked up, a fake smile covering her frown. "Hai Haruka-papa, I'm fine."

"Are you sure Hotaru-chan? You look a little pale?" another voice said.

"I'm always pale Michiru-mama." she paused for a brief second, "I'm going to go take a walk, I'll be back soon! Ja ne." she finished as she grabbed a jacket and walked out the door.

Once out, Hotaru started walking thoughtlessly to an unknown destination. A group of kids ran past her giggling innocently. She smiled at the sight. 'Innocence..' Her face slowly changed to reveal a sad frown. 'Something I'll never have.. I'm darkness.. I'm a threat to this world.'

She realized she had arrived at the neighborhood park. She made her way to the swings and sat down on one. She looked around at the deserted area. Closing her eyes, she let the cool autumn breeze flow through her hair. She opened her eyes and let herself swing slightly back and forth.

"Death... Destruction."

If anyone was around, they would have seen her image start to flicker.

The day was a beautiful one. No clouds could be seen in the sky, and if possible, the sun was shining brighter than usual.. but none of this mattered to her anymore. She was lost in her own thoughts. A leaf fell from a tall cedar tree and waved around in the air until it landed gently in between her palms. She stared at it blankly, tracing it's root with her finger.

"I can't contain the darkness in me forever.."

Tears started pouring out of her eyes, some landing gracefully on the leaf.


Her image flickered more, and in a quick gust of wind, she was gone. All that could be seen was a lonely cedar leaf laying carelessly on this park swing.


Ken looked around his surroundings and immediately knew where he was.. for this was becoming a frequent destination for him.

"Should I tell the others that I still come here?" he pondered, "Iie.. they wouldn't understand, none of them have gone through what I have.."

He looked around this foreign world. A light house could be seen from far away, the light it was emitting shined black. Demo, that was one of the few colors that could really be seen. Everything seemed to be in a grayscale.

Ken had been appearing here more often lately. He didn't mean to, he has been trying to move on with his life.. forget the horrible things he did as the Digimon Emperor, but it wasn't so easy. The others were trying to understand.. demo, how could they. They hadn't captured and tortured all those digimon. They weren't the ones that created all this pain.

He sat down on the sand and stared at the endless ocean. He listened to the waves splash silently and he took in the environment that was starting to feel more and more like a second home to him.

"The Dark Ocean..." he gave an exasperated chuckle. "I never thought that I would consider this place even an ounce homely."

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get out those cries of torture he had heard so often as the Emperor. They haunted him during his nightmares, and they continued to haunt him during the day. His head lowered in shame. A few crystalline tears could be seen falling down his face. His hands suddenly formed into balls as he slammed on the hard sand repeatedly.

"Why does all this have to happen to me?!"

Painful sobs could be heard coming from this restless being.

"Doushite.. Sam..I need you... I need someone... " He laughed at how stupid he was sounding. No one would ever understand his pain.. no one.

His cries had managed to subside a little. He suddenly saw something flickering on his right out of the corner of his eye. He jerked his head up.


He continued to stare when all of a sudden, a young girl with dark violet hair and eyes to match appeared.

His mouth widened slightly and he could feel his heart speeding quickly. She looked around confusedly and eventually, her eyes landed on him. Silence followed. A strong breeze blew past them. Their eyes never left each other.. only one thing could be heard.

"Who are you?"

::End Prologue::

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Written:: May 30th