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Daijoubu ka – Are you all right?
Hai – Yes
Arigatou – Thank you
Naze – Why?
Demo – But
Senshi – Soldiers
Gomen – Sorry
Nani – What?
Ne – I think you all know what this one means! I can't really explain it.
Doushita – What's wrong?

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Title: Kurayami
Chapter One: Finding the way to Light
Author: Sailor X

"Who are you?" a visibly confused Ken asked.

"I.." Hotaru started.

She suddenly dropped to her knees clutching her chest in pain. Without thinking, Ken rushed forward and supported her before she could fully collapse. He leaned her head onto his chest.

"Daijoubu ka?" he asked.

"Hai..Arigatou.." She made no sign of getting up, so he continued to hold her. "My name is Tomoe Hotaru.. who are you?.." she looked around at the at the dead environment. "Where are we?"

"My name is Ichijouji Ken.. we..we're at the Dark Ocean."

"The Dark Ocean.." she slowly repeated. "I suppose this is a perfect place for a person like me.." a silent tear fell down her face.

He hesitantly wiped the tear off with his thumb, causing her to look up in surprise. He smiled in return. "Why do you say that?" he asked a question of his own.

"You..you wouldn't understand."


"It's complicated.. let's just say there are many thing's I have done in the past that I will never forgive myself for.. although everyone else has.."

He looked at her in surprise. 'What does she mean? I wonder.. I wonder if..' he thought. 'Iie.. she can't be like me.' He lowered his head, "So have I.."

It was her turn to be surprised. She looked up at him and tilted her head in wonder. She didn't know why but she felt as though she could trust him.. had to trust him. "If..if I tell you my story, will you tell me yours?"

He looked her, he saw the pain in her eyes. 'Can I tell her?.. Yes..I have to. I trust her'


She smiled, "This is really hard for me to say.. I'm not even supposed to tell anyone.. demo, I feel as though I can trust you." He nodded in agreement.

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"I am Tomoe Hotaru.. demo I am also known as Sailor Saturn.. the senshi of death, destruction, and rebirth."

She proceeded to tell him the story of the Silver Millennium, and the sailor scouts. She told him about Mistress 9, the pain she caused.. the darkness that took over her. She told him everything, trembling as she did. He held her tighter. When finished, she looked away, expecting him to laugh or giving another similar response.

"I know you probably won't believe.. demo.."

"Gomen.." he interrupted.


"I'm sorry for everything that you had to go through.. demo, if there was someone that could understand it all.. it would be me. It's my turn to tell my story."

She looked up at him and nodded, wiping the tears that had fallen. She repositioned her head on his chest as he began his story.

(A/N: *sweatdrops*)

He told her of the digital world and the digi destined. He told her of the time he used to be known as the Digimon Emperor.. the torture he created, the hurt he gave his only friend, Wormon.. and the destruction he brought to the Digital world.

"Even though I've changed.. How am I supposed to forget everything that's happened.. How can I. My doings have messed everything up.. it's all my fault."

Tears found their way out of his eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and he gasped.

"So we're almost the same ne?" she said softly.

"Hai.." he said and returned the embrace.

She looked around, "So what exactly is this place.. this Dark Ocean.." she asked.

"The Dark Ocean is another reality, a dark reality you could say.. sometimes when you let the Darkness over empower you, this is where you could end up.. until you can learn to push it away." (A/N: I know this is not accurate but.. oh well! This is my fic! ^_^)

"I see.. so we have to push the darkness away.. not let us be swallowed into it." she said.



"What is it?"

She thought for a moment, choosing the correct words to say.

"We can do it.."


"We can do it.. we can push the darkness away.. together."

He widened his eyes but quickly nodded.

"I'll be your light Ken.. if you will be mine."

"Hai.. I'll always be with you Hotaru."

"Together.. we'll always be together.." she put one of her small hands over his.

"Together." he repeated. He put his arms around her and held her in another embrace.

'Arigatou Hotaru.. Thank you so much'

Their images started to flicker, and in a brief second, they were gone.


Hotaru appeared back in her house and was met with the worried faces of her adoptive parents.

"Hotaru!!" Michiru cried, "Where were you! We looked everywhere for you!!"


Her eyes widened and she pushed herself out of the older woman's arms. She looked around the room, eyes full of panic.

"Hotaru.. doushita??" Haruka asked worriedly.

"Ken.." she whispered, barely audible.

"Nani?" Michiru asked.

"Ken!!" she yelled.

She finally realized he wasn't there.. they had already broken their promise.

"Iie.." she whispered as she sunk down to her knees wrapping her arms around herself, crying painfully.


Macross Plus

hitotsu me no kotoba wa "yume"
nemuri no naka kara
mune no oku no kurayami wo
sotto tsuredasu no

The first word was "dream."
It came to me in my sleep,
secretly drawing out the darkness
in the depths of my heart.

futatsu me no kotoba wa "kaze"
yukete wo oshiete
kami-sama no ude no naka e
tsubasa wo aoru no

The second word was "wind,"
showing me the way
into God's arms
as I spread my wings.

tokete-itta kanashii koto wo
kazoeru you ni
kin'iro no ringo ga
mata hitotsu ochiru

As if counting the sorrows
that have melted away,
golden apples
fall one-by-one.

mita koto mo nai fuukei
soko ga kaeru basho
tatta hitotsu no inochi ni
tadoritsuku basho

A view that I haven't even seen.
That is the place I'll return to
in this one life,
the place I'll find my way to.

furui mahou no hon
tsuki no shizuku
yoru no tobari
itsuka aeru

An old book of magic...
The curtain of night...
Only a premonition
of meeting

(sung in english)
We can fly
We have wings
We can touch
floating dreams.
Call me from
so far
through the wind.
in the light.

mittsu me no kotoba wa "hum"
mimi wo sumashitara
anata no furueru ude wo
sotto tokihanatsu

The third word is "hum,"
if you listen carefully.
I softly release
your trembling arms.

::End Chapter One::

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