Gambling with the Devil

CHAPTER 1: amnesia


My first breath of consciousness was met with the static of a radio. I began to feel the pain in my head surging down my spine. Where was I? What happened? Who am I! As I opened my eyes and darkness faded away, I glanced around, and was met with a disturbing scene. There were two young men, within their twenties, with no signs of life. I began to turn around in my seat when I noticed that the one in the back seat looked strangely familiar. I was swiftly taken away from these thoughts with the stirring of the man next to me.


My first thought was 'DEAN?' but no words came from my mute tongue. I was about to attempt again when I heard a voice full of confusion.

"Who are you?... Why am I here?" I could not believe what I was hearing from my father sitting next to me.

"Dad it's me, Sam."

"Sam? Sam who...what?" It was obvious that Dad was suffering from amnesia but at least he was breathing and alert.

"DEAN! Dude can you here me?" Silence was thrown abruptly back at me with nothing-not even a whimper. Panic swept over me as I attempted to turn around. I had to fight back the darkness from the pain circulating through my body.

"What are you doing? Tell me what's going on?" Dad asked without any concern for Dean.

"Shut up! That would be your son lying unconscious in the back seat!"

"My...I have a son?" Dad shifted in his seat and looked back at his son. Tears began in his eyes as his brain registered that if that was his son, he could very well be dead.

" YEAH! AND I'M YOUR SON TOO! GOD, DAD DON'T YOU REALIZE WHAT HAS HAPPENED BECAUSE OF YOU!" Now, I began shouting at nearly the top of my lungs. My body began to shake and tremble with anger. God, I should have killed you when I had the chance!