Chapter 4


"What kind of business?"

"Oh you know, the usual 'devil' business. I'm here to present a proposal to you and it involves your 'beloved' Dean."

"Okay you have my attention. What exactly do you want?"

"I can get your brother back but for a price of course." The man said as he open the car door and Dean's lifeless body fell to the ground. Is this man serious? Can he actually bring Dean back? I would love to hear his smartalek comments and his mullet rock one more time. I guess the price would be worth seeing him one more time. How could it be worse than living without him? I looked at Dean's lifeless face lying near the man's feet and saw Dean's courage, his cocky attitude, and all things Dean. I would do anything to have him back.

"Great it's a done deal." The man interrupted my thoughts.

"What- what deal?"

"The mind reveals a lot Sam." The man said as he tapped Sam's head. "I hope to do business with you again. Just remember your gambling with the devil." The man turned to walk away but instead faded away as Sam was flying back into consciousness.

"What? WAIT! DEAN!"


I was ripped from my sleep by Sam screaming for his brother. At first glance Sam appeared to be fighting a bear- and losing. He had sweat covering every inch of his body and was lost among his tangled sheets. At first I was frightened to approach him but something told me I had to help him. I walked over to his bed and began to shake him, while dodging his flying limbs.

"SAM! Wake up! Sam!" He violently jumped up as if to protect himself while he searched the room. He looked blankly into my face while I wiped his hair out of his face.

"Dad? What happened? Dean. Where's Dean?"

"Sam, Dean's dead remember?"

"NO! I saw him."

"It was just a dream"

Sam eased a little at my explanation, but I remained tense. Something was not right and Sam and I are stuck right in the middle of it. I wish I could have my memory back!


It's been three days since the dream and Dad is still lacking in the memory department. There have been some glimmers of hope though. Dad is starting to remember hunting techniques. Great, the first thing he remembers is hunting the demon! I guess we all know what was truly important to him. He hasn't tried to hunt yet on the account of the cold he's developed. It seems like the usual cold and he should be able to hunt sometime this week this week

I have not given much thought to the dream since that night. I chose not to get my hopes up. Plus I didn't want to have to pay the 'price'. I could tell Dad was uneasy about the dream, but I just figure it was because he doesn't remember my nightmares. I have spent the last three days in every library known to man searching for anything connecting to the demon. Dad has tried repeatedly to tell me to take it slow and not jump right into hunting yet, but I have turned into what I preached against. Dad. Although Dad is oblivious to fact, I have become his clone seeking to avenge Dean's death.


I've been sitting in this room chomping at the bit to see anything besides white for days. No sign of 'Lucifer' and nobody for that matter. If this is hell, well, I'd rather take the heat and fire. It's weird I haven't felt hungry, tired, and in fact I don't feel anything at all. What's worse is the silence, who ever said 'Silence is golden' should be shot. When am I going to see some action? I mean seriously, like being dead isn't enough?

Just about that time the one door in the room began to open to reveal someone I'd thought I'd never see again.


"Who did you expect? The tooth fairy? Come it is time."

"Time for what?" I said without moving an inch. It was Meg the possessed girl who tried to killed Sammy and me more than once. " Why should I trust you?"

She just smirk and turned to leave. " Fine stay here. I know how much you enjoy it."

"Whoa, wait who said anything about staying? I was just testing you." I jumped from my seat eager to get out of this place.

"Look what I've sunk to, I'm trusting Meg of all people." Meg just snickered then turned to open the door.


Little do Dean and Sam know, but they are playing right into my hands. My plan has started to unfold and soon Sam will have what he wants. But like I said it comes with a price and it will hit closer to home than they expect. With John off the job and without a clue I will shortly receive what I want. These Winchesters are like sitting ducks.