Hi everyone. For anyone who has started reading this and has not read " Forgetting Ginny Weasley " you will be completly confused so I advise you to read that before you read this. This is simply a continuation of the story.

Virginia sighed as the medicine began to take effect. Slowly her mind began to drift into the past and back to when she met her uncle that day.


" So Malfoy. I have returned the boy and all is well."

" That is good Belletrix. As long as there is no suspicion on my part?"

" Not a trace. You should feel lucky that you are married to my sister otherwise..."

" Are you saying Belletrix dear... that you would not protect me...even though we are associates through the dark Lord?"

" I am saying Malfoy that I look out for myself and only myself. The Dark Lord destests emotion of any kind... it would not do well for you turn soft."

His eyes flammed angrilly. " I am not soft."

" Of course not " said Belletrix. " But just in case..."

" Are you calling me weak Lestrange?"

" No."

" Well then close it ... you should remember just who you are dealing with... my family..."

" Are no match for mine Malfoy. I have all of my family willing to defend me. The Black family tapestry is very long."

" So I remember Belletrix. A lot of those family members have been wiped off it."

" Oh please " cried Belletrix. " If you mean that worthless cousin of mine Sirius and that Tonks. They are filth... as for the rest."

" The Malfoys are no fools either Belletrix."

Belletrix grinned and stepped closer. Her wand sliding on the tip of Malfoys neck. " You just remember whose side you're on Malfoy because if you ever waver. I wont be there to save your greasy neck this time." She whipped her wand from under his chin.

" The dark lord has no use for those who hide under the ministry's wing for protection. Getting cosy there are you Malfoy?"

" I have uncovered plots for the Dark Lord."

" Well I dont see any progress " snapped Belletrix. " Potter is still alive and somewhere , and we still have mudbloods around the place."

" It's all under control " snapped Malfoy. " As for you who cant keep herself out of Azkaban. Tell me what do you tell your husband when you go there. Sorry dear I have a hair appointment. I'll be back in ten years."

" Why you..."

" Mummy can I get a drink? Virginia siddled down the stairs.

" I told you to stay upstairs " shrieked Belletrix raising her wand. " Now I will teach you a lesson you wont easily forget."

" NO " cried Virginia. " Mummy I'm sorry."

" LEAVE THAT CHILD ALONE " screamed a man. Aaron Keller ran in and grabbed Virginia by her waist and lifted her up into his arms.

" What are you doing here? he snapped at Lucius.

" Leaving " replied Malfoy curtly. " Good day Belletrix. Aaron."

He stalked out slamming the door.

" You were going to curse her."

" She disobeyed me."

" She's a child... your the adult. She only wanted a drink. You cant send her to her room everytime you decide to have a private meeting. Which by the way... what were you discussing."

" As you said Aaron... private meeting."

" I'm your husband."

" So what " said Belletrix. " That doesnt mean anything to me."

" How can you say such a thing?"

" Easily. Now if you would kindly excuse me please."

He grabbed her wrists.

" Hey let go of me."

He looked into her eyes and stepped back.

" You've rejoined haven't you?"

" Good bye Aaron " and she walked out the door.