Hey guys , I have decided to continue on with this story since I enjoyed writing it so much and so I have started the last story of the Forgetting Ginny Weasley Series. It's called "Tommy's Revenge and I've just posted the second chapter!

That night Virginia opened a letter from her Aunt who had received an urgent message from her and wrote back. Virginia scanned the letter.

Dear Virginia.

I must say I am shocked to hear from you now. I had believed everything would be okay. Meet me in the common room tonight at 12.30am. I will use the Floo Network...but please be careful...and dont let yourself get in any trouble.



Virginia nodded as she left down the letter and checked the time. It was closing in on 12.30 so her Aunt should appear any time from now on. She jumped suddenly when she heard a crack in the fire and turned to see her Aunt there.

" Aunt " she cried bending down beside the fire to her.

" Virginia what's wrong?"

Virginia looked at her Aunt and bowed her head.

" I want to come home."

" Why?"

" I hate it here...I cant stay. I dont belong."

" Who said you didn't belong?"

" Everyone hates me...I cant take it anymore ...I'm not like these students Aunt...I'm different. I'll never fit in."

" Dont you want to continue your education a few more months ...take your exams and then go out into the world and do whatever you want?"

" I cant wait another day ...I want to leave NOW!"

" That's not possible Virginia."

" But Aunt...you said..."

" I know what I said Virginia. But I'm not at home right now...I've been busy with the Order and we're working on something now...I wont be there to care for you."

" I can care for myself " muttered Virginia. " I've done it all these years."

" It's not that simple anymore " said Mylene. " Voldemort has too much access to you Virginia ...he knows everything about you...he could use you...I cant let that happen...for your own safety and for others trust me."

" I've managed all these years."

" Dont be stubborn."

Virginia turned away.

" I hate this " she cried tears rolling down her cheeks.

Harry had just woken up and he crept down the stairs to check out the noise. He hid at the top and peeked down.

" I want to leave here " cried Virginia. " I want my life back."

" This is your life Virginia. Here with other kids your age...not trapped in some house all alone " said Mylene.

" At least when I was alone no one could hurt me " cried Virginia.

" You're so angry " cried Mylene.

" I'm not " retorted Virginia.

" Yes you are...dont you see? You have locked yourself in your own world of bitterness with only anger and hate to fuel you...Cant you see that there are people who are trying to help you?

" People only hurt me " whimpered Virginia. And I hurt them. Thats why I am better off alone."

" Hurt you...Who hurts you Virginia?"

Virginia didn't answer.

" Virginia please tell me..."

" Everyone " screamed Virginia. " Everyone hates me and judges me..."

Mylene nodded. " I see and this is because?..."

" My Mother...and me " replied Virginia.

" You " said Mylene. " I dont understand."

" I'm a problem and I see that."

Virginia went to the portrait and walked out.

" Virginia come back " cried Mylene.

Harry raced down.

" Dont worry " he cried. " I'll get her."

Harry followed her and watched her run down into the dungeons where the doors were opened into the back leading out into the castle grounds. Harry followed hoping he wouldn't be caught. She rushed outside where there were two males with cars from the Ministry talking to Professor Mcgonagall.

" So that's okay then Minerva is it?"

" Yes Ogdeous. Professor Dumbledore will of course be pleased to meet with you after he returns to the school."

" And you think he will allow this new security measure to be installed here yes?"

" I give no answer to that whatsoever " replied Mcgonagal." It is up to Professor Dumbledore to decide that. I do however give it a small chance of getting through though ...I mean after sending dementors into our school ...I think this measure will be a piece of cake dont you?"

The two men blushed. " Well that was a mistake."

Mcgonagall nodded. " Clearly. Now...I must insist that you leave...the school security measures that are in place have been lifted only temporaily..."

Virginia ran forward and sneaked into the back of the car. Harry rushed and cried " No."

Mcgonagall looked around. " Potter what are you?"

Mcgongall stopped in mid speech...her eyes fixed on a sudden flash and a bang. Virginia had crept out of the car at the sound and was in full view of everyone.

Mcgonagall who was near him grabbed Harry and shoved him behind her cloak.

A hand appeared out of the flash and torso. The body was long and pale with spidery fingers , red slits for eyes and wearing a black cloak... Lord Voldemort had arrived. The two men fainted in horror. Mcgonagall stood rooted to the ground her eyes malevolent and not showing fear. But Harry knew behind this great show of courage ...their had to be some fear present. He looked up to Mcgonagall at her courage for not showing it.

" Come to me " cackled Voldemort to Virginia. She burst out crying and walked forward.

" Virginia no " screamed Harry and he threw back Mcgonagalls cloak and stepped forward.

" Potter No " screamed Mcgonagall. But it was too late. Harry had raced forward.

" Hah...hah " laughed Voldemort. " The boy is protecting you " he said to Virginia. " Protecting a lying...sly thing like you."

Virginia looked up. Her eyes brimmed with tears.

" Shall I tell him?" sneered Voldemort. " Shall I tell him the truth?"

Harry looked at her shocked. " Tell me what? " he screamed.

" No...no..." mumbled Virginia.

" My slippery friend here...came to me Potter...asking for my help a few weeks ago after her return to Hogwarts. I made an offer you see...I made an offer to let her see her Father again in return for something else...someone I need...She accepted it...and in return she brought me what I needed. In fact she lured it here tonight .Can you guess what that was?"

" Me " replied Harry. " How could you? " screamed Harry. " How could you do something like this? I thought we were friends. I treated you good and this is how you repay me."

" I'm sorry " cried Virginia. " I'm so sorry. But my Dad...the only person who has ever loved me...I wanted to see his face again so badly. I'm sorry...I didn'y mean it to end like this..."

" You stupid girl " cried Mcgonagall. " The dead cant be brought back to life. He has tricked you...You've been used."

Virginia looked up suddenly at Voldemort. " You promised..."

" She lies " hissed Voldemort. " She only wishes to spare Potter. It's a trick ..."

" I'm not leaving " snarled Harry.

Voldemort sneered. " I thought you would say that."

Harry looked at him. " Let them go " he said indicating Mcgonagall and the two men. " They have no involvement."

" Potter " she hissed.

" Shhh " muttered Harry.

" This isn't the time for compromises Potter. You are coming and thats final."

Harry shook his head.

Voldemort laughed and waved his wand suddenly a body floated in the air and dropped to the ground.

" Ginny " screamed Harry.

She was bound at the arms and legs.

" Let her go " screamed Harry.

Voldemort shook his head. " Changed your mind yet Potter?"

" Let her...let her go " cried Harry. " And I'll...I'll come ..."

" No " cried Mcgonagall. " Potter."

Harry silenced her.

" Voldemort laughed.

" Spoken like a true hero Potter. Your dead Father would have been proud...he too sacrificed himself for his wife and his wife did that for you. It wont be long Potter. You'll get to see your Father too."

Virginia looked up. " But..."

Voldemort looked at Virginia.

Virginia looked at Harry who refused to look at her. She suddenly grabbed her wand and threw it at Harry.

" Run " she screamed to him and she untied Ginny. Ginny got to her feet and Harry grabbed the wand. Suddenly the sky flashed red and Harry could see the tips of wands heading towards them. He looked at Mcgonagall who smiled. She had called the Aurors. Voldemort looked in horror.

Ginny smiled at Harry who smiled back.

" I love you " she whispered.

" Me too " he said.

Voldemort yelled and he turned on Virginia...grabbing his wand he pointed it and yelled Virginia was thrown into the air and she landed hard on the ground...there was a flash of light and Voldemorts wand was thrown out of his hand. Remus Lupin and eight other Aurors stood by. Voldemort laughed. " This isn't the end Potter." He disappeared.

Harry ran over to Virginia who was bleeding rapidly and muttering randomly to herself.

" Someone get Madame Pomfry " cried Mcgonagall.

" Cant we move her to the hospital wing? " cried Harry.

Lupin bent down. " She wont make it if we do...she's been hit bad."

Harry bent down and looked at her.

" You shouldn't have done that " he told her. " He wouldn't have hit you. You did a stupid thing."

" I...I..." Virginia gasped. Her face pale except for the trickle of blood running down it. " I...I...did what was ...right...my conscience... is ...clear." She gave a cry of pain and soft moans followed.

Ginny bent down. " I'm sorry Virginia."

Virginia smiled. " You're a sweet Girl...Ginny...Harry is very lucky."

" It's okay Sweetheart " said Madame Pomfrey as she bent down. Placing a blanket over her. She stood up.

By now everyone had become aware of the situation and students had rushed out of the classes to see what the fuss was. Loud gasps revealed that a large crowd had gathered around Virginia.

" Virginia..." cried a voice.

Tommy pushed his way through. " Get out of my way " he cried. " Move I need to see her. Virginia " he cried as he saw her.

" Young man " began Madame Pomfrey. " This is no time..."

" Poppy " said Mcgonagall softly. " Leave him."

Professor Mcgonagall turned to the students and began to clear them away.

" I'm sorry " he cried. " I should never have hit you that time...I'm sorry."

" It's okay " she said. " I shouldn't have teased you...I didn't mean it."

" Virginia...you're so cold " cried Tommy as he bent down to look at her.

She tried to smile. " I cant feel anything ...it doesnt matter."

Tommy nodded. " Can you feel this?" he asked as he put his arms around her and rested her head against his shoulder.

She nodded. " Tommy?"

" Yes " he replied.

" I'm scared."

" Dont be " he soothed. " I'm here now...you're not alone."

" My Dad...he's not coming is he? He wasn't going to be brought back from the dead was he?"

Tommy shook his head. " I'm sorry."

" Now I'm never going to have anyone. I'm going to die alone."

Tommy shook his head. " You have me Virginia. You'll never be alone. I promise."

She nodded and closed her eyes as tears wet her eyelashes and rolled down her cheeks. Suddenly her breathing became shallow and her pulse weak. Her head drooped on his shoulder and her eyes flickered to stay open.

" Virginia? Virginia stay with me...No...please..."

She looked at him and with all her strength pushed her self upwards just enough to kiss him softly on the lips.

" I'm going to miss you Tommy."

" No dont say that...not now...it's not supposed to end like this Virginia...we have a future."

" Dont cry Tommy."

" Help " cried Tommy. " Someone please..."

Professor Mcgonagall ran over with Madame Pomfrey.

" Save her " cried Tommy. " Professor she's ill."

Professor Mcgonagall paused and then looked at Tommy.

" Tommy...she's dying...Madame Pomfrey has already given her something for the pain ...it's too late."

" No " cried Tommy. " Professor you cant just leave her " Tears were spilling from his eyes onto his cheeks. " Professor I love her...you cant let her die like this."

" There's nothing I can do " cried Mcgonagall whose eyes had become strangely wet now. " I'm sorry " she cried.

" Tommy " called a Virginia in a weak voice.

" Yes " he cried turning to her.

" Say it again " she whispered.

" What?" cried Tommy. " What do want me to say?"

" Tell me you love me...tell me again."

" I love you Virginia."

She smiled.

" I love you too Tommy " Her voice became barely a whisper and her eyes glowed as a strange still expression came over her face.

Tommy cried and took her small hand and held it.

" I'm here " he cried. " Virginia I'm here..."

" I can see it " she cried to him as he held her.

" What?"

" I can see..." Virginia stopped moving. Her face was still and her voice quiet.

" What can you see?" cried Tommy.

" Dad " whispered Virginia and her hand fell stiff. Her head dropped and her hand fell to the side of the bed. Her eyes were shut and a peaceful smile was on her face.

" No " cried Tommy as he held her hand in his.

" Tommy " whispered Mcgonagall. " Perhaps..."

" No " he cried. " I cant...leave me " he begged. " Just go..."

Mcgonagall for the first time in her life obeyed an order and left the scene.

Harry and Ginny stood in the shadows hand in hand both deeply saddened by her death. Harry just hoped it would stay dark enough so that Ginny wouldn't see the tears sliding down his face. Virginia had been an amazing girl and Harry even though he knew he loved Ginny very much...he felt he had also loved Virginia and perhaps she had loved him too. There was something special about that girl who even though she had lost her Father to Voldemort and even lost her Mother to Voldemorts clutches she had still remained in the light and even gone against her dream of seeing her Father again by saving Harry and Ginny's life for a second time. He felt deeply saddened as he would never again hear the strong voice , see those dark eyes and witness the bravery of a girl who was shunned for most of her life. He cried openly for Tommy who sat silently in the dark wondering what could have gone wrong , he cried for his parents , for Sirius and for everyone who had ever suffered under the hands of Voldemort...but most of all he cried for Virginia and the pain she must have endured.

Ginny squeezed his hand they began to walk in. Ron and Hermione were at the door waiting both worried ...tears on Hermione's face.

Ginny kissed Harry goodnight and left with Ron to the common room. Hermione looked at Harry and then sighed. Harry stared outside to where Tommy was with Virginia. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine a different situation if he had stayed with Virginia. If he had left Ginny...would he be crying and sitting over her body now? He sighed to himself and tried to get the image out of his head. Hermione put her hand on his shoulder.

" Everything will be okay Harry."

He nodded as he heard the words of Virginia in his head and something he had never understood before about her came to make sense in his mind.

" I just want people to see me as Virginia and not Lestranges Daughter. I want people to see the real me and judge me on that. I want to be known as a good person. I just wanted people to understand..."

" They will Virginia " he said softly to himself. " They will now."


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