-Morning Observations-

Disclaimers: No characters are actually mentioned but they don't belong to me anyway…I found this sitting under my bed. I wrote it for a fic a while ago and never used it, it just happened to be one hundred words without me having to add anything. The characters can be left up to the imagination to be interpreted as whomever you want. 100 Wold Drabble. Reviews, very much appreciated.


She stared at him as he slept. The sheet resting just above his hips, one arm lazily strewn over his bare chest, the other laid across the spot she had just occupied, the gentle lull of his even breathing making her wish to be asleep in his arms again, the steady rise and fall of his chest hypnotizing her. She moved her gaze up to his slightly parted lips, closed eyes, and even more so than usual tousled hair, a soft snoring sound breaking the silence of the room. She gently leaned down and kissed him, whispering 'I love you'.