Hello all! I'm back with a new story; this originally was going to be a part of my drabbles series but as the story progressed, I found myself wanting to go into more detail, but to do that would mean more chapters. To anyone asking, yes Ed will grow up in this fic and there will be at least 1 sex scene in it implied or otherwise, but depending on your views Ed may or may not be of legal age when the sex actually happens (Smirks evilly) This is an AT (Alternate timeline) Fic because I've messed with everyone's ages and stuff, it is also major Shota which is an older legal man with a child, Yaoi (Obviously if it's Roy/Ed) there will be no Al in it as far as I know in this story, Hoinhiem is NOT Edward's father in this story and there is a hint of the anime loveless due to the fact Ed has cat ears and a tail and will lose them when he loses his virginity.

Thanks to Konekochan for reading a part of my story and encouraging me to make this a multi chapter story instead of a drabble.

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The Innocent and the Damned

Chapter 1- Ed


When 19 year old Lieutenant Roy Mustang first joined the military less than a month ago he figured that he would know what to do in any situation; his family came from a long line of Generals and commanders in the military, so it was no surprise that the dark haired teen had followed in his families footsteps and became a state alchemist. The only con about the job he had was the paperwork; he hated it with a passion and avoided it when he could but his colleague and fellow Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye had a gun, a very shiny gun, she also happened to be a very good shot with her gun and never hesitated to pull it out on him whenever she thought he was slacking.

Roy had not expected his life to be all that exciting, the world of Artemis was at peace at the moment so the military was not needed for anything major, he expected to find a pretty girl and get married, maybe have a kid or two and settle down. The dark haired alchemist sighed as walked home from work from a yet another very long and boring night in the office. He had expected this night to be just like any other night, he'd walk to his small apartment nearby, make something quick to eat for dinner, then sit down listen to the radio and read a book, with a glass of whiskey in his hands until he was tired enough, then he'd go to bed only to wake up early the next morning to do the same thing all over again. But as fate would have it that was NOT what happened, instead of doing the usual routine of going home, this time as he walked down the empty streets at near enough midnight, he heard the faint sounds of someone whimpering and the sounds of a faint scuffle happening in a nearby an ally he was passing.

Roy paused in his steps upon heard a high pitched yowl, which sounded like someone was trying to strangle, or had just stepped on a cat. "You worthless piece of shit!" a harsh male voice cried out, the voice was rough and slurred, almost sounding as though the man yelling was drunk. There was another whimper then a dull sound of a foot hitting flesh harshly, which was greeted with another pained yowl. The dark haired alchemist scowled, hearing enough; he couldn't just stand by and listen to this man beat up someone. Quickly Roy pulled on his ignition gloves and walked down the dark and dingy alleyway "You are nothing! You hear me!" the voice rang out again, oblivious to anyone walking down the alleyway towards him, the man was tall, his dirty blonde hair was tied into a loose ponytail at the nape of his neck, his bronze coloured eyes glaring at something shaking on the floor, and this mans cloths were dirty, the man raised his fist slowly to aim another punch at the shivering ball on the floor, and Roy had had enough; whoever this person was, this man was obviously not going to stop hurting whoever was on the floor, until he or she either couldn't move, became unconscious or was beaten to death.

The dark haired alchemist snapped his fingers without hesitation just as the blonde man's arm swung downwards and sent a ball of fire after the man, who barley saw it coming and managed to dodge it, even in his drunken and disorderly state. "You have until the count of three to leave before I burn you to ashes and trust me, next time I won't miss" The man paused and stared at Roy, taking in the state uniform he wore, the dark haired alchemist could almost see the gears working in the other mans head, before the blonde man snickered spitefully and held his hands up defensively "Fine, whatever I'm leaving, you can have the little whore, he's no use to me anyway" The man spat bitterly, his voice still slightly slurred, before turning and leaving, his steps slightly unsteady. The dark haired alchemist glared at the man's back and sneakily set the drunken man's hair on fire (He ran away and had to douse his head in a nearby fountain) before he turned to the tiny ball that was shaking on the ground next to him.

Slowly, Roy knelt down to the shivering bundle "Hey are you okay?" he asked softly, not wanting to startle whoever this person was, the bundle on the floor was small almost childlike, Roy's heart clenched praying that it wasn't a child though he knew that it probably was and that upset him; what person tries to beat up an innocent child like that?. Slowly the dark haired teen reached out to touch the shaking figure but it merely yowled in fear and tried to scoot away from him even though there was nowhere for the frightened child to run, its body pressed against a large heavy trashcan and the wall of the alleyway. This action made Roy's heart clench in sympathy; it was obvious that the boy probably hadn't ever been treated kindly before. "Hey now I'm not going to hurt you, I want to help…my name is Roy, do you have a name?" the dark haired alchemist said trying to befriend the child; he couldn't leave a kid here, especially a hurt one, alone in an alleyway at night, so he needed to coax the child into trusting him enough so he could take the kid to his home and find out where it's parents were.

The ball was still shaking but it shifted a little and Roy could see too big golden eyes full of tears peeking out at him suspiciously for a moment there was silence before the golden eyed child finally spoke. "…E-Edward…" The small ball muttered and Roy smiled encouraging the child; he could tell from the voice that the child was male and that the boy probably wasn't much older then 6 or 7 years old.

Roy smiled kindly and held out a hand "Come on you can't stay here all night it's going to rain soon, and I need to take a look at your injuries, so can you stand?" Ed's big golden eyes continued to peep suspiciously at him for a little while longer before the young child struggled to get up and on to his feet. Once the child had gotten up the blonde pulled down his hood and Roy gaped at the boy's face in horror; His left eye was badly bruised and his lip was bleeding heavily, his golden blonde hair was messy and tied in an unkempt braid which had almost fallen out, his furry golden ears on the top of the child's head and his golden tail twitched a little out of nervousness, his cloths which consisted of a black hoodie and cotton pants were filthy from him lying on the floor and there was a large tear in the knee of the pants, if this child wasn't in such a bad state he would have thought the blonde boy very cute. "Can you walk?" Roy asked gently not sure if this kid had the energy, but the blonde child just nodded his head stubbornly and tried to walk off, only for his small legs to collapse under him, making Roy scramble down and scoop the young boy into his arms.

The golden haired child mewed in obvious pain and surprise at the sudden movement as Roy straightened up and carried the boy in his arms; the blonde squeaked a little as being held so high above ground and buried his battered face in Roy's uniform jacket shyly. The dark haired alchemist looked down and noticed this before her smiled "Its okay Ed, I won't drop you I promise" Roy said soothingly, the beaten child just peeked up at him shyly before he nodded timidly and nuzzled Roy's jacket again; The blonde used his sensitive nose to smell the man's jacket, and was able to pick out the smell of soap powder, smoke and some cologne Roy wore; the mixture of these smells was nice, he liked that smell a lot and it felt comforting to Ed, and it was enough to make the blonde neko fall fast asleep in the flame alchemist's arms.

By the time Roy had realized that the small bundle in his arms was asleep, he'd already arrived at his apartment, gently he shifted the boy so his head was resting on his neck and with one arm around the blonde's tiny waist, and he used his free hand to quietly unlock the door and stepped inside his small apartment. The dark haired man's home was of medium size the floors were made of polished oak and the walls painted a soft blue colour. Roy walked into his living room switching on a table lamp and warming up the room by lighting a fire in the fireplace, before he gently placed the injured child onto his comfortable sofa, the warm fire slowly heating up the room. The dark haired teen tried to stand up, but for some reason Ed whimpered pathetically and wouldn't let go of his jacket; resigned to having to letting the sleeping child have his way, he quickly slipped his blue uniform jacket off, as soon as he did so, Ed hugged it to his chest and buried his small face in it like a comfort blanket and Roy couldn't help but smile at the adorable sight, half wishing he had a camera so he could take a picture of it.

Sighing Roy decided he needed to sort the blonde out and went upstairs to fetch a fluffy blue blanket, a t-shirt for the blonde to sleep in and the first aid kit he kept in the bathroom then headed back downstairs, quickly making a detour into the kitchen and made the blonde a cup of hot chocolate; Roy wasn't used to looking after children seen as he had none of his own but he had a little experience after babysitting his best friend, Meas Hughes's daughter Elysia, who was only a couple of years younger then the blonde probably was.

Roy walked back into the living room everything set upon a tray and gently he knelt down next to the sofa and shook the blonde's shoulder "Ed…Edward wake up, I need to treat your injuries...if you wake up you can drink this hot chocolate?" Roy said, but the blonde moaned and tried to bury his little head deeper into the flame alchemist's uniform jacket. The teen chuckled expecting this and tugged the jacket out of the child's weak grip gently, before wafting the hot chocolate under the blonde's nose "Come on wake up and you can have it" Roy said, chuckling in amusement as the blonde blindly pawed at him for the mouth watering beverage the older man was teasing under his nose. Ed mewled sleepily and blinked looking up at Roy, before pouted cutely a shy little blush forming on the blonde's face. The dark haired alchemist chuckled in amusement and handed the child the mug of hot chocolate "Be careful it still might be a bit hot" Roy said as the he watched Ed blow on the hot beverage gently then sip it cautiously.

As the young child occupied himself with the drink, Roy opened the first aid kit and pulled out some cotton wool and some antiseptic "Okay this might hurt a little but it'll do you good" The golden eyed child just nodded as Roy soaked some cotton wool on some antiseptic and dabbed it on the various cuts and scrapes on the blonde's face which made the blonde jerk away a little at first and hiss in pain but otherwise the child didn't move afterwards. Once the dark haired teen finished cleaning up the cuts he placed a couple of plasters on the blonde's face and smiled "Okay that's your face done, I need to check the rest of you now"

The golden haired blonde bit his lip, his eyes wide in fear at these words and Roy frowned, gently he ruffled the blonde's hair "Its okay Ed I wont hurt you I just want to help okay?" the blonde child nodded slowly in understanding, tears still welling in his eyes as he slowly took of his t-shirt to reveal several dark purple bruises on his fragile body, all across his chest and stomach and the were a lot of scrapes and cuts on the blondes back; it made Roy physically wince to see so many bruises on someone so small and young "Its okay Ed, it'll be over soon I promise" He said soothingly as tears began falling from the blonde's, face. The dark haired man took his time being careful with every wound he encountered and bandaged the blonde up tenderly. In the end Roy had to bandage up half of the blonde's torso he had that many injuries and the dark haired man was seriously worried; surly the blonde couldn't have gotten all of these wounds from that man; some of them looked days old while others were fresh and still bleeding a little. "Ed…who was that man that was hurting you?" he asked gently as he wrapped the warm blue blanket around the blonde so he didn't get cold without his ragged clothing. Ed bit his bottom lip and even more tears welled up in those big golden eyes, the blonde small shoulders began shaking violently "H…he…was…m-my dad…" The blonde croaked out.

The dark haired man's eyes widened in surprise at this, as he wiped his thumb over the chilled plump cheeks, wiping the tears away gently. "Has he hurt you often?" Roy asked, he needed to know in order to help the kid, the blonde just nodded numbly "H-He does I-it all the t-time…e-ever since…momma died…" Ed whispered brokenly, before covering his bruised face in his hands and bursting out into tears. Roy Mustang felt his heart go out to this child; he'd been taking beatings off his father since his mother died, it was no wonder the amount of injuries the small child had on him. Gently Roy pulled the blonde to his chest mindful of the smaller ones injuries and hugged the child, while stroking his hair and rubbing his cat ears gently, trying to sooth the sobbing child in his arms. "It's okay Ed, your going to be okay now" Roy murmured really not knowing if it would; this child needed to be taken away from his father and put somewhere safe in a foster home for a while until a nice family adopted the poor child. The dark haired teen, was really tempted to ask the kid a bit more about his background and most importantly about his father, but he figured the golden haired child had been through more than enough for one day.

Roy let Edward sob on his shoulder for what seemed like hours, when the blonde child finally calmed down he didn't pull away, in fact he just continued to cling onto the dark haired mans shirt tighter and buried his head in Roy's chest, clearly indicating he didn't want to be moved from the older man's lap any time soon. The dark haired teen sighed, and took the t-shirt that he'd gotten for the blonde to wear "Here put this on and you can go to sleep okay?" Roy said to Edward who peeked up at him, his eyes puffy and red before he nodded and he reluctantly pulled away from Roy enough and slowly got moved his aching arms so the T-shirt slipped over his head easily.

The t-shirt was far too large for the blonde child; the t shirt itself reached down to child's shins, the sleeve's were down to Ed's elbows, and it was hanging off on shoulder lopsidedly, Roy chuckled and again found himself thinking the blonde looked absolutely adorable. Ed stared up at him and scowled at him when he heard the older man laugh, but it just made the blonde look cuter instead of the effect Edward wanted.

Roy smiled and wrapped Ed in the blue blanket "Come on its way past both our bedtimes" Roy said with a slight yawn as he stood up, the young child once again in his arms, as he left the first aid kit and the and the half empty mug on the table deciding to clean it up tomorrow, quickly Roy turned off the lamp which made the blonde squeak a little and he felt Ed's face buried in his neck; the kid was obviously scared of the dark. "It's aright Ed I'm here" Roy murmured as he carried the child upstairs. Gently he placed the small child in the spare bedroom and tried to put him on the bed but the blonde neko mewled in protest and clung onto to him refusing to be moved from Roy for even a second. The dark haired teen sighed "Come on Edward you have to let go of me so you can get some sleep…nothings going to hurt you while I'm here okay?"

Slowly the child nodded and let go of the older man reluctantly and Roy tucked him into bed, he would have taken away the blanket that he'd put around the blonde But Ed was burying his face into to that like he'd done with his military jacket. Roy sat on the edge of the bed and the blonde peeped up at him expectantly "Its okay I'm just going to stay here for a while so go to sleep" Roy murmured as he absently raked a hand through the small boys silky blonde hair. Comforted that this man would be watching over him, the golden eyes child slowly closed his eyes and drifted of to sleep. Once he knew Edward was fast asleep Roy walked across to his room and stripped before slipping into his own bed, more than ready to crash and not wake up at all.

But his mind was racing a mile a minute about what else could have happened to this child, this innocent child who had probably done no wrong to anybody. The dark haired man felt his heart clench again as he remembered all the wounds scattered on the small blonde's body and he felt his fists tighten in anger. He didn't understand how Edward's own father could try and hurt someone that innocent and Roy felt like he had to do something, he was going to make sure that Edward would never get hurt again, the kid didn't deserve the life he'd been having, he needed someone to take care of him, who'd play with him and keep him fro harm, and just make the kid happy, someone like…him.

Roy blinked and broke off his thoughts eyes widened at his own thoughts; he was becoming attached to this child, he'd only met him for an hour and already Roy was attached to the cute little thing. The dark haired man groaned at this realization; The dark haired man found it strange as he'd never gotten attached to anything or anyone before, not even his own family then suddenly this poor child turns up and the father in Roy comes out? The teenage alchemist frowned at this; no, that was partly the answer but there was more to it than that, he didn't know what it was yet be he was determined to find out soon. With a tired sigh Roy closed his eyes and tried to sleep as the rain out side began to pour down heavily and thunder rumbled in the sky.


The room was dark, very dark, the only lighting coming from the pale glow of the moon shining through the curtain-less window, because of the light Edward could sees his shadow, his daddy's shadow. His daddy was drinking the foul smelling stuff again, and he was yelling loudly at him again, which made his ears hurt, then he was hitting him, which made his body hurt, then his daddy began accusing him of things Edward didn't even understand. The blonde child was confused and in a lot of pain, he didn't know what daddy was so mad at him for, he thought that he hadn't done anything wrong, Ed thought he'd tried really hard so that he was a good boy just like he'd promised to be, but he must have been bad, he must have done something wrong, or something really bad to deserve this punishment.

"Worthless! Stupid! Weak! That all you are! The man hissed after each punch on the blonde's fragile body, then his daddy yanked the blonde up from his place huddled in a corner of the groom and dangled Ed in front of him, holding the little boy up by the young boy's collar not caring if he was half chocking the blonde or not. "You're nothing! You're a bad boy! You made her go away, you made Trisha die!" The blonde's golden eyes widened in shock and fear at this piece of news, his young mind not being able to realize that his drunk father was throwing false accusations around in his drunk state "M-My fault? For M-Momma…" Ed whispered tears falling from his eyes.

His father just dropped the blonde harshly on the hardwood floor and took another gulp of vodka straight from the bottle as he stared out of the window, as Ed tried to weakly scramble away form his father's rage "That's right, it's your entire fault! If you hadn't been born, then Trisha would probably still be alive, your nothing compared to her! You worthless little shit!" The man screamed before throwing the almost empty vodka bottle at Edward, as it struck his head hard, then the little blonde boy blacked out and saw and heard no more.


Edward woke up with a mewl of fright and scrambled blindly out of the bed and hid underneath it shaking with fear; his daddy, his daddy was going to come! His daddy would come get him and then he was going to hurt him because Ed was bad, because he hadn't come home… The blonde blinked and remembered that he wasn't at home right now and was in fact, in that stranger's house. "Roy…" The blonde whispered, as lighting crashed outside and rind splattered against the window pain. The loud noise startled the blonde, which made Ed curl up into a tight ball in fear, his cat ears pressed flat to his head; he hated the lightning, he'd always been scared of it. Edward was scared and alone and he really didn't want to be "Roy…" Ed mewled out again hoping the dark haired man might hear him, but even the golden eyed little boy knew that Roy wouldn't be able to hear him over sound of the storm outside

Gathering what little courage the blonde had left, Edward quickly crawled out from under the bed and hurried over to the door, he had to struggle a little to open the door because he was so small and he'd jump every time he heard thunder, but eventually he managed to get it open. Once the door was open he was greeted by a dark hallway and Ed shivered in fear, trying to convince himself that nothing was going to hurt him; he was tired and wanted to sleep, but he wanted to feel comfortable first and Roy's smell, his scent was comforting to Ed; the blonde child didn't know why he liked it so much but he wanted to smell it again.

Ed sniffed the sir for Roy's scent and caught it, he quickly followed the scent to the door across the hallway from him and once again managed to open the door quietly, and Edward peeked in and saw the large bed and a lump of something on it, which from the smell was Roy fast asleep. Timidly, the young blonde neko tiptoed into the room his ear's twitching nervously at the slightest of sounds, not wanting to wake the other male up; this man has already done so much for him, he didn't want to disturb his sleep too.

Ed climbed onto the bed with a lot if difficulty but eventually he managed it quietly he crawled over to the dark haired teen and watched him sleep; his face was very peaceful when he slept his hair was everywhere and he looked so relaxed. Ed wished he could see Roy's eyes, he didn't know why but he liked Roy's eyes. Ed sighed and quickly got under the covers and lying next to the older men; the whole bed smelt of Roy and smiled, as he buried his face into one of Roy's pillows, feeling relaxed and content already. Slowly Ed drifted of into a dreamless sleep feeling a sense of contentment and happiness.


The next morning Roy's internal clock indicated that it was time for him to wake up. Roy sighed quietly not wanting to move at all; he still felt tired and he just wanted to go back to sleep and bury his head in the silky hear that smelled faintly of lemons. Roy's eyes snapped open at this 'Wait a minute when did I take someone to bed with me?" Roy thought in a panic; The dark haired teen was notorious for being a major flirt with the ladies, but he had never actually slept with most of them despite the rumours, in fact only a select few that could hold his attention long enough got that privilege.

It took the dark haired alchemist a few seconds to realize that it wasn't a women in bed with him at all but in fact a certain small male someone. Roy pulled down the covers and saw Edward fast asleep, his head under the dark haired man's chin, his blonde hair scattered everywhere and he was curled up cutely Ed nose buried in Roy's chest, the blonde's tail occasionally flicking out and brushing against Roy's stomach. The dark haired teen almost melted at the cute sight and gently raked a hand through the blonde's hair. The action caused Ed to stir and he opened his bright golden eyes sleepily and moved his head a little so he could look at Roy who couldn't help but smile. "Good morning Edward" Roy murmured sleepily, his hand still in the small boy's golden hair.

The blonde blinked at him and did something that Roy had never seen him do before; he smiled at Roy, it wasn't a big smile at all, it was a small shy one, but it was better then nothing at all and it made the teen feel happy that Ed was opening up to him a bit more "Morning Roy-Sama" Edward said and the dark haired alchemist blinked at the boy; he seemed a lot happier today and his greeting this morning was one of the longest sentence's he'd ever heard from the child. Suddenly the blonde let his head drop on Roy chest and Ed snuggled up to the dark haired man and closed his eyes "Still sleepy" Edward mumbled, the dark haired teen smiled, his eyes softening as he stared fondly at the half asleep boy, Roy glanced at his clock; it was 6am, usually he tried to make sure he was in work before everyone else, but today…well today he was tired and so was the kid, work, finding out more about the blonde and why he'd snuck into Roy's room, could wait for another hour at least. With a tired sigh Roy continued stroking the blonde's hair gently as he closed his eyes and he two drifted off to sleep together.

Little did they know that neither would awaken until the late afternoon.


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