Against All Odds

Chapter One

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett said coldly, his eyes held only anger, which was uncommon for a usually jovial man. Placing his hat on his head and grabbing his coat from the hat stand next to the large aperture, his wearisome steps frightening Scarlett.

Scarlett stood in front of the large grand staircase draped in putrid velvet, which, she now seemed to despise, unbelieving. The man she so loved was walking out of her life? Forever? He can't be leaving me! No, he can't be!

Her cat-like emerald eyes held terror. How would she get on without Rhett? Finally, finally after years of searching, nightmares, after everything, she had found what she needed most in the world, but had been to thick to witness it, love and protection.

Rhett bent down and grabbed his suitcase in his large left hand and draping his long coat over his arm. He refused to look back. He wouldn't see the hurt in Scarlett's eyes. He headed silently for the door. Too much damage has been done already, why risk saying anymore.

"Rhett, no!" Scarlett begged, running after him her incredibly pale cheeks wet with hot tears. "Rhett, please wait!"

He whirled around hurt and rage in his blazing jet-black eyes, "Do you like getting hurt, Scarlett?" he began shouting. "How do you like the feeling of being unwanted? It doesn't suite the southern bell now does it? I don't wish to hurt you anymore, Scarlett. Don't make me repeat it. You and I both know that this will never work out. Not again. Damage has torn the foundation of out marriage. Your playing with fire, my pet, and I for one, do no wish to be burnt!"

He again started for the door, Scarlett frozen in place, her heart shattering in her breast. She couldn't move for the new blow of his hatred was too much.

When she recovered from her lapse, she bolted toward the door, but he was gone. She looked down the foggy sidewalk, seeing nothing but his fain outline. "Rhett!"

She began to run down the alley, screaming his name, her corset stays tugging at her ferociously. Her thick brown hair flying behind her as tears poured from her eyes. "Rhett!"

He was gone. She couldn't catch up.

She could no longer see his tall, proud outline. She was engulfed in the smog, sobbing, her heart giving way as she continued to cry out. She sank to her knees, no longer caring if she made a spectacle of herself in front of the old cats of Atlanta. Mrs. Elsing and Mrs. Merriwether could do whatever they wished to kill whatever reputation she had left, for she really didn't pay head at the moment.

Scarlett wrapped her arms around herself as she sobbed harder on the cold street of Atlanta. She'd lost everything. Bonnie- the only child she ever loved, Melanie- the tiny creature she admired for so long without knowing it, and Rhett- the person she loved more than life itself.

She dug her long nails into her chest, trying to convert the excruciating pain from her eternally wounded heart anywhere else in her body.

"Rhett my dear, I need you." She moaned to herself as someone passed her on the sidewalk, staring and ushering his or her child quickly from 'the crazy woman'.

After a few minutes, she picked herself up and slowly, dejectedly, walked herself to her house on Peachtree Street. All the maids and servants rushed to her, anger filled her veins.

"Damn it! Can't you all leave me alone?" she screamed, running up the large expanse of stairs, "I need to be alone!" she collapsed onto her bed,sobbing her lost life into her soft, feathery pillow.

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