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Chapter 1: My First Day

Back then, I was 9-years-old. I was taking Japanese lessons, even though we lived in China. I never understood why though. My family was a poor one. Father barely made enough money, and Mother blamed it on me. They had a son, much older than me. He was 19, and a second year in college. The thing was, he attended college in Hi no Kuni, Japan.

I walked into the family room, where Mother and Father attended to see me. I loved them dearly, even as strict as they were. When I was 7, I saw my parents were glad my older brother was out of the house. Thrilled, even. Yet as he left in the taxi to the airport, when my parents turned to me, they were anything but thrilled. One day, I was walking towards the kitchen to get some water. My parents expected me asleep, and before I entered, I heard words from my mother.

"Wong might be gone, but we still have Tian-Tian to deal with."

Those words still echoed in my head now. I cannot imagine how my parents can hate me. I cannot imagine why my parents named me "Heaven" if I do not play the part their gift from above. And.. I cannot imagine, why they wanted me, a 9-year-old girl, emigrate from China, and immigrate to Japan.

"Mother? Father? You said you wanted to see me?" I asked.

My parents were sitting on the family couch. On the armchair was someone I hadn't seen for a long time. My brother.

"Wong? What are you doing here? Mama, Papa, what's going on?" right now, I was scared. Wong was never invited over. Not since he moved out. Not for Christmas, New Year's, nothing.

My mother got off the couch, she walked over to me, "Tian-Tian. You aren't going to be living here anymore."

I was shocked at the news, "Mama, what are you talking about?"

"You're gonna be living with me, Panda," Wong stated.

I backed away, tears forming in my eyes. Wong used Panda as my nickname. He said that I had always look like a panda. He told me that because of the buns on my head, and because I never changed my hairstyle. He and I didn't bond in years. We used to be kind siblings to each other, yet that changed in his final year in High School. He didn't offer a thing to me. "Mama, Papa, I don't understand!"

Mama picked me up, of course her grip was struggling. The tears quaked, and came out of my eyes. Wong was now holding me, but I was struggling. His grip was more firm than Mama's. I turned to my parents. Their expression was neutral, but I could see the glee hidden in my mother's eyes.

She wanted me gone.

Papa handed a suitcase to Wong. I'm guessing that was my luggage. The tears fell more than ever.

"Why? Mama, Papa, why don't you love me and Wong anymore?" I sobbed. I sensed the shocked vibe my parents were feeling. I saw my brother cock an eyebrow under my tears.

My mother scowled. She charged towards my brother and me, pushing us out the door, "Leave! Now! Don't ever come back, Tian-Tian, Wong!"

All that was left then was the door slamming. Outside was the nighttime sky. The stars danced under the cascading moonlight. My brother shifted me in his arms. He knelled over the ground, letting me wash my tears on his shirt.

We stayed there for about an hour. Of course, as much as Wong ignored me, he would never hate me. I loved my brother a lot, and I knew he loved me. I finally figured why I was taking Japanese lessons. Especially at a young age. Ever since Wong had left for Japan.

"Wong, wh-why are we going to Japan?" I meekly asked. My lower lip quivered. I twisted a lock of hair from the chocolate brown hair that had come undone through the event. I hugged the small Panda Teddy Bear that I had.

We were now in Wong's car, driving to the airport. He gave me a smile, "Well, Tian-Tian, I still need to finish college."

"So why am I going? Wong, I'm 9-years-old, don't 'cha have to be at least 18 to go to college?" I protested. As upset as I was, I still had the rights to speak out.

Wong's face went blank, "Tian-Tian, now isn't the time to question that. I hear that you have been studying Japanese."

I smiled proudly, "Hai, hai! Kaa-san and Tou-san got me studying it right after you left! Sugoi!" All my sadness drifted away. I showed off some of the Japanese that I learned. My accent was off, but I'm sure Wong understood me.

"That's great, Panda-chan. I'll be enrolling you in school myself. It's gonna be a struggle to keep it alive, but Tian-Tian, I promise it'll work out," Wong stated. He smiled at me.

I felt better now, and smiled back. I leaned in the seat, still hugging the bear. I felt myself drifting off to sleep.

"And Tian-Tian?" My brother's voice echoed from a distance.

"Yes?" I asked with a yawn.

"Promise me that you will never cry..."

A few days later, I was enrolled into Kaji Elementary. The days before, I stayed home, helping my brother with all that was necessary with me moving in. It was awkward at first, and I felt bad, because my brother had to miss a few days of college himself. He said it was no problem, but I could see the stress set in his eyes. After the days in his apartment, I was glad that I would be going to School, because of all the stress would be gone. But I was wrong. My first ten minutes I entered the classroom was a nightmare.

I walked into the classroom of my 3rd grade classroom. There was my teacher in front, talking about the history of this state. Konoha. She seemed pretty different though. Her hair was put in this weird fashion, and she wore a yukata. But on top of that, she had a small pig wearing a vest roaming around the room.

I thought to myself, What kind of place is Japan? I spoke nervously in Japanese, just hoping the teacher would understand, "Ano... is this the classroom for Shizune-sensei?"

"Why yes, yes it is!" the teacher chimed.

"I'm your new.. ano..." I couldn't find the right word. As much as I was to study the Japanese language, I had never learned enough to cover all I needed to know. It was pretty embarrassing, I had to admit.

"Student? We've been expecting you, Tenten was it?" my teacher asked.

I shook my head, "It's pronounced Tian-Tian."

"Well, I hope you don't mind, but I think it would be easier for the students if your name was pronounced Tenten, is that okay? To change your name? It's probably the best," Shizune-sensei explained.

I gave a pout. If my culture had to ease up, I was hoping that the culture around me would too, "Hai, Shizune-sensei, it's fine."

She gave a smile to me, then turned to the class, "Everyone, this is Tenten. She's a student from China."

I smiled at my peers, "Hello. My Japanese isn't very good, but I hope that we can become very good friends."

When I looked at them, I tilted my head curiously. All of them were looking at me strangely.

"Why don't you speak properly you immi-grunt!" one of the kids shouted.

My face became hurt. I'm guessing that they thought of me lowly. But I was not surprised. In Japan, the countries and regions are divided; Hi no Kuni, Mizu no Kuni, Ta no Kuni, Tsuchi no Kuni, Ame no Kuni, Kusa no Kuni, Taki no Kuni, Kaminari no Kuni, and Kaze no Kuni.

Right now, we are in Hi no Kuni. The Land of Fire. Schools like these teach young kids how to be fit warriors, yet still an elementary education. In China, the land is divided as well; Yuki no Kuni, Kuma no Kuni, Kawa no Kuni, Cha no Kuni, Numa no Kuni, Ishi no Kuni, Tori no Kuni, Umi no Kuni, Kiba no Kuni, Tsume no Kuni, Na no Kuni, and Tsuki no Kuni.

I used to live in Tsuki no Kuni with my family in Getsugakure no Sato. All the other villages, from Japan, are warriors, while the villages from China, are nothing. The only ones that will stand up and fight are Yuki no Kuni and Kuma no Kuni. Getsugakure, in the Land of the Moon, has potential, and is not as weak, but is still not as strong as the other countries. I was enrolled into an academy myself, but the techniques and the agriculture in China is a lot different from Japan.

China is slowly becoming a defensive country, which is to be considered a threat to Japan later on. My country hasn't been on good terms with Japan. There was a battle centuries ago, against the Feudal Lords. We won. And are considered rivals to Japan.

I looked down in disappointment, "I-I'm sorry... I'm still learning.."

Shizune-sensei patted me on the back, sympathizing to my problem. She looked up to this one girl. She had white eyes and looked so shy...

"Tenten, go ahead and sit in between Neji and Hinata? Raise your hands, you two!" my teacher kindly ordered.

I looked to the right to see a boy with white eyes too. I inwardly giggled. It was funny how the girl with white eyes had short hair while the boy would have long hair. They both raised their hands. I could see that Neji boy grimace, while Hinata had a peaceful smile.

"Go ahead, Tenten," Shizune-sensei kindly gestured.

I shyly walked towards them. I sat in between them and gave a smile, "Hello there.."

"Ohayo, Tenten-san. Ano.. M-my name is Hyuga Hinata. That's by cousin over there, Hyuga Neji-nii-san..," the girl softly said, twiddling her fingers.

"It's nice to meet you, Hinata. I hope you don't...," my voice started filling himself with sorrow. I whispered the next few words, "Hate me like the rest already do.."

"Iie, Tenten-san. It is just the differences between our countries. I don't care about fights that happened centuries ago. I could... show you around, if you liked..," Hinata offered.

After hearing that, I felt happy. I looked to the left of me where Neji was, "Ohayo, Neji. I hope we become good friends."

He gave me a glare, and quickly turned away. I gave a look of curiosity to Hinata. She looked nervous after that.

"D-don't mind him, Tenten-san. We can wait until recess to settle things..," the white-eyed girl stated. I smiled and nodded.

A few hours later, recess had came. Right after lunch. When I saw the playground, I was shocked at how advanced it looked. The playground equipment looked like a shinobi boot camp. I was awed by all of it. Hinata showed me around everywhere in the playground, and just about everywhere a 3rd grader could go in the school.

"Well, do you want to go play, Tenten-san?" Hinata asked me.

I smiled and nodded, "That'd be great, Hinata. And you don't have to call me by 'san'. It makes me feel old!"

We both got into a giggle fit on that one.


Both of us turned to see 2 girls. One had pink hair and one had blond hair.

"Sakura-chan, Ino-chan," Hinata chimed.

"Is that the Chinese girl from your class?" the pink haired girl asked.

I nodded, "Yes. I'm sorry if my Japanese is bad. I'm still learning. And if you want me to go away, I will.."

"Aw.. we wouldn't do that! By the way, my name is Yamanaka Ino. It's nice to meet you!" the blond one cheerfully said.

The pink-haired one smiled, "It's nice to meet you! My name is Haruno Sakura. Any friend of Hinata-chan's is a friend of ares! Right, Ino-chan?"

"It's nice to meet you!" I said. I was relieved now. In class, I was the 'grunt', but with them, I guess I was a friend. Now, I thought, Japan was going to be a good place to live. No worries at all. Though the next 30 seconds turned into a nightmare.

"Ino! Hinata! Sakura!"

All of us turned to see Shizune-sensei. She was calling my new friends.

"Oh! I'm guessing it's time for us to go, sorry, Tenten," Sakura said apologetically.

"W-wait.. can I not come with you?" I asked. I was confused.

Hinata shook her head, "Gomen, Tenten-chan. You see, everyday, we go to Shizune-sensei's classroom to help clean up the messes."

"We're her special helpers!" Ino proudly stated.

My face faltered. But I didn't want to seem like a helpless child. I smiled, "It's okay, I'll be fine. You girls go ahead!"

"Are you sure, Tenten-chan?" Ino curiously asked.

I nodded. I tried to act as happy as I could, even though I was sad as ever inside, "Yes. I'm fine."

"Well, I'll see you after recess, Tenten-chan!" Hinata said, waving at me. All of them ran away. I looked at their trail with a frown plastered on my face.

In 30 seconds flat, I went from being a friend to the grunt again. I started walking along the sidewalk, looking at all the playground games. None of them looked interesting. There were mostly girls all around. I could find that many boys playing on the equipment.

That's when I found myself walking over to a crowd of males though. All of them seemed to be cheering these names. One was 'Uchiha' and one was 'Hyuga'. I turned to the boy that was closest to me. He had long hair braided down, and bushy eyebrows.

I tapped him on the shoulder, "Excuse me, what's everyone doing over here?"

He looked over to me, giving me a goofy smile, "Are you not the new blossom in Shizune-sensei's class?"

I rolled my eyes. Apparently, I was the talk of the teeter-totter today. I smiled though, "Yeah, I am. My name is Tenten. From China."

"My name is Rock Lee. It is quite a pleasure in meeting you," the boy said, bowing to me.

I gave another smile and nodded. I didn't forget about my question, though, "Lee-san, what're they doing over there?" I pointed to the center of the crowd. I could see Hinata's cousin fighting with another boy. He had midnight-blue hair that was put into quite a boyish fashion. I could see revenge and anger in his eyes.

Though apparently, Lee-san ignored my question, "I cannot believe you are from China, Tenten. It must be quite a pleasure of being there. So what region did you live in?"

"I lived in Getsugakure, but Lee-san, can you please tell me what they are doing over there?" I asked firmly.

Still, he ignored me, "Wow, Tenten! You lived in Tsuki no Kuni? That is most astounding!"

He started chattering on and on about how he wished he could visit Tsuki no Kuni and other regions in China because of their excellence in taijutsu. He got so annoying that I couldn't take it anymore. I took him by the shoulders and started shaking him to death.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP, FOR ONCE, LEE? I'VE BEEN TRYING TO ASK YOU A QUESTION!" I shouted in Chinese. All that were cheering then looked at me strangely. The boys looked at me strangely, especially when I started strangling him and threw him across the playground.

I started having all these fits, talking in Chinese and trying to explain.

"Hey! The grunt is trying to start a war!" one of the boys shouted.

My steam melted away once I heard that, "N-no! It was a pure accident! I didn't mean to hurt Lee-san.." but none of them understood me. I didn't even realize I was stuttering in Chinese.

The boy snorted, "As if we care what you think, grunt!"

"You're being troublesome. Why don't you just leave?" another boy stated.

I backed away, "It was a pure mistake... honest..."

Though all the boys surrounded me, a fist up in the air. I closed my eyes, just scared of what could happen. I collapsed onto the ground, not knowing what would happen.

"Hey, ease up on her. The grunt is my cousin's friend."

I opened my eyes to see Neji walking my way, "Neji-san, what do you think you're doing?"

He came up to me and offered a hand. I thankfully held it has he helped me up.

Most of the boys backed away. I heard murmurs of "Neji-sama" and "the ruler of the school".

I gave a smile, "Thank you, Neji-san."

He backed away a bit, a bit confused of me. I was confused myself though. Did he think that I had cooties or something? Whatever it was, he shook it off, and pulled me away from the crowd.

"Hey! Looks like Neji's got a girlfriend!" I heard the boy Neji fought before shout.

"Neji and Tenten sitting in a tree..." the song went on.

My face faltered. At least they remembered my name, right? But that wasn't even my name. I am Tian-Tian, not Tenten. I followed Neji silently. We walked past everyone, who were murmuring things about Neji and me.

At last, we finally stopped. It was a field down a hill. I gasped in surprise. There were flowers decorating the ground everywhere.

"Kireii...," I murmured. I'm guessing I was getting the hang of Japanese now. It might just have become my second language.

Neji smirked at me, "I'm guessing you're a fan of flowers? Judging by how you're also wearing that qipao too.."

I looked up to him. I said no word, just shook my head. All my mother ever bought me were qipao and kimono. She agreed to let my wear the loose silk pants if I wore the longer ones. My voice was a bit hoarse now. The qipao only brought flashbacks of my family. And... you know the rest. "Iie..." I looked up to him, "What was it that you wanted to talk about? Considering you brought me here?"

"You're from China, right? Tsuki no Kuni? One of the countries that have potential?" he asked me. What I didn't expect though, was that he asked me in Chinese. So I replied in the same language, "Yes. I did. But where is this all leading to?"

"The fights our feudal lords had years ago. Yours won."

"But what does that have to—"

"Fight with me. We'll settle who's more powerful. China or Japan," he stated.

I gasped. Why would he want to fight with me in the first place? I cocked an eyebrow, why would he want to see which country was more powerful? We were both just 9-year-old kids with nothing to do. "Why would you want to spar to see who is better?"

I saw him smirk, "You seem.. interesting. If you have potential, I'll tutor you into learning more Japanese. For free."

I tilted my head, "Promise?"


By the end of recess, both of us were down on the ground, a bit tired. We didn't do serious damage to each other, but enough to get us both dirty.

Neji-san and I were down on the ground, panting like crazy. I got up, not really that damaged. I looked at my clothing. My dress was all dirty, but it wasn't that bad. I walked over to Neji-san, offering a hand.

He smiled at me and took it.

"Looks like you do have potential. What time should I be at your house?" he asked me. "By the way, please just call me Neji."

I blinked, and struggled out of hesitation. Should I tell him? "Neji.. is it okay.. if we study at your place?"

I saw a smile from him, but anguish in his eyes.

"Sure, it's okay if you come. There's no harm in it," he said in a friendly way.

I smiled at him, "Just what time and place?"

"Start your first lesson Saturday morning."

"Well maybe afterwards, you, Hinata, and I could play together!" I said happily. I saw the anguish increase within his eyes. He acted as if it were nothing.

We both walked to class together, just talking about the meeting.

I came over every weekend to play with Hinata and Neji, also to study my Japanese. I perfected it in between the year, but I still came over. Hyuga Hiashi-sama; the father of one of my best friends, Hinata, and the uncle to another, Neji, said that with me visiting, the boy hadn't been this happy for years. I didn't understand what he meant about it. On summer times, I would go out to the Hyuga Mansion and play. It was funny. When ever Neji was out, Hinata was in. And whenever she was out, Neji was in. I started developing these feelings for the boy. I didn't know what they were though. He was just.. mysterious. He was always fidgeting with the bandages around his forehead. I suggested he used a sweat band, but he disagreed. When I asked him why, he just told me: "It wouldn't cover enough."

One day, I went to the Hyuga Mansion. But it wasn't just any old day. Today was Neji's birthday. I didn't see Hinata around, so I guess she was stalking Uzumaki Naruto-chan. Sakura told me that she's had a crush on him since the first grade. I didn't understand that at all, but I left it alone.

I bowed as I walked passed the Head, "Hyuga-sama."

Hiashi-sama gave me a small smile and went back to his duties.

I started running into the hallways of the mansion. Even though a year's pass by, I still couldn't find my way through.

"Neji-chan! Are you here? I got you a gift for your birthday!"

I stopped at an intersection within the hallways to look at my surroundings. I gave out a wide grin when I saw his name in front of a door.

I ran up to it, fiddling with the doorknob. It's locked.. I started knocking on the door, "Neji-chan! Are you there?"

I heard a big thud and an ow from the room.

I started banging on the door again, "Neji-chan! It's me, Tenten! Daijobou?"

"H-hai.. one second!" I heard him stammer. The next thing I heard was some rummaging and some tearing. As curious as I was, I took out one of my favorite weapons: a senbon. I took the needle and cleverly unlocked the door. I smiled at myself when I thought of how impressed he would be when I came into his room.

"Got it!" I whispered. The door had just unlocked, and I eagerly went in. "Happy Birthday, Neji-chan!"

The smile on my face melted into curiosity. I could see this strange marking on his forehead. He was trying to cover it up with bandages. "Nani? What's that, Neji-chan?"

I walked forward, a hand out to touch his forehead. He gave me a glare, and did something he's never done to me.

"Leave me alone, Tenten!" he shouted at me. I flinched, dropping the gift, just backing away.

"Wh-what's wrong, Neji?" I whispered.

He gave me a venomous glare with his white eyes, and sneered, "Get away from here, Tenten. Don't ever come back."

I was shuddering. All I wanted to do was help. So I stopped shuddering, I gave him a firm look, "Not until you tell me what's wrong!"

He closed his eyes and clutched his fists. I could see them turn white. "Just... go."

"Why?" I whispered.

He opened his eyes and forcefully pushed me out of his room, "Just go, Tenten! Don't ever come back! I don't ever want to see you again!"

I gasped, tears threatening to come out of my eyes. He slammed the door at me before I could say anything else. I just walked out of the mansion and towards home. I just couldn't figure it out...

What was up with Hyuga Neji?

Neji and I stopped hanging out with each other. I stopped going over to the Hyuga Mansion and ignored any subject on Neji at all. The only thing I didn't stop doing was hang out with Hinata, Sakura, and Ino. I'm glad I did too. I was just heart broken on what happened. After I graduated from Elementary, Wong surprised me with two airplane tickets back to Getsugakure. He suggested that we went back and make peace with Momma and Papa. And surprisingly, I spent middle school there. Back home. Back, in China.


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I hope you appreciated the first chapter. I'm trying something new! If it sounds as if it's a one chap. fic, it's not. Well, review! I'm starting to like the story! Also, those of you who have been waiting for updating on Torn Apart (I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!), my computer had been busted and internet was cut off. I'm getting the computer fixed tomorrow, so no worries on any of dat!