Author's Note:

Er... I found this buried in my documents folder and already had a third of it done, so I told myself last night, 'Hey, wouldn't it be cool to finish this?' I know you guys probably forgot the details of this story, but if you read this, I'm happy that you've done so: D For right now, I'm a bit confused of my interests (and right now, I'm into digimon, but Naruto's getting there. xD), but this is just an extra gift to my readers. I just wanna say, thanks for inspiring me! (And WOOT! Had chapters popping here from age 11, 12, and now 13! Dun you remember when I was just little? ;w;)


I looked at myself in the mirror. No matter how many times I looked, I knew that my reflection would be the same. I couldn't have asked for anything better, with the makeup lightly plattered over my face and the blush pressing against my already-red face.

"Ne... you look perfect, Tenten!" I could hear both Ino and Sakura coo.

I turned my face towards Hyuga-san—iie, my new mother-in-law, Rin-sama, and saw her gently smiling at me. Her eyes differed from the Hyuga Clan's, but they still seemed the same to me. She caressed my cheek, refusing to cry, and gently told me in a faint voice..., "No matter how much you've suffered... I'm glad you got this far..."

"Arigato," I replied to her humbly. I looked at the bouquet in my hands and squeezed them. Slowly, I felt my cheeks redden through the blush. "I-Is it okay to be... just a smidge nervous?"

"Of course! I'd be worried if you weren't, girl!" Ino told me in an annoyed tone. She grinned at me and pulled the veil over my face. "Who would've thought Ms. China over here would be the first to be married."

"Er..." I felt my blush go through once again, then turned away once I felt Tian-Tian's tugging on my skirt. She smiled at me happily.

"Uncle Nene and everyone else is ready!" She told me. She held the flower basket in her hands cutely and skipped outside of the room. I then saw Ino, Sakura, and Rin-sama following. Ino had her arms full with Shikamaru-kun, and Sakura with Sasuke-kun.

I heard the music start to play and uncomfortably made my way towards the entrance to the alter. I stopped in surprise, seeing two people I didn't think I would see. "F-Father...? W-Wong...?" I whispered in surprise.

They both turned to me, but shook their heads sadly. To my disdain, the transformation jutsu disappeared within seconds, revealing Naruto and Hiashi-sama in their places. "Oh...," I whispered in disappointment.

"Sorry, Tenten-chan...," Naruto told me with an apologetic tone. He tried to smile nonchalantly and rubbed the back of his head whilst Hinata clung to his arm. "Hinata-chan and I wanted to see if you'd be happy to have them here... guess the disguise wore off though."

I blinked and numbly shook my head side-to-side. "Iie. It's fine." I gave a sad smile, refusing to hide my emotions from then on now. "I just... didn't really think that I'd be able to be visited by Father and Wong..."

Before I could get any more emotional, I could feel the rough hands of Hiashi-sama gently rub circles around my cheeks with his thumb. I looked up at him and saw him smiling at me. "You know that no one can actually replace your father for you. He may not be here to escort you down to your wedding... but understand that he would if he could."

"Hai. I know that," I replied to him, a sheepish look on my face.

"But then again, I shall be the one who escorts you down, Tian-Tian..." I flinched in surprise from the rather horribly-accented Japanese, then turned my head.

My eyes widened in surprise. "Dewei? You know Japanese?"

"Not enough," Dewei admitted to me smoothly in Chinese. With a grimace on his face, he recited what was probably something he was practicing. It didn't seem as bad as the Japanese he had spoken before, though. In Japanese, he said, "but enough so that you know that I will be your escort down to the altar. I discussed it with Neji-san."

I blinked in surprise. Neji... hadn't discussed it with me at all. Then again, he was the one who had proposed, so he would be the most excited to arrange most of the things... It just seemed surprising that the Prince of the Moon Kingdom was here. I smiled dearly. "Then let's get going."

Tenten hand her arm gripped over Dewei's as they strutted down the red carpet. A grin quirked over her lips as she saw the astonished look on her future husband's face.

Radiant. That's the world that Neji would be able to describe her. She looked absolutely beautiful with her hair swaying down to her mid-back and her make up applied oh-so tenderly and matching her delicate skin. She kept coming closer and closer to him, her sight never leaving his. Slowly, as she made her way to the altar, she muttered a thankyou to Dewei, then turned herself back to her soon-to-be husband.

"Dearly beloved...," the Minister slowly and deeply said in his majestic voice. "We are gathered here today to wed this man, and this woman..."

Dewei sat down on the empty seat he could find. As he did, he could feel the person next to him flinching. With an arched eyebrow, he turned his head towards that woman, only to be met by a girl amongst his age with such a sad look on his face. "Are you okay...?" he whispered to her curiously.

The girl quickly cocked her head up from the voice and then stiffened her shoulders. "Y-Yeah..." she quietly replied. A look of guilt was on her face now. "I don't... really think I deserve to be here, though."

Dewei blinked in curiosity, then smiled ever so royally. Slowly, he shrunk in his seat, his eyes still on the girl. "Maybe you're right. I kinda feel like that too."

"Why not?" the girl next to him asked curiously. She gave him a look of confusion and astonishment. "You were the one who escorted Tenten down here..."

"Heh," Dewei breathed. He looked at the girl carefully, then noticed how beautiful features. Her hair was curled into such petite and adorable ringlets with glitter showing around her face, coordinating with her innocent grayish-green eyes. He then looked to the bride and groom as the minister continued to speak. "because... I used to be in love with that bride over there."

"Guess we're one of the same...," the girl immediately scoffed. She sat back up in her seat and gave a sorrow look. "Tenten had invited me... for what reason, I don't know why... but I used to be in love with Neji-kun." She immediately shuddered, the same, guilty look still on her face. "And... I still don't understand it." Her voice was trembling now, which scared Dewei in the slightest. He gave the best sympathetic look he could as he saw tears starting to form in her eyes. "I-I almost killed Neji-kun... if I had actually done so..." She squeezed her eyes shut, refusing to show her tears. "we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now."

"You shouldn't worry so much about it," Dewei smiled at her. "My name is Dewei. I'm a friend of Tian—Tenten's from China. What's your name?"


"Well, Yuki—"

"Do you, Hyuuga Neji, take Ms. Tian-Tian as your beloved wife? And promise to cherish her until death due you apart?" the Minister's bold voice echoed.

Neji turned to his beloved with the sincerest smile anyone had ever seen come from him. He put his hand over hers and bowed down as a gentleman, kissing it lightly. "Yes, I do."

Tenten simply replied with her own smile, bringing them closer, inch by inch, centimeter by centimeter.

The Minister smiled at the young love, then recited what he had to to the bride, "And do you, Tian-Tian, promise to carry your love for this young man until death do you two apart?"

"Yes, of course I do," Tenten replied in her sweetest voice, one that Neji loved so much. It was trembling, but from the happiness that Neji could see surge through her.

"Very well. Then, Hyuga Neji, you may kiss the bride."

And so it happened. Their love was sealed by one, passionate single kiss.

After the wedding, Tian-Tian still lived with both Tenten and me, being loved and cherished as if she were our own daughter. But speaking specifically of our own children, we had one little boy named Hyuuga Kiseki, who we love from day in and day out, and his younger sister by four years, Hyuuga Tori. Tenten, Tian-Tian, Kiseki, Tori, and I live happily under the shelter of the Hyuuga Clan, none of us regretting it by a single second.

Naruto and Hinata-sama married only a year after us, with them have already been expecting the birth of one Uzumaki Hikari. Kiseki and Hikari fight constantly, yet that there is nothing new. Hinata-sama and I still keep in touch, where as she now lives with the annoying fool (yet, whatever makes her happy is fine by me), and left Hanabi to become the head of the clan.

Sakura and Ino finally got married, with the reluctance before the relationship with their husbands, Sasuke and Shikamaru, but they don't seem to be an important element, now do they? What would surprise me the most though, is how well both Dewei and Yuki-chan have gotten along. Don't get me wrong, it's great that they're in love, but it's also a great surprise. Who would have thought a stubborn prince would have finally gotten married to a not-so-wicked witch? The last both Tenten and I have heard from them was half a year after Kiseki's birth, where they had their own daughter to worry about now.

It's rather rare for Tenten and I to have any alone time around here anymore, but that's just the way that I'm glad my loving wife has it. We constantly visit the grave for her brother and my father, and when we get a break, we go visit the graves of her mother and father once every blue moon in China.

Even if they have left, one thing is for sure—I'll never, ever get tired of what our relationship has evolved into.