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"Ms. Philips, who did you see come out of Ms. Jones apartment?" Alex asked the witness on the stand.

"Objection! Leading." Patrick Griffin the defensive lawyer objected to Alex's question. He was a tall guy with light brown hair and blue eyes and was Alex's age.

"I'll rephrase, you're honor" Alex said to the judge and continued to question the witness on the stand.

"Ms. Philips, did someone come out of Ms. Jones apartment?" Alex asked giving a glance at Patrick and then looking at her Witness.


"Is that person in this courtroom?"


"Can you point him out?"

"Objection" Patrick yelled out.

"I mean, can you point out that person?" Alex corrected herself before the judge said anything. The witness pointed out the perp sitting next to Patrick.

"Thank you." Alex said as she sat down next to Casey who was her co-counsel. Patrick looked at Alex and then got up.

"Ms. Philips, do you wear glasses?" Patrick asked.

"Objection, relevance" Alex objected.

"Il allow it," The judge said.

"Yes I wear glasses" the witness said.

"For far away, or reading?"


"Were you wearing them when you supposedly saw my client?"

"Objection" Alex yelled out.

"Withdrawn, your honor" Patrick said and smirked at Alex.

Alex leaned in by Casey. "He's such an asshole" She whispered.

"Well you're dating him," Casey whispered back. Alex just smiled and watched her very attractive boyfriend question her Witness.

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