A/N: Free writing is love. More Demyx for you guys, mostly because Demyx is so interesting to me. His role in the game is sadly so short and small that his character can't be explored fully. So I give you…angsty, angry Demyx.

Ramblings of a Nobody Among Nobodies

They say we have no hearts, no feelings, and no emotions.

They lie.

How do they know we can't feel? How can they even suggest such a thing? Talking about us like that, like old gossips sitting around and drinking tea, thinking they're so high and mighty.

This lie…it's so widespread that some of the other members of the Organization are starting to believe it, especially among the higher ranks. It's caused the superior and the others to lose all clear thought. I think some of them are going insane.

I think some of them think I'm insane, mostly because I don't buy the "we have no hearts" crap.

Sure, I'm just number nine out of thirteen; you don't have to listen to me. But at least, pretend, okay? It'll make me feel better. Hey, hey, hey! Don't you start with the "you can't feel" stuff either, mmkay?

You see, we do have hearts. Stop rolling your eyes! You promised you'd at least pretend to care! Good. So, anyways, I was saying? Well, we Nobodies were once Somebodies. Can you imagine the shock when no one will ever look or accept you? I mean, the Darkness doesn't like us. The Light shuns us. Who do we have? We've just got the other outcasts like us. We formed a group together, we need each other. We cling on because we're desperate to know that we're not alone, and maybe somebody would smile at us again.

Still don't believe me? Look at Axel, look at Roxas. Don't tell me they can't feel. You want to tell me their friendship was all fake, all a trick? If so, why is Axel searching so desperately for Roxas, especially since he supposedly doesn't actually care? Is Luxord's love of gambling not real? Doubt it. Look at all of us.

Look at me.

Can't you see the hurt I feel every time someone tells me that I'm a lesser being?

Is this your way of numbing yourself to us? Telling us we just pretend so you don't feel guilty when you see us cry out in pain every time you strike us?

We do have hearts…just not inside of our bodies. They're out there, somewhere. But we're still connected to them. They react to us, and we react to them. Wherever they are.

If anyone's lacking a heart, it's all you liars.