Fighting the Gods

A/N; Sorry for the delay on this one but I assure you I'm not giving up on it. Hopefully you'll find it's worth the wait. This chapter covers the rest of Ryver's second year at Hogwarts and runs almost up to the end of season five of Stargate SG-1.

Chapter 38; Divine Intervention


Harry stood at the front of the bridge of the Astari with a view out over the length of his city-cruiser. The ship was hovering a hundred metres from the surface of the planet over the water not far from where the Tok'ra tunnels had been before the Goa'uld had started their bombardment. The Praenuntius was up in orbit along with the three Guard Ships but the Alia was hovering over the coastline as the hospital ship she was.

It had been a day now since the Tok'ra base had been hit and they were still regrouping on a hastily thrown up camp not far along the coast within reach of the few Tok'ra still recovering in the shadow of the Nox hospital ship. When they'd arrived after the invasion there had been six Tok'ra left alive in the collapsed tunnels, three that were on the run in the woods and Martouf with the humans from Earth but they'd now recovered and revived the other one-hundred and eighteen that had been buried in the tunnels or killed on the surface. Luckily for them and to Harry and Kel'ac's great relief they'd been able to save everyone and now the Tok'ra were talking about relocating.

Harry and Kel'ac had been busy talking with the Council on Peldaniken Taous about the whole situation. The Asgard were fully in support of his actions on Revanna even though it was straining the treaty with the System Lords because the Tok'ra were so important to the grand scheme of things in the galaxy and also because with Anubis aware of their bluff the treaty wasn't really worth the metaphorical paper it was written on. The Asgard were in debates with the System Lords but defending the Tok'ra wasn't really against the treaty.

"You realise we've been given a card right?" Michael asked as he walked in through the door and up behind Harry. "Anubis is now a System Lord. And he promised the System Lords that he'd take care of the Tau'ri for them before he joins."

"So he's technically not a System Lord until they accept his gift." Harry shook his head.

"But we know from that that the System Lords are aware of the threat he placed against the Tau'ri." Michael shrugged. "If Anubis does anything to the Tau'ri we can retaliate against the System Lords without pause for knowingly doing nothing to prevent a rogue Goa'uld from attacking a Protected Planet."

"Yeah." Harry sighed. "Just have to let him attack Earth first and assume we can stop it."

"Ryver pointed out he's not a fool." Michael huffed. Ryver had returned to Earth with the Kalona hours ago. "He'll know we're waiting for a move and without proof of his, or any Goa'uld's, participation there's nothing we can do. He'll make it look like a natural occurrence which will tie our hands."

"We'll just have to make our solution look natural." Harry shrugged.

"What about if the System Lords realise you're worried about Anubis?" Michael frowned. "They won't see him as anything more than just another System Lord, despite whatever advanced technology he might have."

"I know." Harry sighed. "But we should still have the advantage in technology. It's really only the Ascended Ancients which are causing the problems. Otherwise I'd go straight to Anubis and destroy him."

"You still could." Michael shrugged. "Just wouldn't actually kill him but with the limits on using his powers it should slow him down a little."

Harry just sighed and sat himself down in his command chair and dropped his head back. "He's tired." Kel'ac took over his body without pause and blinked open his eyes to look at Michael. "He's stressed."

"I know." Michael nodded. "We're all just kids even if Harry does have you in his head. How are you handling being around the Tok'ra again?"

"I'm not." Kel'ac shrugged. "We're leaving it to the Nox to speak with them. The Furlings and Asgard are protective over their image and anonymity."

"You can always send me with a message." Michael offered and sat himself down to look over the latest sets of reports from back home. Mostly reports about the satellite defence network or the Odin Gate. Michael had decided that since the gate itself was known as an Odin Gate just like the Astari was a City-cruiser that it needed an actual name as a ship as well as just a designation. So Michael had trolled through the myths and legends about the Norse Gods and chosen the name Bifrost which fit rather nicely really. Odin's bridge between Midgard, heaven and the Gods themselves. Many scholars believed that the Bifrost was really based on the Milky Way itself and a bridge to anywhere in that galaxy fit the name rather perfectly.


Two weeks later

"Focus, Michael." Harry muttered as Michael levitated a small sphere of glass up from the floor between them. They were in the middle of the garden practicing with Michael's new Alteran abilities. Michael already beat Harry with telepathy but his telekinesis was a little less controlled. Really that was the only abilities they had at this age even though Ryver and Harry both had their magic as well.

Michael huffed and swiped out his hand to grab the sphere out of the air. "Have you talked to Ryver this week?"

"Not really." Harry shrugged.

"Things are getting worse at Hogwarts." Michael frowned. "Kids are getting petrified."

"We can't just go in and solve problems." Harry sighed. "There's the treaty to consider and even if we could be confident it wouldn't make the Goa'uld suspicious we can't just involve ourselves in the magical world. We'd contaminate their culture completely."

"We could be subtle." Michael whined.

"Anything subtle we could do can also be done by Ryver with the Kalona. If its sensors find the threat he can deal with it without anyone realising." Harry shrugged. "And his personal shield should protect him if he's in danger."

"It just doesn't feel right to be so far away with Ryver having to deal with all of that." Michael grouched. "It was bad enough last year and I didn't even know what crap had happened until he got back at summer."

"We'd know if there was a problem." Harry tried to reassure him. "If Ryver wants our help he'll ask for it. We can't just jump in and do everything for him. We have to give him a chance to act on his own. The Kalona…"

He trailed off as a soft tone sounded through the garden as the building's communications systems directed their attention. Michael held out a hand to one side and his Alteran genetics were recognised and a small column rose up to his hand. Normally it was waist height but it had recognised the height of his hand. Lights lit up on top showing an incoming communication from the Kalona. "Speak of the devil." Michael muttered and tapped the top to open the message. A flat display projected from the top of the column to show Ryver sitting in the cockpit of the Kalona.

"Ryver?" Michael frowned. "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Michael." Ryver smiled. "The school is fine."

"What's the problem, Ry?" Harry drew his attention.

"I'm sending you contact details." Ryver announced.

"Is there a ship entering the Sol system?" Harry frowned knowing that the Asgard Satellite should have warned them.

"An asteroid." Ryver announced. "The Kalona missed it because it's on an atypical approach. The humans spotted it and the Kalona picked up the radio chatter."

"Okay… an asteroid?" Michael prompted.

"An asteroid almost a hundred and forty kilometres in length that will hit the Earth's arctic circle in two weeks." Ryver announced simply.

"That's an extinction level event." Harry looked to one side, already thinking of options and ruling them out just as fast.

"Can you stop it?" Michael demanded.

"Easily." Harry nodded. "I just don't think we're allowed."

"What!?" Michael gasped.

"It's a natural event. Even with the treaty as it is right now with Anubis trying to get the Tollans to attack Earth that doesn't mean we can interfere with another unrelated event." Harry frowned.

"I'll stay here at the ready." Ryver nodded.

"Peldaniken Control." Harry called and was connected quickly. "Call an emergency council session and direct the Asgard satellites to identify an asteroid on a collision course with Earth and relay information to the council chambers."

"Confirmed, Supreme Commander." A Furling voice replied quickly.

"Transport Michael and I to the council chambers." Harry announced even as Ryver said goodbye and cut the connection. A flash picked the two of them up and put them down in the anteroom of the council chambers and they quickly entered. They were the first ones there but barely got settled when the central hologram came alive with a Furling face. "Supreme Commander. We are picking up the beacon on Earth."

Harry breathed out and sat himself in his chair as he tried to work out what to do. In the end he beamed himself back to his tower, leaving Michael to talk to the council if they arrived quickly. He used the communications circle in their garden and was quickly forming himself in the General's office on Earth and looking at the General, Jack and Sam.

"I thought you were going to ignore us." Jack gritted his teeth.

"Thanks, Jack. Love you too." Harry rolled his eyes.

"There's a huge lump of rock hurtling towards us. I'm allowed to be abrupt." Jack pointed out.

"I'd call it being an arse." Harry told him bluntly. "As for that 'huge lump of rock'…"

"Can you stop it?" Sam asked.

"Of course I can." Harry sighed.

"But you wont!?" Jack growled. "Seriously!?"

"You know the treaty rules, Jack." Harry sighed. "We haven't had the chance to discuss it yet. Your best bet is to join the discussion we're about to have."

"Put us through then." Jack nodded.

"Go to the Asgard Hall of Wisdom on K'Tau." Harry told him. "That will give me a chance to bring the Asgard up to date. I'm not sure if there's much we can do right now."

"But the Goa'uld tried to get the Tollans to destroy us!" Jack complained.

"The treaty is on a knife edge right now, Jack." Harry sighed. "We know Anubis has something in the works to attack Earth and we might just need the treaty to force a war between him and the System Lords if we're to stand a chance of holding Anubis off. We can't afford to jump into something like this now and have it come back to haunt us later. Let me go and find out the situation properly. Go to K'Tau and use their Hall and try to keep calm, Jack? For me?"

"Fine." Jack huffed. "Brat."

Harry mock saluted him and disappeared knowing it was time to start discussing fine print with the Council.


Two days later

The Aevis and Kalona banked through the atmosphere towards the sprawling form of Venden's main city. The combined Melatai and Tollans were combining everything to create a single civilisation and it was a slow process and in most of the buildings there was a combination of both architectural preferences but Melatai's stamp seemed to be taking precedence with the gleaming towers of metal and glass that had spread across the surface of Melatai Prime rather than the rather drab concrete that the Tollans had seemed to happily resign themselves to.

They were still calling themselves the Melatai and Tollan races but had a single combined Council to oversee everything and the military arm was purely Melatai and like the Nox the Tollans prefered to act as the pacifists though they had more of a hand in the planet's defence. They weren't building a massive city so far but they were planning it from scratch and it promised to be a real marker for civilisation in the galaxy, just like Peldaniken Taous was. There were advantages to designing cities from scratch. The city itself sat along one of the coasts but because of larger tidal ranges most of the buildings were raised or out in the water just like the Alteran section of his own city back home. The space port sat to the south on a plateau and the industrial side of their civilisation sat near to the space port, all linked together by a monorail network that blended perfectly into the natural environment.

They spiralled around towards coordinates already given to them when they'd dropped out of hyperspace and settled on a landing platform near the top of one of the largest buildings, the Council administration building.

Michael and Harry were quick to disembark from the small ships and were met by Curtis and a Mage by the name of Selvana that Harry vaguely remembered. He hugged Curtis quickly and introduced Michael to them both once more even though Curtis had met Michael once before.

"I see you're building fast." Michael offered up as they were led into a VIP suite overlooking the council chambers where a meeting was being held.

"We plan to finish this stage of the city construction within the month." Curtis nodded. "We're building only to the necessary limits of our population. It will take time to get our population back up to a level where we need to work on a new city. We're focusing most of our industrial capacity on rebuilding the fleet and orbital defences."

"Have you decided what to do about a Stargate yet?" Harry asked.

"Not quite yet." Curtis shook his head. "Currently there is a lot of talk about not having one or heavily securing the location."

"There are ways that some of the Goa'uld could target your Stargate." Harry nodded.

"Building an orbital platform for it deep in the solar system or a short FTL hop away for the Stargate has been suggested." Curtis nodded.

"There is a style of Stargate that can free float in space." Harry told him.

"Really?" Selvana straightened up. "I've never heard report of one."

"They were trialled in the Pegasus Galaxy when the Alterans wanted to be more detached from civilisations." Harry nodded. "When humanity was spread through this galaxy the presence of the Stargates drastically altered their advancement. Most of the Stargates in the Pegasus Galaxy are in orbit, accessed by smaller ships like my Aevis."

"So you would need a manned orbital platform to dial the gate?" Selvana asked.

"The original style gate requires a link between gate and dialling device which is of a more permanent nature. The more modern version is designed to be dialled by ships using any gate. The device in the ship merely dials the closest gate within range." Harry lectured. "Or you could link the gate to a dialling device in a control centre of your choosing."

"Of course that would limit access to your gate." Michael pointed out. "You'd need to build ships to transport people through the gate rather than being able to walk through it or receive guests through it."

"Or with warning of approaching guests on foot we could merely bring the gate into a ship's hanger bay and stabilize it for foot transport." Selvana suggested.

"Not a bad idea. It wouldn't take much effort." Curtis nodded. "Thank you, Harry, Michael. We'll make the suggestion. Would you be willing to supply construction information on such a gate like the Nox did for the Tollans before?"

"That or build you one and perhaps a spare." Harry nodded.

"Let's get something to eat and we can catch up." Curtis nodded. "You can tell us the reason you're here so suddenly."

They were soon settled around a table in a guest room overlooking the city. "Earth's facing an extinction level event." Michael piped up once they were settled with drinks.

"What kind?" Curtis frowned. "We've not yet re-established communications with Earth. We were trying to get our own security policies back in order before we decided how trusting we wanted to be with our old allies."

"An asteroid on an atypical approach." Harry explained.

"With their level of technology have they even noticed it?" Selvana frowned.

"Yes." Harry nodded. "Visually."

"Lucky someone was looking in that direction." Selvana nodded.

"We detected it around the same time and they have made contact but we have been forced to refuse them assistance. The treaty with the Goa'uld is currently a little strained and we must maintain the high ground to fight the currently changing war." Harry sighed.

"You mean Anubis?" Curtis asked.

"Anubis has been attacking all of the System Lords, testing their different strengths. He recently approached their Council with an offer." Michael continued.

"An offer like what?" Selvana frowned. "Our intelligence on the System Lords suggests they'd never accept Anubis back."

"Except Anubis has proven his superior firepower." Harry pointed out. "Against both your civilisations and against the System Lords in their skirmishes."

"He offered them the removal of both the Tok'ra and the Tau'ri in return for retaking his old rank of System Lord." Michael continued.

"Why?" Curtis frowned. "If Anubis is a threat even to you as we saw over Tollana then the System Lords would hardly cause a problem for him."

"Turning the other System Lords to his side would give him the ability to focus on more dangerous opponents like ourselves without having to worry about annoyances from the other System Lords." Harry explained. "Although he is not really a direct threat to the Great Races the majority of our firepower is still focused in another galaxy. Against a foe of the Asgard and the Asgard make up the majority of our power base. Anubis is hoping to complicate the matter. Removing the Tok'ra and Tau'ri would allow him to direct the other System Lords to any purpose he wished with enough manipulation."

"Complicated." Curtis nodded.

"His attack on the Tok'ra was nearly successful. Only our intervention prevented their route and their operations are on the recovery." Harry sighed. But our actions put stress onto the treaty. We did not break it with our actions but we also cannot retaliate in order to force a wedge between the System Lords and Anubis."

"But you could if he attacks Earth." Curtis frowned. "Even with his deal. Whether they accept him as a System Lord or not the System Lords would break the treaty the moment he attacks Earth. Either through Anubis' actions as a System Lord or through knowledge of an attack if they do not attempt to prevent it."

"Is it possible that this asteroid's coincidental appearance could be such an act?" Selvana frowned.

"It has crossed our minds." Harry sighed. "But there is no way to prove that its presence is a deliberate act by one of the Goa'uld."

"That is not a problem for us." Curtis frowned.

"I half hoped you'd say that." Harry nodded. "At this point I would probably step in at the last moment to prevent the destruction of Earth. Anubis has knowledge of our inability to fight the Goa'uld as a whole. It is probably only a matter of time before they call that bluff themselves and the treaty dissolves but I had hoped to use it for as long as possible to feed infighting between them and buy myself some more time."

Selvana abandoned her food and pulled out a communications device and after a moment was speaking into it to whoever she had contacted. "I need updated fleet readiness immediately and an estimate on arrival at best speed to the Tau'ri System."

She hung up and turned to Harry. "How big is this asteroid?"

"One hundred and thirty-seven kilometres in length." Michael spoke up.

"With enough time to confront it a Cruiser could push it clear of the planet with a large enough detonation in the right place but destroying it would be nearly impossible." Harry nodded to Selvana and Curtis just as the phone rang once more.

She nodded before speaking. "Activate them immediately and instruct them to plot a course at their highest speed towards the Tau'ri world. Instructions will follow." She turned back to Harry and Michael. "It will be close. We are quite far away from the Tau'ri system. They estimate ten days at maximum speed pushing the engines and there is a risk they could damage their hyperdrive engines but the Bellona is ready to depart." The Cruiser Bellona was one of the few ships not damaged in their fight with Anubis' fleet over Melatai Prime.

"I think we should go with it." Michael told Harry. "Like they said, there's too much coincidence here. I'd feel better about their chances if we were there and there's no way the Goa'uld could tell if the two of us are on board."

"Alright. We'll join them in hyperspace." Harry nodded.

"You can brief the Captain about the situation." Curtis nodded. "That way there's no way anyone can intercept the orders and work out we were notified by you. We'll tell the humans officially that one of our Shadow scouts were checking in on them. We'll use the Bellona to re-establish contact with them."

They finished the meal but Harry and Michael were too distracted to hold up much of a conversation and within an hour they were launching in the Aevis and Quetzalcoatl to catch up to the much slower Melatai Cruiser.


Ten days later

Michael and Harry had worked on their own little projects while riding across the galaxy in the relatively slow way of the Melatai. They'd briefed the Captain of the Bellona about the situation and they'd pushed the engines to reach Sol on time but they were cutting it close but Harry and Michael knew that they'd reach it in time and the Bellona could deal with the asteroid regardless of how far from Earth it was.

Ryver had been monitoring the asteroid's approach and had just contacted them about his first short range scan of it from his position in the Kalona above the north pole of the planet and so when the two walked onto the bridge they had news to give the Captain.

"We're just preparing to drop to sub-light speed." The Captain informed them. "We've chosen a close orbital window."

"Alright." Harry nodded. "I would advise forgetting about the use of weaponry."

"Oh?" The Captain glanced away as someone put out the alert for sub-light entry and the ship slewed out of hyperspace and slotted itself in orbit over Earth.

"We've been detected fast, Captain." Someone warned.

"They'll be focused on the asteroid." Michael nodded.

"The asteroid?" The Captain demanded and it's image filled the screen.

"Impact with the Earth in three minutes, Captain." Someone announced. "But the sensors have warned of a large gravitational field around it. It's density is extremely high."

"Hence the advice not to use weaponry." Harry turned to the Captain. "Almost forty-five percent of it by mass is Naquada."

"Harry, you going to just sit there or do something about that big rock?" Ryver's voice reached his mind and Harry jerked a little in surprise. Not that he could respond though since his brother's telepathy far outstripped his own.

"Captain…" Harry prompted.

"There's a Goa'uld cargo ship on the surface of the asteroid." Michael announced from where he'd moved to a sensor display. "It is trying to power up its hyperspace drive to cover the entire asteroid."

The Captain turned. "Let's not take the chance they won't manage it. Take us close and prepare the hyperspace field generator to encompass the asteroid."

The Bellona leapt into motion. It spun around in orbit and slid into place over the top of the asteroid with small bits of debris hitting directly into the hull. It didn't take long for the larger ship to spread out the field that lowered the asteroid's mass and then the drive opened the hyperspace window and for just a few seconds they were within the swirling mass of purple and black and then back out to sublight.

"Bring up that cargo ship." The Captain demanded before looking at Harry. "Orders?"

"I'll leave this up to you. I'd rather the Tau'ri didn't learn that we were involved." Harry nodded.

"There's no way that asteroid was here accidentally." Michael piped up as he reappeared at their side. "The Sol system has no natural Naquada deposits. That asteroid was brought here on purpose."

"And either left to hit the planet or if the humans used one of their fission devices to deflect it they would have ignited their atmosphere at the very least." The Captain nodded. "A deliberate attack."

"We'll trace the asteroid back to it's source." Harry nodded. "This looks like Anubis but we need proof. Until we have proof that this was a Goa'uld attack our presence here cannot be known."

"Very well." The Captain nodded. "Officially a scout ship detected the asteroid."

Harry and Michael both thanked them before heading for their own ships to go spend a little time on Earth to spy on events.


A few days later

Michael and Harry stepped out of their cloaked ships and paused as they boosted backwards out over the lake that half surrounded Hogwarts. A flare of dull light announced Ryver's position by the treeline and the two quickly headed over to him. Michael hugged Ryver quickly and Harry copied him after he'd released his twin.

"You sounded worried." Harry prompted his brother.

"Hermione was petrified today during the Quidditch match." Ryver sighed. "We were rushed inside afterwards and Ron and I were taken up to see her. It's all coming to a head and they're talking about shutting down the school. Dumbledore's been removed as Headmaster and they carted Hagrid off to a temporary stay at Azkaban."

Harry turned to look up at the school as he thought for a moment. He'd been so focused on Anubis these last few months that he hadn't really given any thought to the situation at Hogwarts. If he was perfectly honest it was small stuff in comparison to the millions or more that could die in a war throughout the galaxy. He'd left it to Ryver but it seemed technology wasn't going to help them hunt down whatever was attacking students.

"Maybe the Bellona can find something through all the magic?" Michael suggested. "They have more experience tracking magic." The Bellona was still in orbit around the planet talking with the Tau'ri after the asteroid incident.

"No." Harry sighed. "We researched all of their advances when we were working on the Arcturus Generator's shielding. The Kalona has just as good scanners when it comes to magic as the Melatai are capable of."

"Can the Kalona get you out of trouble?" Michael demanded.

"Even if it can't lock on with sensors it can still attack something with line-of-sight commands from me and my wrist sensor." Ryver assured Michael. "And it's not long now before the end of the year. It's already May."

"That's still a while." Michael frowned.

"Not if they shut down the school." Harry pointed out but he was still distracted with making plans.

"What's in your head?" Ryver demanded.

"I was just wondering whether to put the Praenuntius in orbit." Harry shrugged.

"I can look after myself, Harry!" Ryver complained. "Besides that's a waste of a ship right now."

"Not really." Harry sighed. "It would be a reminder to the Goa'uld after this stunt with the asteroid."

"But it's hardly going to do anything that the Kalona can't." Ryver pointed out. "And it's easier to leave the Kalona nearer the school then a several million ton cruiser."

"He has you there." Michael added helpfully.

"Oh, and there's something else too." Ryver sighed. "McGonagall had a chat with me the other day about summer."

"Explain." Harry frowned.

"They think I went to the United States over Christmas and she wanted to know my plans for the summer." Ryver sighed. "I told her I planned to go to the US again but supposedly it's not an option for me."

"Meaning what?" Harry frowned.

"According to McGonagall they're only happy if I return to the Dursley's and she warned me about what would happen if I disappeared on my own again." Ryver sighed.

"What would happen?" Michael frowned.

"According to her Dumbledore is reminding me that as my Godmother she has a say in where I spend my summers." Ryver rolled his eyes.

"She lost that say when she left you at the Dursley's without checking on you." Harry complained.

"That was a little weird." Kel'ac chirped up as Ryver and Michael stared at him in amusement. Clearly they saw his internal conversation because they smirked. "Both of you." Kel'ac took over.

"I'm not going to stay at the Dursley's if they try to force me." Ryver pointed out. "And it's not like they can stop me."

"Are you even going to come back here next year?" Michael asked.

"If this kicks off with Anubis and you need me then I'll drop out of school." Ryver nodded. "I can do more good out there than here. But I can up and leave without notice whenever I like. It's not like they'll be able to track me down if I'm not even on this planet."

"If he tries to force you back to the Dursley's I might do something unpleasant to him." Kel'ac announced before smirking. "Maybe ask the Norse God Thor to pay him a visit and scare a few years off his lifespan."

"Somehow I can't see Thor being that scary." Michael laughed. "But make sure I'm there when you do."


Five days later

"The decision has been made then." Grenwae nodded to the council room as a whole. "Provided everyone still agrees."

"We know Yu is the only member of the System Lords to stand by their decision to exile Anubis." Harry nodded. "He's the oldest of the Goa'uld. Older than even the Queen of the Tok'ra. He's also the only System Lord that is still alive from when they exiled Anubis."

"The Asgard are in agreement." Thor nodded. "You may speak with Yu. Remind the System Lords of their obligation to the treaty that has allowed them to thrive in the past millennia."

"I think we'll introduce the System Lords to the Praenuntius." Harry nodded. "Right over Yu's Capital City."

"So be it." Thor nodded and with a flash vanished from sight followed by most of the Asgard quarter of the room. The others tended to walk around but the Asgard rarely taxed their deteriorating bodies unless they wished to talk to one of the other member races after a council meeting.

Harry turned to Michael but knew that his friend planned to stay on the planet and work with Grenwae on the last stages of the satellite defence net. He parted with Michael just outside before letting himself be transported up to the Praenuntius' bridge. He took a look around and smiled, he'd spent so little time on this ship since it's completion but there was no forgetting it's power. The room was set up without a front in mind with different consoles surrounding an extensive hologram of the short range sensors giving such detail that you could actually believe that a little model planet hung in the middle of the room. All around though the walls could form the views outside of the outer ring to give a sense of direction and he could see the Astari hanging nearby.

"We are ready to depart, Supreme Commander." One of the Asgard told him from the navigation console.

"Put us a hundred metres above Yu's palace." Harry nodded. "Vortex drive."

The crew went to work confirming their coordinates to make sure there wasn't the slightest chance of their exit putting them anywhere but exactly where they wanted. He watched the sensor hologram change to show a live feed from an Asgard satellite monitoring Yu's home world.

"Directional shielding only when we arrive." Harry piped up. He didn't want it to look like they were worried about attack by raising the main bubble shielding systems even if they were in three parts. "Can we confirm that Yu is on the planet?"

"Our sensors show him to be in his palace." One of the Nox informed him.

"And our welcome?" Harry asked.

"A platform has been prepared as per your instructions." One of the Furlings nodded. Kel'ac had decided on the level of security for this meeting but Harry would be going out there alone and they would allow only Yu to join them so they could speak frankly. Well, Harry and Kel'ac of course.

"Alert control we're departing." Harry declared and then ordered their jump. It was a little unnerving on the Praenuntius when it used it's vortex drive. On the Astari the Vortex drive was a little forward of the control room because of the centre of mass but on the Praenuntius the control room was more or less sitting right on top of it. On the Astari you could see the white light rip through the ship in time to brace yourself but on the Praenuntius the light blasted up through the floor faster than you could prepare yourself for.

When the light faded after a lurch they were hanging in atmosphere. The gentle hum of the engines showed that they were countering the gravitational pull of the planet even as the walls shifted to show the mountains all around them. One section of the outer circle was right over Yu's Palace and the massive ship hung over every part of Yu's capital city and the blast of displaced air from their arrival was still shaking through the valley. It wasn't a subtle arrival.

"Death Gliders are launching from the Palace and from several Ha'tak in orbit." He was warned.

"Ignore them." Harry shrugged. "The Ha'taks could fire on us all day without scratching us. Send the demand to Yu. Cite the treaty and then launch the platform to set down in front of the Palace Gates."

"Signal transmitted." One of the Asgard nodded.

Harry paused for a moment before deciding to remind Yu just what they'd be facing if they went to war with the Great Races Alliance. "I'll be in my armoury." He declared before walking from the room. He used a transport room to get to the three-bedroom apartment that Harry, Ryver and Michael shared and was soon dressing in his full battle armour. The white armour looked like another part of the normal robes he wore when he presented his image in any official capacity. White shiny pieces of light metal over all of his body trimmed with silver and gold. He put on the neck armour that could form into a shield and then activated all of its systems. His ATU and TDS automatically linked into the armour and a faint shimmer took over the surface as each part projected shielding to overlap and he felt the servos powering up to enhance his movements.

He headed back for the control room in time to hear a minor Goa'uld in Yu's service announce that Yu would soon meet with them. They didn't respond to that call but they were monitoring the platform and the guards surrounding it. When Yu stepped onto it ten minutes later it activated and started to rise. Several guards tried to follow but shielding rose and forced them back.

The platform rose half way to the ship before hanging in place, the shielding cutting down the wind. "Alright." Harry nodded to one of the Asgard and in seconds he was being deposited on the platform from the beam of an Asgard short-range transporter. Yu was looking away from him and up towards the massive circular cruiser but he turned at the sharp whine and the bright light.

"Lord Yu." Harry greeted and saw Yu's narrowing eyes at his presence. He didn't say anything though. "No indignation about being addressed by a child?"

"You are no child." Yu declared sharply.

"Indeed we are not." Kel'ac took control with a flash of eyes.

"You dare speak!?" Yu hissed.

"I do whatever I want." Kel'ac chuckled as he started to slowly walk across the platform to the side to look down over the city. "I share all with my host, unlike you parasites. What is Harry's is mine. That means this ship above your capital is as much mine as it is his."

"Get on with it." Yu hissed. "What do you want?"

"What we want, Lord Yu." Harry regained control. "Is to remind you and your fellow System Lords of the treaty as you so like to do with us. We keep to our end of the treaty and you keep to yours."

"What do you speak of?" Yu frowned.

"Let's ignore the recent attempt to obliterate Earth for the moment though I expect you know about it perfectly well." Harry shrugged, his armour glinting. "We're aware of the details of your recent Council session."

"You intrude on our private meetings!?" Yu hissed.

"There's no rule against it." Harry shrugged again. "And even if we hadn't it wasn't exactly secure. Your own personal human slave was reporting directly to the Tok'ra from the very start." Yu's eyes flared but it was obvious he had guessed as much. "The point is we're perfectly aware that you've stupidly voted to accept Anubis into your midst once again."

"Not all of us." Yu hissed.

"We know." Harry shook his head. "It means little to us except I seem to have to remind you once again that the System Lords have a treaty to uphold. We heard just as you did when Anubis agreed to destroy the Tau'ri before becoming a System Lord but let me point out that knowledge of his plans requires the System Lords to act against him or severe the treaty. And do you really want to severe that treaty right now?"

"I cannot go against Anubis alone." Yu pointed out logically.

"But you can force the other System Lords to oppose him with you. Do you want me to do it for you because I assure you if I have to attack Anubis then that will mean you have failed to uphold your part of the treaty and all System Lords will be open to the same repercussions." Harry turned back to Yu and narrowed his eyes. "The System Lords have constantly pressed their part of the treaty in recent years but I won't put up with it for long. I expect action from the System Lords or you will have to expect action from me."

He didn't let Yu respond to that one and simply ordered the Praenuntius to transport Yu to the ground and him back to the control room. The platform quickly retreated back on board and with a lazy turn over the capital city the ship charged the vortex drive before it vanished in a bright blast of white light.


The next week

Harry jerked upright as he felt the power enter his room. The sheets fell to his waist as he frowned at the figure standing in his doorway. He blinked as the figure he knew so well turned to light and floated away down the corridor. He scrambled up in disbelief and threw on clothes and rushed out after him and found him standing on the balcony that ringed their living floor on their tower under the night sky.

"Daniel?" Harry swallowed. "What…?"

"I died." Daniel turned to look at him, leaning back around the railing with the Astari in the background resting half under the water of the bay on it's docking cradles.

"Daniel…" Harry could feel the tears creeping into his eyes. "How?"

"We were visiting a planet called Langara. There was an accident and I was exposed to radiation." Daniel sighed. "It took a while and it hurt but… well someone came to help me."

"Why didn't you call!?" Harry demanded as he closed the gap.

"Breaking the treaty for just one lowly human?" Daniel teased.

Harry punched him in the chest. Hard. "Don't you dare." Harry hissed.

"You've got too much riding on things right now, Harry." Daniel smiled sadly. "So much that we didn't even realise. That I didn't even realise until now. Until Oma Desala helped me Ascend. Now I see it all. All the trouble that's coming."

"Don't tell me." Harry turned his back on him. "You can't help me."

"It's not that simple." Daniel was clearly upset by that. "I have to walk the line."

"I'm Ascended!" Harry rounded on him. "I have a right to use my knowledge freely. I gained it myself but they impress their rules on me like tyrants! They withhold the very information I need to save the races they once called allies when they were mortals. Now they have the power and they simply watch the Asgard, Nox and Furlings suffer. Suffer froform what the Ascended caused with their neglect of the galaxies."

"Harry…" Daniel sighed and suddenly had his arms around Harry. Harry cried freely and hugged him back. "I'm different. I know more now but I still care about you. I care about Earth. But I don't want to see more trouble from me interfering. You have to deal with one thing at a time and I agree that the Ascended should handle their own problems. I definitely agree that what they did with Anubis is sick and twisted. Another of their mistakes that they won't see reason with. I'll try to talk to them, Harry. I promise."

"I'll miss you, Daniel." Harry pulled his head back. "Kel'ac too."

"I know." Daniel nodded. "And I'll miss you too but I'll be watching out for you and I promise you I'm not the only one watching over you. I know you feel alone but there's always someone watching over you, Ryver and Michael. Over this world you've created out of an ancient alliance."

"Daniel…" Harry muttered before hugging the man again. He left his eyes shut as Daniel became insubstantial but felt the warm light against his eyelids. He stayed on the balcony the rest of the night just watching the bay.


A few weeks later

Harry dropped his fork into his food as a tone sounded through the room. Michael straightened up even as Harry reached out with his powers and activated the signal. "Automated distress call. Kalona. Earth." A synthesised voice announced. It was the voice programmed into the Kalona, Quetzalcoatl and Aevis.

Michael jerked up and Harry followed quickly even as he reached to the Astari settled into the bay on it's cradles. They were both scooped up by Furling transporters before Michael could decide on anything to say or someone to call.

"Recall Astari crew." Harry announced simply into the room before moving to one of the consoles and pulling up the subspace link to the Kalona. According to the Kalona's logs Ryver had ordered it closer to the school and set it on high alert. Flashes of Asgard beaming lights and shimmers of Furling transporters announced the arrival of most of the crew including the Nox even though some of them transported themselves in their own unique way. "The Kalona has lost it's sensor lock on Ryver." Harry announced to the room and to Michael. "Get us clear of the city and then get us to Earth, normal hyperspace."

"Hyperspace?" Michael rounded on him. "Harry… vortex…"

"It's too flashy for arrival." Harry soothed him quickly. "The Goa'uld might spot us if they're monitoring Earth. We can't risk being spotted before we phase out." He turned to the right Furlings. "Phase us out the moment you can on arrival." He ordered before with a small shift of their artificial gravity they were aloft. He could see the water of the bay being forced away under them and saw the waves hit the edge of the city. The city had been designed to take it though and soon they were over the city.

"Opening Hyperspace window." One of the Asgard declared and with a lurch they were into the swirling vortex.

"The moment you can I need a full sensor sweep of Hogwarts." Harry told the crew. "The treaty doesn't apply when a member of the great races is in danger. There's something in that place that is so flooded with magic that it prevents our scans and I can only assume that Ryver is in the middle of it. Use all the power you need to penetrate that interference and get a lock onto Ryver."

It wasn't more than a few minutes before the Astari was bursting out of Hyperspace over Earth and then they all felt the shiver as the phase generator activated. The screens flowed over with information as the sensors turned onto Hogwarts and like a layered x-ray each section was fully scanned until the entire school had vanished from sight to show the dungeons before they were fully scanned as well and then removed from the sensor display as they were proven clear.

Just when the scans started digging deeper through the piping labyrinth under the school a dome appeared on the display and cut off their sensors. "What!?" Michael gasped.

"A magic shield has been applied over the school." One of the Furlings declared. "It is acting like any powerful shielding system. But it is a modulated shield, we can penetrate it." With that they increased the power to the sensors and soon they could see below the school again. An area turned red under the school after just a moment. "This area has increased interference." The Furling continued just as a green dot appeared and then three blue dots. "We have detected four lifesigns within the interference. One is Ryver and two of the others are very weak."

"Can you lock onto them and transport them out?" Harry asked.

"No." The Furling shook his head. "Not quickly. However we can transport into the area. With suitable boosters for the signal we could then lock onto the signals and transport them out."

"Michael, suit up." Harry declared and reached for the Asgard transporters and put them both down in their armoury. They both quickly donned their full armour and settled the helmets over their heads. "Control room." Harry declared even as he moved to the side and had the computer synthesise four signal boosters. "Transport us close to Ryver's signal and then maintain a constant lock on us. If we order anyone to be transported up other than Ryver then hold them in stasis until we know who they are."

With that he let the control room transport them and with a flash of white light they were standing in a dark and miserable place. Harry's armour went into warning and highlighted the danger just as a massive shape loomed at them. Harry twisted even as his shields came up and covered Ryver who had tumbled backwards. Michael grabbed Ryver even as the massive form slammed into Harry. Harry crouched and his suit braced to take the impact without crushing all of his bones. Harry jerked out a hand with all the strength the suit gave him and the form was sent flying away from him.

He righted himself and looked around as the massive snake straightened itself out. There wasn't just five lifesigns though. Their sensors hadn't picked up Fawkes before transporting down who was now hovering by the ceiling.

"Who are you!?" A voice roared and Harry turned to glance to the side at the standing figure with Ryver's wand pointed at them.

"Gods." Harry declared simply before rolling forwards under the spell that shot from his twin's wand. He shifted his weight to dodge another before the armour let him blur right up to the young man's form. His shielding flared as he grabbed the man's throat and wrist, letting the wand drop to the floor.

"You can't kill him like that." Ryver shouted from his place with Michael. According to the interface in Harry's suit Ryver's ATU was fried. Probably from trying to defend himself from too much magic.

The man hissed but Harry and presumably Ryver heard the words easily enough. "Kill them all." The young man ordered.

The snake lurched at Ryver and Michael but Michael's suit made him faster. He left Ryver behind as he distracted the snake and a weapon formed in his hands from his TDS. It distracted the snake even as Ryver dashed to Harry's side.

"He's a fragment of Voldemort's soul trapped in that diary." Ryver announced. "He's absorbing Ginny Weasley's life to sustain his own."

"Who are you!?" The young man hissed out again in anger as the tables were turned.

"Beacon!" Michael suddenly called to him through the suit. Harry let go of the man's wrist to throw one of the beacons at Michael who caught it and tossed it at the snake. The snake blindly grabbed the small device out of the air and with a flash Michael activated it and the beast was transported away. Clearly Michael had decided the snake was too big and strong to fight fair.

"How!? What are you!?" Voldemort's fragment hissed.

"I told you." Harry grinned even though Voldemort couldn't see it through the visor of the helmet. "Gods." He'd decided to keep to the tales and give Ryver plausible deniability later.

Harry tossed Voldemort into the cold water nearby and scooped up the journal even as his suit showed him the scans of the area. It had finally worked its way through all the lingering magical energy. The book was connected to both the human girl and Voldemort but the energy was only flowing one way as Voldemort sucked Ginny dry. He assessed the best ways to destroy the book even as Voldemort drew himself to his feet only to find himself grabbed by Michael and forced to his knees.

Harry opened a panel on his left wrist and programmed his suit's emitters to counter the magic just like the Furlings had done to take away Dumbledore's tracking spells. He released the burst of energy through his hand and the book flickered as if burning as the magic was destroyed little by little. Even as it happened Voldemort started to shatter with a golden light and a scream erupted from his throat.

Harry let his suit assess the diary once more before deciding it was as inanimate as a normal book. He handed it to Ryver. "Let's get you out of here."

"How do I explain this?" Ryver asked.

"What's to explain?" Michael chuckled. "Like Harry said, we're Gods. Who are you to know our minds, mortal?"

Ryver chuckled at that one. "Ron and Lockhart are back in the corridors." Ryver told him.

"Astari?" Harry called. "Can you lock onto two lifesigns within the pipe system?"

"Affirmative, Supreme Commander." An Asgard voice responded.

"Okay." Harry nodded. "Michael, transport along with Ryver and the girl. Transport directly to the school's hospital wing. Astari, transport me two the other two lifesigns and then on my command transport the three of us on to the hospital wing."

"Alright." Ryver nodded. "I'll just play dumb for the rest of the year."

"That should be fun." Michael teased as Ryver grabbed his wand and the dead diary and moved to Michael and Ginny. "Transport, Astari." Michael announced and with a flash they were all gone and Harry was appearing a few metres away from Ron Weasley and a professor he'd never met but heard about from Ryver.

The boy scrambled up and pointed a wand at him. "Who are you!?" Ron demanded.

Harry simply walked towards him and grinned to himself as a 'Petrificus Totalus' faded harmlessly against the shielding over his chest. "Peace Mortal." Harry let Kel'ac out to play knowing the distorted voice would play to the illusion. "Beora." He added in Mayan and the simple command had the Astari working and with another flash the three of them were in the middle of the hospital wing. Michael was standing in the centre in full armour completely motionless with three wands on him. Madam Pomfrey was the only adult in the room moving even a little as she fussed over Ginny on one of the beds.

"Ginny!" Ron gasped. "Mate, you alright?" He turned to Ryver who had put Ginny's bed between him and Michael to play along. Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall were blocking the isle between the beds and Snape and McGonagall turned their wands on him.

'I've played aloof and silent.' Michael's voice reached both Harry and Ryver's minds.

"Who are you and how did you get into our school?" McGonagall demanded.

"I see no reason we can't just talk." Dumbledore placated and half lowered his wand. McGonagall copied but Snape kept his levelled at Harry's chest. "Can you tell us who you are?"

"You have many questions." Kel'ac spoke and Michael took a step back to give Harry the lead position without Harry having to step forwards. "That is expected yet you could not comprehend the answers no matter how they were phrased."

"Why are you here and where did you come from?" McGonagall pressed.

"Again, you would not be able to comprehend our answers." Kel'ac declared simply. "This boy called to us in his time of need and we decided to act. Through him we have come to understand the mortals now roaming this planet." Harry was cracking up with laughter by this point though Kel'ac allowed none of the amusement to reach his voice. "There have been others like us that have appeared for humanity. You were not able to comprehend your Gods then and you are still not capable of comprehending our existence now."

"There's no such thing as Gods!" Snape snarled.

"Gods is a term given to us by mortal humanity. We do not see ourselves as Gods but you would view us as such. We are beyond your touch and you cannot interfere with our actions. That, in your eyes, makes us Gods." Kel'ac summarised. "There was a great evil in this place when this mortal child called to us in his time of need. We have dealt with this evil for you but do not expect us to deal with all of your problems as we have this time. Mortals must stand on their own. They must stand or fall on their own merits and not on the benevolence of those beings beyond their true comprehension. You may never see us again and that is something you should hope for. Astari."

With a flash of light they vanished from the school and were soon standing once more on the Astari. Using the name of his ship would probably give them pause but they knew Latin and they'd know he'd simply called to the stars and then vanished through all their wards.

"That was fun." Michael grinned as his helmet retracted.

"A fine speech." One of the Nox told him in amusement.

"I doubt they'll believe were really Gods but it will give them pause and give us more freedom in the future when it comes to Ryver." Harry shrugged as he retracted his own hood. "And I doubted they'd be able to deal with technology like ours. Magic they can understand and they'll just assume we're powerful wizards with magic they can't understand."

"Take us back home." Michael nodded and the Astari began to move as they prepared to go to Hyperspace. "What did you do with that snake?"

"It was rematerialized and put directly into stasis." One of the Furlings declared. "Sensor analyses shows it has powerful energy potentials."

"It's a basilisk." Harry nodded. He knew the legends from his research into snakes after they'd found out Harry and Ryver could speak with them. "It can kill you if you meet it's eyes and it's venom is extremely fatal. I think it was merely acting on Voldemort's direct commands as a Parseltongue so maybe I can talk it down with the right precautions."

"We shall study it and find a suitable defence for its magical abilities." The Furling nodded.

"Maybe if you can talk it down then Norbert can have a friend." Michael laughed.


The next day – Peldaniken Taous

"Hello, Norbert." Harry smiled as the growing Dragon landed softly in the meadow beside him. He made a habit normally of seeing Norbert every week or so and Ryver did the same when he could. Norbert recognised something in Ryver, Harry and Michael and had never so much as growled at them.

He and Michael were out alone for safety sake if you didn't count the two massive planetary defence drones standing not far away just in case the basilisk went crazy. Strong scales or not it wouldn't last long against their firepower, particularly now that they'd been outfitted with projectile weapons to fend off Replicators.

A shield trap was set up in the meadow with enough room for the basilisk to move around in but not reach them and the basilisk was still in stasis back in the city. They'd bring it out of stasis and transport it into the shield and hopefully without Voldemort's soul fragment around it wouldn't feel the need to maim and kill them.

"Ready." Harry told Grenwae through his communicator and with a flash the basilisk was sitting in the shield dome. It writhed before rearing up as Norbert growled at it and spread his wings. "Easy, Norbert." Harry soothed. He hadn't brought Norbert here for protection but they were in the middle of Norbert's playground and he'd decided to simply arrive on his own.

The basilisk's wounds had been healed and it's eyes were intact again but the shield was set to protect them from the exact magical frequency that the basilisk used to kill anything it looked at but with a glance at its eyes Harry could see the transparent eyelids that prevented it's gaze from reaching out and harming anyone. It hissed angrily at nobody in particular and lashed a tail out to the side. The shield held firm and the dome glowed. The snake quickly realised it was captive.

"Are you alright?" Harry spoke as he focused on the snake and felt the parseltongue form through his lips without his control.

"You speak?" The snake rounded on him before glancing at Norbert. The basilisk was massively bigger than Norbert but Norbert was still something to be feared. "Like the other did."

"Which other?" Harry asked.

"The human girl and the human man." The snake hissed.

"The human girl is not a speaker. She was possessed by the man that ordered you to kill." Harry explained. "Are you still bound by his orders?"

"No." It hissed as looked them over carefully. "You smell of the one I was to kill."

"We are twins. We can both speak in this language." Harry told him. "If I release you to roam free will you harm anyone?"

"I am not just a beast." It hissed. "I need not kill except to eat."

"There is prey enough on this planet." Harry nodded. "Norbert can show you hunting grounds. But do not kill any of the beings you see in the city though you may roam the city as you wish."

"This is not my home." It frowned. "The air is not right."

"This is not Earth." Harry nodded to her. "On Earth you would be hunted down by the wizards and witches. Here you will not. You can go where you wish."

"Then you have nothing to fear from me. I will be able to lay my eggs in peace and raise my young." It declared. "You may call me Occara."

"Welcome to our home then, Occara." He nodded. "If you have need to speak with me simply go to the city north of this meadow." He pointed back at the tall towers easily visible from there. "Or ask Norbert to fly and get me."

"You are friends with a Dragon?" She asked.

"I brought Norbert here when he had nowhere to live on Earth. He was raised on this planet." Harry agreed.

"Then I will be comfortable here." She dipped her head.

Harry used his ascended powers to switch off the shield and then nodded at Michael when he realised he hadn't been part of any of that conversation. Occara lowered herself to the ground and slowly approached them both. Norbert shifted his wings ready to take to the air if she tried to attack but all she did was scent Harry and then Michael.

"Norbert?" Harry turned to the young Dragon. "Why don't you show Occara to something she can eat? Show her around?"

Norbert grunted out in acceptance and with a thump of his massive wings he took to the air. Occara hissed a goodbye to them before taking off after the low flying Dragon.

"That went well." Michael announced.

"Her name is Occara. She said she'll be laying eggs soon so we'll have a family of basilisks to contend with." Harry told him before signalling for transport so he could explain everything to the Council.


Three days later

"Ready, Michael?" Harry grinned as he appeared from a Furling transport onto the control room of Avaria which was now inside the defence net around Peldaniken Taous. The Astari was also lingering nearby under the protection of the net as well with the Bifrost under construction. "This is your baby after all."

"It's my project but I didn't do most of the work." Michael shrugged.

"Still yours." Harry announced before looking at the team that had worked constantly on the construction of the satellite network. Most of the network was made up of hundreds of small satellites that were the work horses of the system. Each one had a directed energy emitter that worked like a point defence system. If something hostile came within range a single satellite could take it out and they could either all fire on the same target or work together to produce a single blast by deflecting their shots off of one another before they hit the target. Each satellite was a decahedron with ten sides. One was the weapon while the others were energy receivers and emitters that could draw power from other satellites in the network and directly from one of the four hubs that fed the system with their Arcturus generators. The largest of which also housed the new orbital control centre and tied into the Asgard network to officially monitor this galaxy for trouble.

The hubs were simple and fit into the network though from this distance the satellites were rather hard to actually see so the four hubs were all that was visible of the system and each was like a star with six spires reaching out parallel to the planet and feeding constant energy through space to keep the satellites fully charged though the energy was only visible when the system made to fire and needed to fully recharge.

"Okay, let's start small." Michael announced and Avaria took control of the weapons drones that were lingering outside the system. "A single energy shot and let one of the satellites intercept it."

Harry watched as one of the drones fired an energy projectile directly towards the Astari inside the net. If the satellite failed to recognise the danger then the Astari's point defences would take it out rather than let it continue on towards the surface of the planet.

As soon as the shot reached twice the satellite's range an alert rung through the defence system putting it on alert and then the satellite fired a lance of red at maximum range and intercepted the shot without trouble.

Instantly the satellites around that one shot a little energy to the satellite and pulled its power up to match the others. A cascade went through a few dozen satellites as they smoothed out their comparative energy levels to make sure they were all ready to fire. "That worked." Harry announced to Michael as the reports finished coming through.

"Let's try something a little bigger." Michael nodded. "Shielded drone."

Instantly one of the drones raised it's shields and lurched towards the network, aiming for the same satellite that had already fired at the part of the network that was already slightly lower on power. The threat was recognised, assessed and then a dozen satellites changed their hover and fired at one another, forming a web of red light centred on the same satellite that had already fired. When it did fire the shot blasted through the shields and destroyed the target, all without being told to.

Red light spidered out through the satellite network forming hexagonal shapes around the planet as energy was transferred to fill the gap and the web almost completely came into view as lines linking them all. It was an awe inspiring sight particularly when the Arcturus generators fed their own energy to refill all of the satellites.

"Alright, manual firing control." Michael nodded. "Target as planned."

It took a while to program the firing solution before the entire network came alive as immense amounts of energy was channelled towards a single point. It looked like waves of red light as power was channelled from the Arcturus generators as the satellites joined together to fire from a single point. The shot fired and the resulting discharge was more than even the Astari was capable of, powered as the network was by four generators.

"I can't see anything getting through that." Harry laughed to Michael.

"I had the replicators in mind." Michael shook his head. "The way they absorb energy projectiles but even they couldn't get through that."


A week later

Michael bounced into the room with a grin on his face. Harry took one look at him and rolled his eyes knowing what he was about to say. Michael pouted and slumped into the chair opposite where Harry was relaxing. "Excited much?" Harry teased.

"He should be here soon!" Michael grinned unrepentantly. "Right at this moment the train should be getting into King's Cross and then he just has to head for the tube like he's going to Heathrow and then he can come home!"

"You really need to calm yourself down." Harry mused just as a tone sounded and Michael jumped up. Harry just let Michael respond to the hail that was direct to them and soon the Kalona's registry was coming up. Harry had half expected trouble.

"Ryver?" Michael asked.

"I had to fake using the bathroom to talk to you." Ryver told them quietly. "And they're guarding me."

"Dumbledore wants you back at the Dursley's that badly?" Harry guessed.

"Easier to keep tabs on me." Ryver agreed.

"Just transport out of there." Michael demanded. "You're not going back to the Dursleys again."

"Okay, but how? Just go now or what?" Ryver asked.

"You could make a point." Harry shrugged at Michael. "Wait till they can see you disappear. They'll assume the 'Gods' have taken you."

"I like it." Ryver nodded. "I'll see you soon."

The communication cut off but it wasn't more than a few minutes before they got a signal from the Kalona to say it was on its way back to Peldaniken Taous. "Can we transport Dumbledore to some lifeless rock somewhere?" Michael asked.

"I think the no interference thing might cause some trouble there." Harry rolled his eyes before Kel'ac took over.

"Tempting though." Kel'ac chuckled before standing up to head to the docking bay of their building to meet Ryver, looking forward to spending several months with him just like Harry and Michael were.


End Chapter