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Once upon a time there was a little psycho killer named Gaara. He had red hair, green pupil-less eyes, and the Japanese word 愛 (love) tatooed into his forehead. He had a ton of deep-rooted emotional problems caused by the facts that he was a biju (which pretty much means he was possessed), an insomniac, and no one loved him. This is his story... (That I totally made up when I was teporarally insane)...

So Gaara, our favorite deranged hottie, was all minding his own sick business and walking around town. He was thinking about one of mankinds greatest questions, 'What is the plural of ninja, ninjas or ninja?' and not really thinking about killing anyone, mostly... That's when this guy jumped out from nowhere and tried to give him free samples of cheese. Gaara, being the devilish maniac he is, threw a fit and went demon on that guy's a$$. After a lot of screaming, the streets quieted down and Gaara turned back into his somewhat emo human form...

Gaara was thinking he needed a vacation when he realized someone else was poking him, trying to get his attention. "What?" he yelled, not realizing it was Naruto. Naruto had backed away. "Oh it's just you... What do you want?" asked Gaara who kept walking down the street and left Naruto to trail behind.
"I just wanted to ask you if you'd seen the free cheese guy. I come here every week to get free cheese samples from him"
"Oh," said Gaara. "About that, I kind of--" Suddenly there was a blast of the horn of a really old volkswagon beetle. It was the start of the Chowder festival parade and was being driven on and off the road by some really drunk guy.
"Watch where you're going!" the drunken man yelled. Then he ran off the road to the point where Gaara and Naruto could tell he was going to run into an ammunition factory causing the whole place to explode.
""Head for the hills! yelled Naruto. "We're all gonna die!" Naruto, Gaara, and everyone else in sight ran for cover but they couldn't get away fast enough. "Gaara, use you're sand as a sheild to save everyone!"
Sohe did. Everyone except the drunken guy lived and called Gaara a hero. Gaara became a much happier person, only killing a few people every so often, instead of all the time. Even the free-cheese guy came back to life because Naruto's just lucky like that. And they all lived somewhat happliy ever after. Except for mister drunk.


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