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Matt ran. He ran as fast as he could, even though he was out of breath he could not stop. Matt heard some arrows wiz past and stick fast in the tree next to him.

He knew why they were shooting at him and his best and only friend Andrew. Somehow someone had seen him use his ghost powers. True he had gotten a little mad at the fact that his other best friend was being held in prison for supposed magic. Her name was Sarah and just one week ago the King sent out a proclamation for all witches to be burned at the stake. Unfortunately for Matt his mother had also been convicted and now it was his turn, except with himself he had ran. Matt had ran to the very place where he had became a Halfa. Another few arrows whizzed past his head as the memory of that fateful night came surfacing.

Andrew's family had long since died and he lived with Matt and his mother in their home. Sarah's parents were in the next town over and needed to leave her at home so she was also staying at Matt's house. The raiders had hit suddenly wiping out almost all of the small village where Matt lived. Thankfully Matt had enough sense to wake up everyone and run at the sound of hoof beats pounding at the earth in the middle of the night and then the crackle of fire as a different house down the road started ablaze.

"Every body get out of the house now. Raiders have hit and they're Burning down the village!" Matt yelled to his family and friends while shaking them awake. They all ,rather groggily at first, got up but eventually made it through the door and out into the open.

As soon as the little group got outside one of the raiders caught sight of them. This raider led a small party of three, chasing them into the woods. Eventually the raiders split up ,while two of them headed back to the blazing inferno that was once a peaceful village to cause even more damage. Two were still there to chase them down, Andrew and Matt went one way while Sarah and Matt's mother went another direction entirely. Matt and Andrew kept running until they were in the middle of a circular set of trees. When they entered the small clearing began to flicker with a bright green light that blinded the both of them that is until they both blanked out.

When they came back to reality it was morning. The two of them realized that something had happened during the night that probably had altered their way of thinking for the rest of their lives. The one thing that Matt and Andrew knew at the point of awakening was that something had changed. This didn't really have much of an affect until they looked at each other.

They instantly screamed very loudly scaring all the birds in the immediate vicinity causing them to fly up in storms squawking incessantly.

Both Matt and Andrew had absolutely perfect reasons for screaming at the top of their lungs.

Matt, simply put was nothing more than a white skeleton with glowing blood red eyes that only half filled the sockets. No flesh could be possibly be found upon his deathly limbs, and upon his wrists floated two jet black bracelets that, like his eyes glowed with a deep red that reflected death. Many can wonder how he made a sound at all but he did and that is all that matters on the subject.

Andrew on the other hand was absolutely bursting with dimly lit dark green flames. When he screamed though the flames lit up in a dazzling display of ectoplasmic green light. Afterward it was shown that Andrew had two white orbs with one small black dot in each of them and was nothing but fire.

After each of them saw the other and feinted. Thus neither of them saw the rings of light of which both would get to be very familiar with, form around their waist and change them back to normal.

That night was very well remembered for all of Matt's friends and family. The night that their lives suddenly changed. Then they thought that it was for the better but now, now they looked upon that night as a curse.

Matt could feel some of the power that he required to turn into a ghost returning but not enough to actually do so. A few more arrows hit trees around him and one came dangerously close to his ear. As Matt heard the whizzing of the arrow flying past his ear the last of the ghostly energy that he required to turn into a walking skeleton returned. He quickly turned into his skeletal form and stopped running. The bright flash of red had scared off the not-so-good archers. As the silence surfaced Matt heard the familiar crackle of the glowing green orb. He walked on in awe, then again he always was astonished at the swirling mass of multicolored ectoplasm. Andrew walked up behind him in all of his flaming glory slightly out of breath but no worse for the wear.

As the pair of ghosts watched the swirling. The green of the vortex started to get lighter and lighter until it was a pale blue color. One ghost hovered out of the now blue orb. All Matt or Andrew could see of the ghost as he came out of the shadows was a deathly black cape and a form fitting black suit. Even though only his outline could truly even be made out, he spoke with a deepened voice. "Hello Hybrids, The Grim Reaper says Hello to his former self. We will see each other in time. And now Good Bye." All that Andrew and Matt remember is a green blast and then darkness.

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